On this date in 1773, the very first museum in the United States opened its doors. But it's what happened at night that inspired the movie.

It was on this date in 1839 that iron was first made with hard coal, which made Geritol very hard to swallow. On this date in 1912, Washta, Idaho, recorded the state's lowest-ever temperature record of minus 47-degrees.
  • Power companies were sending out bills on a daily basis. 
  • You had to get up and scrape off an inch of ice just to look out your eyeballs. 
  • It was so cold, Frosty the Snowman was seen collecting firewood. 
  • The old record of 46 hung in there for a long time until finally someone starting singing, "Let it go, let it go..." 

In 1915, congress voted against giving women the right to vote. That never made sense to me. Why not let them share in the blame? That was just a little over 100 years ago, folks. Even longer ago for those bad at math.

On this date in 1943, soybean "Victory Sausages" began replacing hot dogs in America's grocery stores. Up until then, they tried making at least one half of the hot dogs out of beef, pork or chicken, but times were tough... and it was just too hard to make both ends meat.

In 1945 During World War II, German forces in Belgium retreated during the Battle of the Bulge. During January we're ALL fighting the Battle of the Bulge... and doing a slow retreat.

Batman debuted on ABC-TV way back in 1966. The first episode was "Hi Diddle Riddle," followed the next day by "Smack In The Middle" and starred Frank Gorshin as The Riddler. The series ran from 1966-1968.

On this date in 1967, The Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 21-10, in the first-ever Super Bowl. Their half-time entertainment: the University of Arizona Symphonic Marching Band, the Grambling State Marching Band, trumpeter Al Hirt and the Anaheim High School Drill Team and Flag Girls.
  • To show you how long ago that was, the best part of the game was the actual game, not the commercials. 
  • The big scandal at half-time was when a wardrobe malfunction revealed Anita Bryant's upper arm. Yep, times were different back then. 
  • That was back when Super Balls had just come out and it was a very confusing time. 

Here's a story I bet you haven't heard before. Back in the 1960s, a toy was born called the Super Ball, that had super bouncing powers. After watching his children play with a Super Ball, Lamar Hunt, founder of the American Football League, coined the term "Super Bowl" in a July 25, 1966, letter to NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle.

In 1971, television was rocked with the debut of a new show called "All in the Family." A setback for Meatheads everywhere. I'm glad it was on back then. Today, it would be so different. For example, "Meathead" would also have to be available as "Tofurkey-head."


It's weird to think of 2016 as two years ago. Just sayin'...

January 12th today. Missed a Friday the 13th by one day. Our next one rolls around in April, right before the tax deadline.

Zayn Malik turns 25. He's gone from One Direction to many.

Naya Rivera, who was part of the cast of "Glee," turns 31 today. I feel a song breaking out any minute.

Melanie Chisholm turns 44 today. You know as Sporty Spice from the Spice Girls. Today "Sporty Spice" sounds like a deodorant.

Rob Zombie is 52... in this lifetime. I've said it before and I'll say it again: if I ever became a zombie, I'd just die.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, turns 54. What do you get for a guy who has everything or at least can get it in two days with Prime?

Howard Stern turns 64 today, but only on satellite.

Kirstie Alley is 67 today. By process of elimination, you know I meant years old, right? She was once on the show, "Cheers." The other day, I thought I saw her as part of a Cheers reunion... it turned out just to be her!


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