Born On This Day...

In 1647 Anarchist, Nathaniel Bacon (Bacon's Rebellion)

In 1727 British commander, General James Wolfe (capture of Quebec)

In 1822 German scientist, Rudolf Clausius (thermodynamics pioneer)

In 1830 Businessperson, Henry M. Flagler (co-founded Standard Oil)

In 1831 Historian, Justin Winsor (founded American Library Association)

In 1857 Cartoonist, Frederick Burr Opper (Happy Hooligan)

In 1861 Helen Herron Taft, wife of U.S. president William Howard Taft

In 1863 Lucia Zarate, lightest known adult human (2.1 kg at 17)

In 1870 Boxing promoter, Tex Rickard (promoted Jack Dempsey)

In 1904 Opera singer, James Melton [d: 4-21-61]

In 1905 Composer, Sir Michael Tippett (A Child of Our Time) [d: 1-8-98]

In 1913 Actress, Anna Lee (Scruples, Lila-General Hospital) [d: 5-9-04]

In 1920 Author/biochemist, Isaac Asimov (I Robot) [d: 4-6-92]

In 1922 Actor, Jason Evers (Wrangler, Channing) [d: 3-13-05]

In 1922 Opera soprano, Renata Tebaldi [d: 12-19-04]

In 1923 Blues/Jazz singer, Arthur Prysock [d: 6-21-97]

In 1927 Football Hall-of-Famer, Gino Marchetti (Colts) (90)

In 1928 Businessman, Vaughn Beals (Harley-Davidson Motor Co.)

In 1928 Actor, Howard Caine (Major Hochstedder-Hogan's Heros) [d: 12-28-93]

In 1930 Singer, Julius La Rosa (fired by Arthur Godfrey on the air) [d: 5-12-16]

In 1936 Singer/songwriter, Roger Miller (King of the Road) [d: 10-25-92]

In 1939 Former TV evangelist, Jim Bakker (PTL Club) (78)

In 1946 Keyboardist, Chick Churchill (Ten Years After) (71)

In 1947 Football player, Calvin Hill (Cowboys) (70)

In 1948 Actress, Deborah Watling (Victoria-Dr. Who) [d: 7-21-17]

In 1949 Playwright/actor, Christopher Durang (Sister Mary) (68)

In 1951 Baseball player, Bill Madlock (Pirates) (66)

In 1952 Actress, Wendy Phillips (Falcon Crest, Homefront, Savannah) (65)

In 1957 Actress, Joanna Pacula (Gorky Park) (60)

In 1961 Actress, Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea-Beverly Hills 90210) (56)

In 1963 Baseball player, David Cone (Mets, Blue Jays) (54)

In 1964 Boxer, Pernell Whitaker (WBC welterweight championship, 1993) (53)

In 1967 Actress, Tia Carrere (Wayne's World, True Lies) (50)

In 1967 Actor, James Marshall (James Hurley-Twin Peaks) (50)

In 1968 Actor, Cuba Gooding Jr. (Jerry Maguire, Pearl Harbor) (49)

In 1969 Model, Christy Turlington (48)

In 1970 Actress, Nancy Saint Alban (Michelle-Guiding Light) (47)

In 1970 Reality star, Sheree Whitfield (Real Housewives of Atlanta) (47)

In 1971 Actor, Taye Diggs (How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Chicago) (46)

In 1971 Actress, Renee Elise Goldsberry (One Life to Live, Hamilton) (46)

In 1974 Actor, Charlie McWade (Steve-Third Watch) (43)

In 1974 Drummer, Scott Underwood (Train) (43)

In 1975 Actor, Ryan Brown (Billy-Young & the Restless) (42)

In 1975 Singer, Doug Robb (Hoobastank) (42)

In 1975 Actor, Dax Shepard (Parenthood, Zathura) (42)

In 1976 Actress, Paz Vega (Spanglish) (41)

In 1978 Actor, Devin Doherty (Jimmy-Swan's Crossing) (39)

In 1978 Keyboardist, Chris Hartman (Emerson Drive) (39)

In 1978 Dancer, Karina Smirnoff (Dancing with the Stars) (39)

In 1981 Singer, Kelton 'LDB' Kessee (Immature) (36)

In 1983 Actress, Kate Bosworth (Blue Crush, Superman Returns) (34)

In 1987 Actress, Shelley Hennig (Days of Our Lives, Teen Wolf, Ouija) (30)

In 1988 Jazz singer, Mandy Harvey (America's Got Talent) (29)

In 1993 Singer/rapper, Bryson Tiller (24)

In 1996 Singer, Jilly Anais ("The Juice") (21)

In 1995 Rap singer, Justin Brown (Round2Crew) (22)

In 1997 Actor, LJ Benet (Dog with a Blog, Dark Skies) (20)

In 1998 Singer, Dana Vaughns (IM5) (19)


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