(from Cosmopolitan)

Treat your romance like a friend and your friends like a romance.
Release pressure from a romantic relationship by acting like you would with a friend. You will be more authentic and relaxed. And prioritizing friendships by making dates and putting in effort also takes pressure off the romance by making you less emotionally needy.

Leave a good-energy imprint.
Measure the success of your date by how much fun you have, not by how cool or hot you were. When you have a great time, the other person feels that, which creates a positive-energy imprint.

Have a sober date.
Physically active dates produce memories from the experience, which last longer and create a bond.

Forgive your past relationships.
If you are carrying resentment from your last relationship, it will get repurposed in your current one. Letting go of those past dramas allows you to get rid of your baggage. Forgive your exes to give your current or future boyfriend a chance.


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