So how do you flush a toilet in a public restroom? More than half of men and women flush the toilet with their foot or use something to protect their hands.

Although 99% of Americans use public restrooms, a third will use them only in a dire emergency, according to a poll from Harris Interactive.
70% of women have walked out of a public restroom without using it because they felt it was "too dirty,"
while only 54% of men walked out without using it.
Women are more hesitant than men to use a gas station restroom (45% vs. 33%), only using it when they are "desperate."
27% of women confine their use of public restrooms to particular places they know to be good.
Both women and men (56% and 51%, respectively) have snuck into a restaurant, store, hotel or other establishment just to use the bathroom even though they were not a customer at the time.
More men than women (19% vs. 13%) have stopped what they were doing and gone home rather than use a public restroom.
24% of women find they often have to stand in line to use a public restroom, while only 6% of men feel the same.


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