Where you dream of hanging your hat provides a blueprint of what makes you think. Whether your ideal home is humble or high-falutin, your fantasy house opens a window on your deepest, darkest secrets. "The style of the surroundings that please you also pinpoints the essence of personality," says Chicago psychologist Carolyn Murphy. Learn more about yourself by choosing the design that tickles your fancy to find out about the person you really are.

You're an ambitious sort who is driven to be the best. You enjoy setting goals and then working hard to achieve your objectives. Your family is the basic reason for your burning desire to get ahead. You'll do whatever it takes to provide the best life possible for your loved ones.

You're a creative dynamo with the ability to fashion a welcoming environment that draws loved ones and friends alike. Entertaining is a favorite pastime -- there's nothing you love more than throwing one of your whimsical theme parties. You also have a talent for collecting an eclectic group of pals that assure get-togethers at your place are anything but dull.

You're no stick-in-the-mud, but flashy just ain't your style. You prefer the quiet comfort of a traditional decor. This fits your down-to-earth persona and generous spirit. Your low-key demeanor makes you a natural diplomat. In fact, you're able to use your splendid people skills to handle tough situations in a gracious manner that leaves everyone smiling.

Love and passion make your world go 'round. You delight in decorating your home with brilliant colors coupled with a charming array of antiques. Romantic evenings at home with your honey are more your cup of tea than a night on the town. And you realize that maintaining a love relationship is like keeping up an older home -- it takes hard work and tenacity.

You have a wide range of interests, and the number of projects you have brewing simultaneously continually amazes the people in your inner circle. An enthusiastic leader with a head for finance, you're a master at planning fun-filled getaways on a shoestring budget. But although you stay busy with all your activities, you manage to spend quality time with those you love.


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