In 1582, Pope Gregory the 8th outlined his proposed changes to the calendar. To make the change, 10 days in March were dropped. I like that idea -- 10 less days to mow the lawn.

On this date in 1821, Mexico declared independence from Spain. They agreed on joint custody of the language.

In 1903 the United States acquired a naval station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Cuban officials said negotiating the contract was torture. Hmmmmm.

The very first Sherlock Holmes movie was released on this date in 1929. Gee, I had no idea Robert Downey Jr. was THAT old.

In 1938, the first nylon toothbrushes go on sale in New Jersey.
  • Unfortunately, at that time, no one had nylon teeth.
  • Immediately proving much more popular than the wire ones.
  • Brushing your teeth with old nylons doesn't sound very appealing.
  • Needless to say, they were much more popular than the wire ones.

On this date in 1941, America launched its first rocket into space. They hit the target! Russia was among the first to ask, "Is that a rocket ship in your atmosphere or are you just happy to see us?"

In 1942, the "Voice of America" went on the air. It was a game show where celebrity judges would hear you talk and if they thought you sounded American enough, they could turn around and see you. Or, up until then, the world thought we had laryngitis.

On this date in 1981, Buckingham Palace announces the engagement of Britain's Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer. If anyone has come up with a working time machine and would like to warn someone, this is the case.


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