Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Are you too polite to tell a colleague he smells? Would you tell your boss her sexy blouse is inappropriate for the office? asked 4,400 workers just how bold they would be in the office when it comes to telling embarrassing things to their colleagues. It turns out that most of us are weenies. We would rather see someone with spinach in her teeth all afternoon than tell her about it. Also, we're more likely to tell someone who is at our level or below than we are someone who has seniority over us in the workplace. Would you tell a co-worker this?
"Your hair is messy."
  • Same level co-worker, 33%
  • Lower level co-worker, 30%
  • Higher level co-worker, 13%

"You need a breath mint."
  • Same level co-worker, 33%Lower level co-worker, 29%
  • Higher level co-worker, 14%

"You need a shower."
  • Same level co-worker, 28%
  • Lower level co-worker, 29%
  • Higher level co-worker, 11%

So how many would tell a higher level co-worker his or her dress was not appropriate for the office? Only 10% thought they could do that.

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