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Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Men's Journal did a story that applies to men & women in relation to anger and health. Answer the following questions, and if you answer yes to all three, you probably need to manage your anger better.
  • I think someone is always taking advantage of me. 
  • When I'm not arguing with my spouse or loved one, I'm clashing with a co-worker. 
  • I swear that if I ever hear the name Anna Nicole Smith again, or have to listen to another story about a Britney-follicle malfunction... I'll go nuts. 
Hey, we all internally combust sometimes, but letting off all that steam should be fun. According to a survey by the nonprofit Mental Health America, you've got plenty to bring you to the boiling point, including money, career, child care, health, family, and relationships. Here's how you usually deal:

  • 82% watch TV, listen to music, or read 
  • 71% call a friend or family member 
  • 62% pray or meditate 
  • 55% exercise 
  • 37% eat 
  • 26% smoke, drink, or use drugs 
  • 12% rely on prescription meds

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