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Friday, November 3, 2017


Just answer "time clock" if the question is true; answer "time crock" if the question is false. Here we go.

The use of Daylight Saving Time goes back to the Revolutionary War. (Time Crock, it started in World War I)
In Otley, Iowa, residents are required to spend their "extra" hour at 2:00 Sunday morning roaming the streets, carrying camp lanterns and searching for snakes in their sewer system. (Time Crock, who knows what people in Otley, Iowa do anytime)
If we didn't set our clocks back in the winter, the sun wouldn't come up in December until nearly 9am. (Time Clock)
The day we switch back to Standard Time, it is also recommended that we change the batteries in our TV remote controls. (Time Crock, we should change batteries in our smoke detectors)
Daylight Saving Time was created to allow politicians an extra hour in the Fall to campaign for their public offices, thus giving them an extra-hour to lie to the voters. (Time Crock, to conserve electric lighting and heating fuel costs in the summer)
People in Phoenix and Honolulu do not change their clocks. (Time Clock)
Up until 1984 people in Omaha only set their clocks back 45 minutes in the Fall. (Time Crock, it's always been an hour)
A new law is being proposed to eliminate Daylight Saving Time. In its place will be Miller Time. (Time Crock)

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