THIS WEEK IS Eating Disorders Awareness Week -- February 26-March 3.

Would you believe that what and how you eat can tell people many things about you? There are 5 main groups:
  1. Meat and potato eaters -- About 25 percent of Americans habitually make this their dominant meal. These are solid citizens, conservative, resistant to change and devoted to keep with traditional values. They eat what their parents ate. 
  2. Junk-food eaters -- 22 percent of Americans exist mainly on fast foods, pizza, soda, etc. They eat as though they were teenagers. They rarely sit down to a normal meal, but snack their way through life. This is a family-oriented group. Their lives center on their children. When they eat out, it's fast-food, and they vacation at Disney-like theme parks. 
  3. Diet-concerned -- About 20 percent of Americans fall into this category. These people, who tend to be older than those in other groups, have their eye on the future and are intent on maintaining their health. This group is strong-willed, frugal and willing to give up immediate pleasures for long-term security. They pride themselves on their ability to save a buck and make do with last year's clothes, an older car, etc. 
  4. Naturalists -- 17 percent are in this group. They dine on wheat germ, yogurt, fruit and other foods without preservatives and they exercise regularly. Highly idealistic people in this group sincerely believe they can improve life for everyone with their constructive criticism. 
  5. Food sophisticates -- 16 percent of Americans are in this category. They're quiche eaters, wine tasters and cheesecake fanciers. This group is into wealth rather than health. They're young and career-oriented. They're willing to devote time, energy and effort to getting ahead and living first class... and they're inclined to delay marriage, children or anything else that would distract them from their goal. 


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