Of course you know you have a Zodiac sign, but did you know you also have an identifiable television personality? Researchers from the University of Maryland and Rockbridge Associates have identified five types of TV viewers:

1. TV Innovator
Is there something good on television? You're not only watching it, but also calling your friends to tell them to watch it. You love new shows. But when it comes to picking something to watch, you'll always choose "The Simpsons" over the evening news.

2. Convergence Viewer
Some might call you a geek. (But they say it lovingly!) Television is one of the many technology tools you just can't live without. If you're not watching TV, you're online surfing the Internet and maybe even catching a show there. In your home, the computer and television are in the same room.

3. TV Skeptic
If there is one thing you know for sure, it's that television is harmful -- especially in large doses. Just about the only thing you watch on TV is the news. Bah humbug.

4. Media Controller
Before you give up your precious time to watch a TV show, you want to know all about it -- so you research programs before watching them. Your favorite show? Nature documentaries rock!

5. Passive Viewer
Does this statement describe you? "Watching television is a valuable use of my time and will help me achieve my goals." If so, we have two words to describe you: couch potato. You're not alone. Thirteen percent of the population falls into this category.

We may love television, but we aren't very adventurous when it comes to choosing what we're going to watch. 70 percent of American adults want to know what the show is about before they watch it, and half of us think the number of choices on TV is overwhelming -- even though we complain there is nothing good to watch. The TV personality types data were drawn from the National Technology Readiness Survey, an annual survey to track technology usage and beliefs.


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