The animal a person is most drawn to can reveal interesting things about what his desires are. According to Paul Dobransky, MD, author of "The Secret Psychology Of How We Fall In Love." Ask your guy to pick an image, then use his choice to inspire summer date ideas:


Bring on the buddies and beer, because this dude is energetic and fun. Make your place the summer hub he loves playing host and showing people a good time.


He is easygoing and laid back. Things like lounging on the beach, taking a bike ride through the park, and chilling in an outdoor cafe will be hits with him.


If he is attracted to this exotic animal, it is a sign he craves adventure. Plan some out of the box dates, like trapeze class, white water rafting, or rock climbing.


The man is stylish and appreciates the finer things in life. An evening drinking champagne at a lux rooftop bar or a couples massage will be up his alley.


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