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Monday, November 6, 2017


It's the eternal debate among sports fans: football or baseball? Most die-hard fans will always say both. But if they are forced to choose, football wins. Big time. 35 percent of those who follow at least one sport say professional football is their favorite spectator sport. Coming in a distant second is baseball, which is favored by 16 percent. Baseball may be as American as mom and apple pie, but it's football we love the most, according to a recent Harris Poll. Our favorite sports and the percentage who like them the best:
  • Professional football: 35 percent 
  • Professional baseball: 16 percent 
  • College football: 11 percent 
  • Auto racing: 7 percent 
  • Men's professional basketball: 6 percent 
  • Hockey: 5 percent 
  • Men's college basketball: 3 percent 
  • Men's tennis: 2 percent 
  • Swimming: 2 percent 
  • Men's golf: 2 percent 
  • Men's soccer: 2 percent 
  • Boxing: 2 percent 
Coming in at a mere 1 percent are horse racing, track and field, bowling, women's tennis and women's college basketball. Want more?
Since this question was first asked in 1985, professional football has gone up 11 points from 24 percent of sports fans saying it was their favorite sport then to 35 percent saying so now.
Baseball has gone down 7 points, from 23 percent in 1985 to 16 percent today.
This is sad! Three sports -- women's professional basketball, women's soccer and women's golf -- are not favorites for any sports fan.

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