"Turkeys Have A Language Of Their Own!"

Trash! Unless you include delicious.

"Yams Can Make You Sneeze!"
Trash! Only if you sniff them instead of eat them.

"NFL Player Gets Death Threats After He Fumbles!"
Truth! Marquez Valdes-Scantling of the Green Bay Packers fumbled the ball in overtime Sunday, leading to a Packers loss to Indianapolis. So fans threatened to kill him. Valdes-Scantling tweeted: "(Y)ou people need help. It's actually sick. I'm good. My team got my back."

"NordPass Ranks 123456 as World's Worst Password!"
Truth! Yep, and No. 2 is 123456789. Come on people. Do better!

"Hottest Thanksgiving Gift This Year-Elastic Waist Belts!"
Trash! Come on, that's what I love about Thanksgiving-no presents!

"South Korea Debuts AI News Anchor!"
Truth! It was modeled after a popular news anchor and was so realistic they say it kind of freaked people out!

"Aliens Plan Thanksgiving Day Invasion!"
Trash! They've called it off, but they were planning to land in giant character balloons. Pretty clever.


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