• Fallen evangelist Jim Bakker is back, preaching that the apocalypse is near. 
  • George Clooney Is making political noises. Like, someday, he might run for something. 
  • Now "Black Panther" is being criticized because, while it features lots of African Americans -- there are no gays in the film. 
  • Sade is back after an 8-year hiatus and has written a new song for "A Wrinkle in Time." 
  • The Reverend Billy Graham died yesterday at his North Carolina home at the age of 99. 
  • Wild weather in Denver this week, where the temperature dropped 72 degrees in just 40 hours. 
  • That guy bringing Fergie flowers after her disastrous National Anthem performance: her ex, Josh Duhamel. 
  • We don't know Maggie's future on "The Walking Dead," but actress Lauren Cohan has joined the cast of a new TV show on ABC. 
  • A USA Today survey of 843 women in the entertainment industry found that 94% of the have experienced harassment. 
  • Amazon's Jeff Bezos has invested $42 million into building a giant clock in Texas that should run for 10,000 years. 
  • A lot of stores in Sweden have apparently stopped accepting cash. Plastic only. 
  • Frances Bean Cobain is celebrating two years of sobriety. 
  • Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin announced that season tickets for the city's new NHL expansion team will go on sale March 1. The team could be playing as soon as the 2020-2021 season. 
  • How is Vancouver, BC, handling their hot housing market? They're raising their foreign home buyer tax from 15% to 20% and adding a 2% tax on out-of- town speculators.


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