• President Trump signed a bill to expand the Rev. Martin Luther King's birthplace in Atlanta into a national historical park: the first such park in Georgia. 
  • Willie Nelson abruptly ended his concert in San Diego last weekend after coughing and experiencing breathing difficulties during the first song of his performance. Left the stage and is back in Texas recovering. 
  • A new study claims that an extra 90-minutes of sleep can actually help you curb your sweet cravings. 
  • Remember how they had to re-shoot all those scenes for the movie, "All the Money in the World," because they decided to drop Kevin Spacey from the project? It turns out Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million to re-shoot all his scenes, while Michelle Williams was paid less than $1,000. 
  • John Dickerson has officially taken over Charlie Rose's seat on "CBS This Morning" after Rose was dismissed in November over sexual misconduct allegations. 
  • Amazon Alexa will soon be riding along in all Toyota vehicles. 
  • Samsung says the Galaxy S9 will be unveiled next month. 
  • Ellen's "Game of Games" show has been renewed for a second season at NBC. 
  • Meghan Markle reportedly gave Queen Elizabeth a toy hamster that bursts into song when you pull "its rope." According to multiple reports, Her Royal Highness "burst out laughing" at the peculiar gift. 
  • A company called Volocopter is hoping to have air taxis flying around and delivering passengers within the next five years. Would you get on board?


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