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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


NASCAR's Kurt Busch Ties the Knot in Intimate Island Wedding (With a Surprise Steven Tyler Performance!) NASCAR's Kurt Busch tied the knot with polo player and model Ashley Van Metre (whom he fittingly met at a race!) during an intimate sunset ceremony in St. Barts on January 7. The 35 guests who gathered for the nuptials were surprised with a performance by Steven Tyler and Loving Mary, the Aerosmith frontman's new band based in Nashville. "Our wedding was just perfect," Busch, 38, tells PEOPLE. "Ashley and I chose our favorite island, providing the perfect beach setting and surrounded with our closest loved ones. Eden Rock in St. Bart stands alone as our favorite place to visit, and we wanted to share our slice of paradise found with everybody. "We were able to blend a simple beach ceremony with a grand event. Not one detail was missed and the evening truly defined the both of us." "It was love at first sight," adds Van Metre. "There was a feeling between us that neither of us had ever felt before or even knew existed. I told him I would have married him if he had just given me a Ring Pop!" Kurt, a 27-time race winner, says anticipation was at an "all-time high," so he shared a romantic reveal with Ashley before her walk down the aisle. "It gave me some time to get a bit of the crying out of the way!" Busch says. The fun didn't cease after the island weekend. A celebration party at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida, included surprise entertainment from rocker Steven Tyler and his band, along with a 14-piece band and DJ. For Ashley, who as a young girl dreamed of getting married at Disney World, the wedding was "truly a fairytale." "I was still able to have my Cinderella arrival with the carriage and white horses we brought to The Breakers," she gushes. "They shut down the main drive of the hotel just for us. It was so special!" Has the couple started thinking about starting a family? "I can't wait to raise children with Ashley and start the next chapter in my life," Kurt shares. "I know having a child together will be as wonderful as everything has been so far." (People)

Ed Sheeran Admits He Feels "Pretty Good" About Marriage Amid Relationship With Cherry Seaborn. We're just thinking out loud here, but Ed Sheeran may be ready to get engaged sooner than we first thought. As the "Castle on the Hill" singer continues to support his latest album Divide, the talented artist stopped by KIISFM's Kyle and Jackie O Show. In between discussing music and his famous friends, Ed briefly opened up about his relationship with girlfriend Cherry Seaborn. "She lives three or four miles away from me where I grew up," he shared with the radio hosts via the Daily Mail. "And we live together now, we just got cats." When asked about expanding the family in the future, Ed responded, "Yeah, potentially. I would like some kids." The radio team took it one step further by asking if this relationship is a "marriage thing." Ed added, "I'm pretty...yeah I feel pretty good about it." While the Hollywood couple has tried to keep their romantic life private, the pair was able to celebrate their one-year anniversary last July during Taylor Swift 's summer party. As the "Shake It Off" singer posed for a photo with her BFF Abigail Anderson, fans spotted Ed and his girlfriend sharing a kiss underneath the banner "Happy 1st Ed-Iver-Cherry!" While Ed obviously thinks very highly of his girlfriend, there's another familiar face that the Grammy winner admires from afar. Yes, we're talking about Ryan Reynolds. During Taylor's Fourth of July party, Ed was given the chance to hang out with the Deadpool star. Let's just say they hit it off real quick. "I ended up broing down with him," Ed explained. "I walked into a party and he was there and I was like I'm attaching myself to him for the night because he was dead cool. He's very fun." (Eonline)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's wardrobe continues fuel the rumor mill. Fans are now speculating she and fiance Jason Statham are expecting their first child. On Jan. 24, the 29-year-old model strutted through LAX in a long dark coat, covering her midsection. Earlier in the month, she threw social media for a loop by wearing an oversized poncho in an Instagram snap. "Here's to fresh starts and exciting prospects for the new year," Huntington-Whiteley shared with her 6.8 million followers, some who asked point blank if she was pregnant. Though Huntington-Whiteley's camp has yet to comment, a source told Us Weekly the "Mad Max" beauty appeared "noticeably pregnant" at a recent shoot. Huntington-Whiteley, who got engaged to actor Statham, 49, last year, spoke of her desire to have children back in April 2015."Having a family is something I think about for sure, and whether I'd live here in America or England. But it's not always as simple as that ... I have no idea what will happen, but it'll be interesting to find out, right?" she said. "And nothing will be perfect, I'm sure." Reps for Huntington-Whiteley did not immediately return our request for comment. (Page Six)

They must be her lucky stars! Madonna has been granted permission to adopt two more children from Malawi after the impoverished African nation's High Court gave its approval, according to Reuters. The Queen of Pop, 58, was inside the courtroom when the approval ruling was delivered, Mlenga Mvula, a spokesman for Malawi's judiciary, told Reuters Tuesday, February 7. "Tuesday the High Court made a ruling that she should go ahead and adopt the two children," Mvula said, noting that the Grammy winner was beaming after the decision was made. "Within a year, she should provide us with a home survey report, which the court has ordered her to provide." According to the news agency, Mvula said that it is against the law to provide more details about the two kids Madonna plans to adopt. As previously reported by the Associated Press, the "Living for Love" singer (who adopted son David and daughter Mercy James, both 11, from Malawi in 2008 and 2009) initially appeared before the country's High Court on January 25 to ask for permission to adopt again. However, the chart-topping diva denied the report in a statement to Us Weekly. "I am in Malawi to check on the children's hospital in Blantyre and my other work with Raising Malawi, and then heading home," she told Us at the time. "The rumors of an adoption process are untrue." During an October 2006 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Madonna -- who founded her Raising Malawi foundation that year to benefit the orphans and underprivileged children living in the third-world nation -- shared why she was inspired to adopt from that part of the world. "To see 8-year-olds in charge of households. To see mothers dying with Kaposi's sarcoma lesions all over their bodies. To see open sewages everywhere. To see what I saw. It is a state of emergency. As far as I'm concerned, the adoption laws have to be changed to suit that state of emergency," she said. "I think if everybody went there, they'd want to bring one of those children home with them and give them a better life." The superstar also told Winfrey that the adoption process in Malawi is rather difficult. When she adopted Mercy and David, some Malawians accused the government of allowing Madonna to bypass laws that bar nonresidents from adopting children. "I assure you it doesn't matter who you are or how much money you have, nothing goes fast in Africa," she explained. "There are no adoption laws in Malawi. And I was warned by my social worker that because there were no known laws in Malawi, they were more or less going to have to make them up as we went along. And she did say to me, 'Pick Ethiopia. Go to Kenya. Don't go to Malawi because you're just going to get a hard time.'" Madonna adopted David with ex-husband Guy Ritchie, whom she divorced in 2008 after eight years of marriage. She shares 16-year-old son Rocco with the British filmmaker too. The music icon is also mom of Lourdes, 20, with ex Carlos Leon. (US Weekly)

