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Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Send Your Neighbors Strippers, Go to Jail

Meanwhile in Elkhorn, Nebraska, 45-year-old Douglas Goldsberry will be spending the next couple of years in prison-for sending strippers to his neighbor's house-75 times! Goldsberry was sentenced n Douglas County District Court after pleading no contest to pandering. Authorities say Goldsberry hired prostitutes to bare their breasts and strip on his neighbor's porch while he watched from his kitchen and pleasured himself. The neighbors, a married couple, said women had shown up as many as 75 times since 2013, exposing themselves and sometimes kicking the door and yelling for payment, waking the couple's two small children. Solicitation charges against Goldsberry were dismissed as part of a plea deal; under state guidelines, he will serve less than two years of his sentence, with credit for 177 days already spent in jail. But his legal troubles are far from over: Investigators found evidence of child pornography on his computer. He has been indicted in federal court for possession of child pornography and faces up to 20 years in prison for that one if convicted. (Omaha World-Herald)

Hey-Anyone Lose a House?

Up in Canada, Patrick Maze wrote on his Facebook page: "If you know someone who has lost a house, let me know." He wasn't kidding. Seems he was driving past a section of his property near Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan, when he noticed - because it was hard not to notice - a gray house on a trailer just parked in the middle of a field Maze rents to a local farmer. He assumed this was a temporary thing and the owner would be retrieving it shortly. But four days later he turned to Facebook for help with the mystery. Then he heard from Brenda Robertson who said, "That's my house." She went on to explain there had been issues in the delivery of her new house from neighboring Manitoba. Though the home had reached Saskatchewan, Robertson was told it had to be taken back across province lines in order to have permits reissued - "so it's quite a surprise to see my house on your land," she wrote. But the good news is everything is getting cleared up and the house should be off Maze's property on Thursday though he joked that he might be able to keep it "under 'finders-keepers' laws." (CBC)

No Flipping Off the President

Last week, an image of a female bicyclist flipping the middle finger to President Trump's motorcade as it passes her in Sterling, Va. went viral. The anonymous bicyclist became an internet hero in anti-Trump circles, but those 15 minutes of fame have now cost the woman her job. Juli Briskman, 50 says that government contractor Akima cut her loose from the marketing and communications job she'd held for the last six months because of the image. The official reason-having 'lewd' or 'obscene' things in your social media. Briskman says she had no idea a White House pool photographer snapped the image of her until it began circulating on social media. She then used the photo on her own social media pages, which don't mention her affiliation with Akima. But this story may not be over. Briskman accuses the company of discrimination because a male employee was able to keep his job after calling out someone as a "f------ Libtard a------" on Facebook, where his link to Akima was obvious. It's also interesting to note that while Briskman admits she's indeed a critic of Trump's political policies and behavior as president, what was really going through her head that day was: "Really? You're golfing again?'" (Huffington Post)

A Tiny Home is Better Than No Home

While Detroit is certainly flush with abandoned homes, the Rev. Faith Fowler just built seven new ones. But there's something special about these houses. First of all, they're tiny, and they're the first phase of an envisioned tiny home village where low-income Detroiters can not only find safe and affordable housing, but work to achieve the otherwise impossible-seeming dream of homeownership. Fowler is the executive director of Cass Community Social Services, whose Tiny Homes Project has erected seven well-equipped and well-built homes on some of the 25 vacant lots that they bought from the city for $15,000. The houses cost about $50,000 each to build. Those now living in them (122 applied for the first seven homes) have an average annual income of just under $12,000 and pay $1 per square foot in "rent" - meaning somewhere between $250 and $400 - plus they have to cover electricity costs. They also participate in a homeowners association and take home maintenance and financial literacy classes. But what's so especially unique about the program is that after paying the rent for seven years, they will own the home outright. As for the genesis of the idea, the death of Fowler's mother made her consider the subject of inheritance and "how the poor often miss out on what can be an important economic safeguard." She says, "Now you can earn as little as $750 a month and be a homeowner in seven years." (Christian Science Monitor)

Why? Because Diddy!

He says he'll no longer answer to Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Puffy, Diddy, or any other variation. The well-known rapper apparently felt like yet another name change for his 48th birthday. So the man born as Sean Combs tweeted that his "new name is LOVE aka Brother Love." He says, "I'm just not who I am before. I'm something different." He also said he had been "praying" on the "very serious decision," which he admitted "could come off as corny to some people." He added: "I will not be answering to Puffy, Diddy, Puff Daddy, or any of my other monikers but Love or Brother Love." For the record, "Brother Love's" current endorsement deal with Ciroc vodka is going to make him one of the highest paid celebrities of 2017. (Page Six)

No Worries Bro-Tom Hanks Has Got Your Back

Oscar-winning actor and author Tom Hanks used a Texas Book Festival appearance to help a couple get engaged. Hanks was in Austin on Saturday speaking to hundreds of listeners about his new book, Uncommon Type: Some Stories. Then suddenly Hanks told the crowd he was bored from taking their questions and wanted to ask one himself. Then pulled out a piece of paper and said that a man in the crowd, Ryan McFarling, had a question for a woman named Nikki Young. Hanks said the question was: "Nikki, will you marry me?" The couple went on stage, McFarling got down on one knee and gave Young a ring. Hanks then hugged the newly engaged woman and offered his best wishes to the couple. Would have been a better story if the guy's name had been Wilson. WILSON! WILSON!!! (Newser)

What the What?

Bad news for pot smokers who want life insurance. Seems the insurance companies are going to start putting you in the some bucket as tobacco smokers meaning marijuana indulgence, recreational or medicinal, may jack up your life insurance rates as much as five times what you currently pay! Mark Maurer, president of LLIS, an independent insurance agency in Tampa, Fla., addressing a recent conference of the National Association of Professional Financial Advisors, recommended practitioners ask clients about pot habits when reviewing their life insurance. Although some issuers will overlook occasional usage, others will boost rates if you smoke dope at all, which puts marijuana users on the same spectrum as cigarette smokers. Maurer told of a 36-year-old New Jersey woman who informed him she vapes marijuana once or twice a week, and then got sticker shock on her 10-year, $1 million policy quote. One of the issuers offered an annual premium of $3,772 - the same rate as on the 10-year plan for tobacco users. Another issuer asked only $677, the rate for which it would hit up a non-tobacco user. (New York Post)

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