Folks may dread turning 50, but cheer up. The half-century mark appears to be the perfect age, according to a Harris Poll. When asked what age you would most like to stay if you could stop time and live forever in good health, 50 was the resounding response from young and old. Why is 50 so special? While those fine lines and streaks of silver do seem more prominent at this time of life, there also tends to be more life stability. Most people earn the highest paychecks of their career in their 50s. In addition, children are growing up or even on their own by the time their parents hit their 50s, which allows more freedom to do just about everything -- from spending a lazy Saturday morning in bed to traveling on exotic vacations.

The perfect age for various life events:

Graduate from college: 22
Move out of your parents' home: 20
Get married: 26
Have your first child: 28
Begin being an empty-nester: 45
Retire: 61


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