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In 1941 "Piano Concerto in B Flat" by Freddy Martin Orchestra is #1 on the charts.
In 1947 Lionel Hampton records "Midnight Sun."
In 1956 Billie Holiday returns to the New York City stage at Carnegie Hall after a 3-year absence.
In 1958 Sam Cooke and Lou Rawls suffer minor injuries in a car crash near Marion, AR, which took the life of their driver, Edward Cunningham.
In 1958 "It's Only Make Believe" by Conway Twitty hits #1 on the U.S. top40 chart and stayed there for 2 weeks.
In 1960 Greg Allman receives an electric guitar from his parents on his 13th birthday. He and his 14-year-old brother Duane learn to play and form their first group, the Kings, a year later.
In 1962 "Go Away Little Girl" by Steve Lawrence enters the U.S. top 40chart.
In 1966 Fire breaks out in a recording studio where Brian Wilson is recording tracks for the Beach Boys' "Smiley Smile" album.
In 1967 The Moody Blues' single "Nights In White Satin" is released for the first time.
In 1969 Led Zeppelin's album "Led Zeppelin II" is certified gold.
In 1971 Frank Zappa's experimental film "200 Motels" opens in the U.S.
In 1971 Led Zeppelin's album "Led Zeppelin IV" is certified gold.
In 1972 Diana Ross appears on "The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson."
In 1973 "Rock On" by David Essex, "Living For The City" by Stevie Wonder and "Spiders & Snakes" by Jim Stafford all enter the U.S. top 40 chart.
In 1973 "Keep On Truckin' (Part 1)" by Eddie Kendricks hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 2 weeks.
In 1975 Bob Dylan appears on the cover of People magazine.
In 1978 Hall & Oates host NBC-TV's "The Midnight Special."
In 1978 The Clash's second album, "Give 'Em Enough Rope," is released.
In 1979 The Bee Gees appear on the cover of TV Guide magazine.
In 1979 Tom Petty performs "Refugee" on NBC-TV's "Saturday Night Live."
In 1979 "Heartache Tonight" by Eagles is #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart.
In 1982 John Lennon's album the "John Lennon Collection" is released.
In 1984 "Born In The USA" by Bruce Springsteen and "The Boys Of Summer" by Don Henley both enter the U.S. top 40 chart.
In 1984 "Dukes of Hazzard" actor-turned-singer John Schenider has his first #1 Country single with "I've Been Around Enough To Know."
In 1985 Jerry Lee Lewis is hospitalized for the second time with a bleeding ulcer.
In 1986 Bruce Springsteen releases a special 5-album set entitled "Bruce Springsteen and the E. Street Band Live 1975-1985."
In 1987 Terence Trent D'Arby cancels a performance in Vienna to protest alleged Nazi Kurt Waldheim's election victory.
In 1989 Pebbles and husband/producer Antonio "L.A." Reid have a son, Aaron.
In 1989 Bruce Springsteen dissolves the E. Street Band.
In 1990 "Love Takes Time" by Mariah Carey hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 3 weeks.
In 1992 Axl Rose is found guilty of property damage and assault at a 1991 Guns N' Roses concert in Maryland Heights, MO. He receives 2 years probation and ordered to pay $50,000 to community groups.
In 1993 Madonna performs the first of three "Girlie Show" concerts inMexico City, despite efforts by anti-Madonna groups to cancel the shows.
In 1994 Elton John sues the Star tabloid after he said it falsely reported he was romantically involved with an Atlanta man.
In 1994 One person is killed and 25 others injured in the rush to get into a Costa Rican stadium to see Aerosmith.
In 1994 Hootie & the Blowfish's album "Cracked Rear View" is certified gold.
In 1998 "Bruce Springsteen: Tracks," a 4-CD boxed set of unreleased songs and rarities, is released.
In 1998 U2's album "Best of 1980-1990" is released.
In 1999 Tori Amos' album "To Venus And Back" is certified gold and platinum, while Goo Goo Dolls' CD "Dizzy Up The Girl" goes triple platinum.
In 2000 Singer/songwriter Billy Yates makes his Grand Ole Opry debut.
In 2000 Billy Gilman's "One Voice" video is the big winner at the 2000 Billboard Music Video Awards.
In 2001 Country singer Chalee Tennison marries guitarist Mark Gillespie.
In 2001 Michael Jackson appears on the cover of TV Guide.
In 2002 Keyboardist Johnny Griffith (Funk Brothers) dies at age 66.
In 2003 Performers from the worlds of country and rock gather to pay tribute to the late Johnny Cash in Nashville.


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