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Tuesday, February 14, 2017


On this date in 1788, the American Ship Ranger arrived in France, the first ship to bear the brand-new flag of the United States of America. Out of habit, France surrendered.

In 1848, President Polk became the first U.S. president to be photographed while in office.
After taking the family photo, photographer Matthew Brady uttered those immortal words, "That's all, Polks!"
It was for the annual White House swimsuit issue.
Ironically, while he was being photographed in office, he had on his out-of-office.
You've heard of the first lady, etc. This was the first selfie.

On this date in 1876, inventors Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray both applied separately for patents for the telephone.
The U.S. Supreme Court eventually ruled Bell the rightful inventor. Yes, we were that close to Ma Gray.
Makes you wonder if Elisha last name was Dialtone or something if he might have won.
"Ma Gray" just didn't have a ring to it.

In 1886 the very first trainload of oranges left Los Angeles, bound for eastern U.S. It wasn't until 30 years later that the east returned the favor, when the first train full of lemons left Detroit.

On this date in 1918, Leon Douglas displayed his color movie device. Ironically, the guy in the row behind him, talked the entire time. He also was famous for inventing the $4 bag of popcorn.

In 1962, First Lady Jackie Kennedy took the nation on a tour of the White House. You figure at 50 cents each, she made quite a bit of money that day!

On this date in 1971, President Richard Nixon installed secret recording devices in the White House. Eventually, one of his staff became a "singer"... and testified against him.

Elton John married a woman in Sydney, Australia, in 1984. Her name was Renate Blauel and the marriage lasted just under five years. Wonder why they broke up?

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