Recent research show that these scary situations pop up in your man's dreams much more often than they do in yours. Here's why they freak him out:

He loses his job
Men get their sense of self from how and what they're doing at work. So any man who gets the pink slip midslumber is suffering from some serious feelings of inadequacy, which may or may not be career related.

His car crashes
Car or plane wrecks that happen while he's clocking zzz's typically represent a feeling of helplessness in some aspect of his life for example, if his fiances are a mess and he doesn't know how to fix them.

He gets into a brawl
If he's physically attacked in a dream, it means he's under major pressure in real life, such as a looming deadline.

He's trapped in a scary place
This symbolizes his desire to protect the people he cares about most, which he acts out by navigating the terrifying scenario. This dream might occur if he thinks his friends or family are treated maybe his parents are fighting or his buddy just got his heart broken.


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