Can you believe, just one more day left in the month?
Singer, Josh Groban turns 36 today, but he's still being asked for I.D. He plans a quiet, but weird night tonight of sitting at home and singing, "You raise me up!" to his arch supports. Just for today, have somebody else raise you up and give him the day off.
Former President Bill Clinton's daughter Chelsea Clinton turns 37 today.
  • Mark my words, you'll see her run for office someday.
  • We watched her grow up. We had to. When we wondered what was going on under Bill's desk, he'd always yell out, "Hey, look over at Chelsea! Isn't she cute?"
  • Seems just like yesterday, she was running around the White House, hiding under the President's desk. Oh, wait... that was... uh, never mind.

Former Los Angeles Lakers star James Worthy turns 56. You may not be worthy, but he is.
Howard Hesseman, better known as Dr. Johnny Fever, turns 77 today. In his honor, we'll be dropping live turkeys out of a helicopter.
Consumer advocate Ralph Nader turns 83 today.
  • So far, he hasn't been recalled.
  • He was among the first to tell us that the things we liked were bad for us.
  • He's getting closer and closer to "the big recall."

No Brainer Day -- How about some no-brainers:

  • What do you do with a pencil sharpener?
  • What caffeinated morning beverage is drunk out of a coffee cup?
  • What musical instrument do you play with drumsticks?
  • What does a hot water heater do?
  • What color is an orange?
  • What does a record player do?
  • What is 2+2?
  • Who hosts the show you are listening to right now?
Polar Bear Day -- Did you know that polar bears are loners with little interest in sex?


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