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Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Men's Health magazine's found out how The Above-Average Guy gets his groove on: 
  • 98% of men say listening to music keeps them sane 
  • 68% of men have lined up at a concert venue last year 
  • 30% of men exited a concert with their ears ringing 
  • 54% would like to plug their ears when musicians spout political views during the show 
  • $199 is the amount those guys spend annually on tickets and merchandise 
  • 72% of men still listen to the same music they did when they were teenagers 
  • 29% of guys went crazy when one of their favorite bands broke up 
  • 22% of reformed pop fanatic would rather forget the first album they ever bought 
  • 60% of men listen to music every day for an average of 2 hours and 58 minutes 
  • 61% of men have used a favorite playlist to set the mood 
  • 22% of men would not date someone with vastly different musical taste 
  • 40% of men keep the music thumping during sex 
  • 60% of men would rather sacrifice a year of nookie than give up their tunes 
  • 14% of men still buy vinyl 
  • 94% of men listen to music while exercising 
  • 17% of men's workout soundtracks include Madonna songs 
  • 94% of men listen to music to psych themselves up for any kind of challenge 
  • 5% of men have music related tattoos 
  • 8% of men cry when they hear "Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M. 
  • 31% of guys think the lyrics are more important than the music 

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