Ever dropped your cell phone in a puddle or worse, the toilet? If your cell takes an unexpected dunking and it's not waterproof, follow these steps to avoid a trip to the gadget graveyard. If McGyver can do, so can you

  • Turn off the phone and remove the battery. And no matter what, do not turn it back on. Electricity and water don't mix. The circuits may survive if the power is cut quickly. 
  • Dry it off as much as possible to prevent more liquid from seeping in. 
  • Put the phone and battery in a dry, warm spot with good ventilation so the remaining water evaporates. 
  • Let the parts dry for two days and not a minute less. You may short circuit the system if any wires are damp. 
  • After two days, reattach the battery, turn it on and make a test call. With luck, your phone is back in working order.


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