Think you know your body like the back of your hand? Think again. The surprising facts about the human form are as long as your arm and could probably make your head spin. Check out the list of these ten eye opening tidbits:

Just sitting around thinking about your muscles can pump you up and make you stronger.
The scent of a grapefruit is said to make middle aged gals appear to be six years younger in men's eyes.
If you eat too many carrots way too many your skin could turn orange.
Women blink twice as many times a day as guys.
The strongest muscle in your body is your tongue.
Your hearing becomes less sharp after eating too much.
The nail in your middle finger grows faster than the others.
This is nothing to spit at chances are you'll produce 10,000 gallons of saliva in your lifetime.
Statistics show that you will probably swallow 300 times while eating your dinner. The average person breathes approximately 10 million times a year.


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