• John Adams, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were avid marble collectors and players. (Yes)
  • The oldest fast-food hamburger chain in America is McDonald's. (B.S., it's really White Castle.)
  • In "I Love Lucy," the Ricardos lived in Los Angeles. (B.S. - Nope, they lived in Manhattan).
  • One Cherry Street in New York City was the home to George Washington as it was the first U.S. Presidential address. (Yes)
  • The leader of a group of kangaroos is called the Captain Kangaroo. (B.S.)
  • If you pluck your eyebrow, it takes about 6 weeks to grow back. (B.S., it takes 3 months!)
  • When Americans were asked what state they would most like to move to the #1 answer was California. (B.S., it was Florida!)
  • You will not outrun a grizzly bear. They can actually run about as fast as a horse. (Yes)
  • In India it is completely legal for a woman to marry a goat. (Yes)
  • If you're dining "Alfresco" that means the food you ordered is being cooked at your table side. (B.S., it actually just means you're eating outdoors)
  • Howard Hughes was America's first billionaire. (B.S. Nope- it was Henry Ford)
  • Blonde-haired men are more likely to go bald than any others. (B.S., it's red-haired guys)
  • 50 percent of people who dine out regularly claim they do so because they don't know how to cook. (B.S., it's only 5 percent)
  • Benjamin Franklin was the guy who thought up the idea for what we now know as Daylight Savings Time. (B.S., that was London builder William Willett in the pamphlet "Waste of Daylight" (1907). He proposed advancing clocks 20 minutes on each of four Sundays in April, and moving them back by the same amount on four Sundays in September)
  • A carving knife was the object used to cut off the tails of the "Three Blind Mice." (Yes)
  • Studies have shown that you can prevent an ice cream headache by making sure the ice cream doesn't come in contact with your teeth. (B.S., it's the roof of your mouth)
  • Yellowstone National Park is the oldest national park in the U.S. and remains home to the most famous geyser in the world, Old Glory. (B.S., the most famous geyser is Old Faithful)
  • Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis grew up fairly well-off because his father was a Gynecologist. (B.S., he was a dentist)


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