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Monday, November 6, 2017


Here are some ideas for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday later this month:
Play back audio from the biggest turkeys of the year. Listeners have to correctly guess who/what it is, to win.
Day after: Give away front row parking at the mall, plus gift certificates to winners for shopping.
  • Trade for mentions a convertible to be in all the parades. 
  • Offer to send a professional photographer to a persons home, for a free family portrait. (Families have to pay for duplicates.) 
  • Have listeners record their best turkey gobble. Have jocks record a turkey gobble, and listeners have to guess which announcer did it to win. 
  • Turkey Bowling. 3 strikes down a grocery isle, and you win a turkey. Use frozen turkeys, and used bowling pins. 
  • Help The Homeless: Broadcast from a billboard or on top a local mall, trying to raise money/clothes for the homeless in the area. 
  • Have kids call with how to cook a Thanksgiving Turkey. Or take a microphone to a elementary school, asking the kids how. 
  • Worst Songs Of All Time. (Turkey Songs) 
  • Turkey Shoot: "Shoot frozen turkeys" through hoops. 
  • Cannes Film Festival. (Bring in canned food, get movie passes) 
  • Name a local turkey. (Somebody who has done you wrong/or done something dumb) 
  • Do your own parade. Get turkey leg drum corps, Rolling Barca lounger drill teams (with remotes), balloon animals, music, etc. 
  • Thanksgiving on the Mayflower. Full catered dinner on a Mayflower moving van. 
  • Do your morning show from a giant tub full of cranberry sauce. Or gravy. Or mashed potatoes. 

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