Yes It's True - No It's B.S.

  • The Rat Pack singer whose signature song was "The Candy Man" was Dean Martin. (B.S., it was Sammy Davis, Jr.) 
  • Idiot's Delight is one of the many variants of the card game Poker. (B.S., it's Solitaire) 
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger was arrested in 1965 for being AWOL from the Austrian army. (Yes) 
  • In mathematics, the more common name of an "obelus" is a division sign. (Yes) 
  • The average butterfly has a lifespan of two years. (B.S., it's less than one month) 
  • Doc is the only one of the Seven Dwarfs that wears glasses. (Yes) 
  • The last time the French government used the guillotine to execute a convicted criminal was in 1805. (B.S., it was 1977) 
  • In the original book series, super-sleuth Sherlock Holmes was addicted to Cocaine. (Yes) 
  • The British candy company Cadbury was the first to offer a Valentine's Day chocolate box. (Yes) 
  • The Giraffe is the U.S. land mammal that has the most teeth of any mammal. (B.S., it's The opossum) 
  • Scientists have actually managed to inject a spider gene into a goat's egg, resulting in a goat that gives milk containing a silk protein that can be spun into super-strong thread. (Yes) 
  • Peter Rabbit's three siblings were Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail. (Yes) 
  • St. Charles Place belongs to the Bright Red color group on a standard U.S. Monopoly board. (B.S., it's purple) 
  • The only country in the Middle East that does not have a desert is Iran. (B.S., it's Lebanon)


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