10. Salesperson
Many salespeople work on commission and may have to spend time away from home, family and friends because of travel. If a salesperson works independently, benefits may be limited.

9. Financial advisers and accountants
Most people don't like dealing with their own retirement savings. So can you imagine handling thousands or millions of dollars for others?

8. Maintenance workers
Maintenance workers are called only when something goes wrong. Also, they work odd hours, seasonal or varied schedules and frequent night shifts.

7. Administrative support staff
People in these jobs are on the front line taking order from all directions, but are also at the bottom of the totem pole.

6. Teacher
Demands on teachers seem to be growing as many work long hours and try to do a lot with fewer resources.

5. Artists, entertainers, writers
These jobs bring irregular paychecks, uncertain hours and isolation, which lead to depression. Also, creative people may have higher rates of mood disorders.

4. Healthcare workers
These positions can be rewarding, but can bring long, irregular hours and days in which other peoples' lives are in their hands.

3. Social workers
These jobs call employees to work with abused children as well as families overcoming crisis after crisis, in addition to the barrier of bureaucratic red tape.

2. Waiters/Waitresses
Nuff said.

1. Nursing home and child care workers
A typical day can include feeding, bathing and caring for others who are often incapable of expressing gratitude or appreciation because they are too ill or too young.


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