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Thursday, February 23, 2017


Dakota Fanning turns 23 today. We still don't know if she's North or South.

Country singer Steve Holy turns 45 today. Holy Steve... oops, I mean, Steve Holy!

Marc Price turns 49 today. His biggest claim to so far: being in "Family Ties" as the character, Skippy. I believe that was the last known Skippy in existence.

Singer Howard Jones turns 62 today. He's changed his tune a little bit these days: "Things can only get bitter."

Tom Bodette, the Motel 6 spokesman, turns 62 today. And yes, he's still leaving the light on for you. Yep, he's developed quite a reputation of being an electricity waster. He's always leaving lights on.

Patricia Richardson, who was Tim Taylor's wife on "Home Improvement," turns 66 today. Isn't that right, Al? Of course, she went on to being remembered as "Jill" in the old Tim Allen TV series "Home Improvement."

Former football player Ed "Too Tall" Jones is also 66 and changing his name to Ed "Too Old" Jones. Another year of just letting his birthday candles burn out. Why doesn't he blow them out? Too tall.

It's Play Tennis Day

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