"Carrie Fisher Says She Also Had An Affair With Chewbacca!"
Trash! But that would have been understandable. A Wookie mistake.

"Fake News Sites Are Actually 98% Accurate!"
Trash! Another fake out.

"Georgia Man Still Doesn't Know Who Won the Election!"
Truth! Joe Chandler says, "It is very peaceful in my bubble of ignorance," explaining that he works at home and has simply avoided TV, newspapers, and going online. When he does venture out, he wears a sign that says, "I don't know who won, and don't want to. Please don't tell me!"

"California Man Arrested for Driving His Neighbors Crazy!"
Truth! Residents of El Segundo, California are celebrating! They finally found the air horn guy. For the last six weeks, somebody's been driving around their town blasting an air horn in the early morning hours- presumably just to annoy people. They finally found the guy and made a citizen's arrest.

"Kanye West Not Hospitalized. Just Fine Now!"
Trash! Wouldn't it be something if all he needed was a Snickers bar?

"Sanders Supporter Gets Trump Tattoo to Honor a Lost Bet!"
Truth! In Davenport, Iowa, Zach Cobert was a big Bernie Sanders supporter and made a bet with a buddy - a Trump supporter - that Zach would get a tattoo of Donald Trump on his body if Trump won the election. Being an incredibly good sport, Zach let his Facebook followers not only pick the picture of Trump he was to use, but also the location of where he'd get tattooed. That ended up being his lower back - in other words - a Trump stamp!

"Male Kardashian Dog Checks into Rehab!"
Trash! Actually, they just taught him "Fetch the prescription"

"When You Watch Seinfeld, You're Supporting Steve Bannon!"
Truth! Back when Bannon was an investment banker, his firm was involved in Ted Turner's purchase of Castle Rock Entertainment. At the time, his firm waived its full fee and instead agreed to gamble and take a stake in five television shows. One of those shows was Seinfeld, although at the time it was only in its third season and was seen as the least valuable of the five. Of course that later changed!


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