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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


About three in ten Americans, or 29 percent, now have at least one tattoo, up from roughly 21 percent just four years ago. What's more, only a few inked Americans stop at one. Among those with any tattoos, 69 percent have two or more. These are some of the results of The Harris Poll of 2,225 U.S. adults to find out who has tattoos, who doesn't and what they think of them.
Tattoos are especially prevalent among younger Americans with nearly half of Millennials (47 percent) and over a third of Gen-Xers (36 percent) saying they have at least one.
Just 13 percent of Baby Boomers and 10 percent of Matures have a tattoo.
Rural (35 percent) and urban (33 percent) Americans are both more likely to have a tattoo than suburbanites (25 percent).
Those with children in the household are much more likely than those without kids to be sporting at least one tattoo (43% vs. 21%).

How does a tattoo make you feel?
Sexy: 33 percent
Attractive: 32 percent
Rebellious: 27 percent
Spiritual: 20 percent
Intelligent: 13 percent
Respected: 13 percent
Employable: 10 percent
Healthy: 9 percent

Meanwhile, the non-tattooed have a word or two to say: People who don't have tattoos look down on those who do, saying they are not only less attractive (47 percent), sexy (44 percent) and respectable (34 percent), but also less intelligent (29 percent). And they think those with tattoos are less healthy (28 percent) and less spiritual (25 percent). In addition, nearly half (45 percent) of those without a tattoo say people with tattoos are more rebellious.

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