Miley Cyrus turns 24 today. Meanwhile, Hannah Montana is forever 16.
Snooki from Jersey Shore turns 29 today.
  • Some good news -- it looks like there won't be a reunion show any time soon.
  • Happy spray tan to you... When winter rolls around and she says its time to put on a coat, she's not talking about a piece of clothing.
  • Almost the mid-way point to her IQ. Oh, that's mean. I meant 55% to her IQ.

Rap singer Kurupt (The Dog Pound) turns 44 today. That scraping sound you hear is the bottom of the celebrity birthday barrel.
Bruce Hornsby turns 62 today. And that's the way it is... Not sure if he's with the range, or without.

Basketball legend Oscar Robertson turns 78 today. In his day, he was known as "Little O." No way would Oprah allow him to do that today. I think she owns the letter "O."


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