• The settlers at the first Thanksgiving were actually called Pilgrims. (Don't! They didn't even refer to themselves as Pilgrims, they called themselves "Saints".)
  • It was three days of games, drinking, gambling and target shooting with English muskets. (Believe It! By the way, the shooting contest was a friendly warning to the Indians that the Pilgrims were prepared to defend themselves.)
  • It took place in November. (Don't! It was some time between late September and the middle of October, after the harvest had been brought in.)
  • The Pilgrims wore large hats with buckles on them. (Don't! Seems the 19th century artists who painted them that way did so because they associated black clothing and big buckles with being old-fashioned.)
  • There was no turkey at the first Thanksgiving. (Believe It! They ate deer.)
  • The Pilgrims skipped Thanksgiving the next year. (Believe It! The harvest was a flop in 1622, plus a whole bunch of new Pilgrims showed up, and had to be fed and housed through the winter.)


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