Pink Admits She Hasn't Lost Any Baby Weight During First Workout Since Giving Birth to Her Son. Pink hasn't dropped any weight since becoming a mom for the second time, and she's perfectly happy about it. The "Just Give Me a Reason" singer gave birth to her and hubby Carey Hart's son in late December, and now six weeks later, Pink is back in the gym working on her fitness game. Jameson Moon Hart's proud mama shared a post-workout selfie with celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins on Monday, and from the looks of Pink's smile, she's ready to get to work. "Day 1!!!!!!!! Lets do this @msjeanettejenkins (week 6 post baby and I haven't lost ANY WEIGHT YET!!!!) yaye me!!!!! I'm normal!" she captioned the snapshot. Earlier, Pink also shared an adorable photo of her little guy wearing a "Straight Outta Mumma" onesie that she captioned, "Happy Monday." Too cute! In the first interview after welcoming her newest bundle of joy, Pink told Ellen DeGeneres that there's one member of the Hart family who hasn't quite adjusted to having a newborn baby in the household. That someone would be Pink and Carey's 5-year-old daughter Willow Sage Hart, who her mom described as a "little weepy." "I do all kinds of stuff," she explained after revealing she threw a "big sister party" for her first born to help cope with the new addition. "I literally put Jameson down when she walks into the room... She's a little weepy these days, so we're working it out." It seems Willow is fitting in plenty of quality time with her dad, as Carey recently shared a sweet photo of his little girl (who's currently rocking some pretty fly pink hair) and captioned it, "Ummmm, we spend a lot of time together. #Steez #MiniMe" (Eonline)

Jamie Lynn Spears' life changed forever -- and for the better -- when she found out in 2007 that, at just 16 years old, she was pregnant with her daughter, whom she welcomed in June of 2008. Last summer, PEOPLE caught up with Spears, 25. The country music singer-songwriter opened up about her life with husband Jamie Watson and her deep love for 8-year-old Maddie, who is currently in stable but critical condition after a devastating ATV accident Sunday at their home in Louisiana. Spears' moving quotes on motherhood and the profound impact parenting has had on her life. From the moment Spears' learned of her pregnancy, motherhood was her main priority. Spears found out she was pregnant in 2007, after she'd finished filming her hit Nickelodeon series Zooey 101. "I put myself in an adult situation, so I needed to handle it like an adult. My age was never an excuse for me -- because, you know what, my daughter didn't ask for that," Spears said. "I didn't feel sorry for myself, I didn't have any pity for myself; I made a decision, and it was time for me to hold up my end of the bargain. I brought this little girl into this world ,and it's my job to make sure that she has the best life that she possibly can have -- no one else's. You've got to take responsibility for your actions and that's what I try my best to do every single day." She left Hollywood to make a happy home for her child. "I needed to step away from the noise of the world and just focus on growing up and becoming the best mother," she told PEOPLE of sequestering herself with family in her native Louisiana. "And learning how to be an independent woman as well, for my daughter. I knew that I didn't need the outside world to do that. I really needed to remove myself from that. When my daughter was three months old, I started going to Nashville and writing, and that's when I really started figuring out who I was and what kind of future I wanted -- and I grew a lot, not only through writing, but also through being a bit more private." Motherhood helped Spears find her voice -- and herself. "I like to say that having my daughter gave me a different kind of voice," she said. "When you have to be strong not only for yourself but for someone else, you grow a whole other layer of skin that you can't even imagine. And I think that when you go into that kind of mode, it just turns you into a person that isn't afraid to speak up -- because if I don't, it could affect my daughter. I was always outspoken as a young girl, but it was more in a playful way, and now when I speak, I try to be a bit more directed. That strength comes from me being a mother, and I think that's really what instilled a different kind of strength for me." Maddie is her mini-me... "She does taker after me. She's very particular about certain things like I am, like in little OCD ways," Spears previously told PEOPLE of Maddie. "She's got such a sweet little heart. I feel like I've raised her with a lot of honesty, but I've also raised her with a lot of love. She's a very happy, content little girl, and there's nothing more a parent could ask for. That's my most proud accomplishment out of anything and always will be." ... and also one of her muses. "I think [songwriting] is all about being true with yourself," Spears said of knowing when she was ready to return to work and pursue songwriting in Nashville. "You can't go out there and stand in front of a bunch of people and expect them to believe you if you don't believe what you're saying. For me it was really important to make sure when I stood in front of a crowd that I was up there for a reason and with a purpose. And when I finally got to that place with that confidence, that's when I knew it was time. I knew that I was ready." Indeed, Spears was inspired by her bond with Maddie and wrote the emotional track "When the Lights Go Out" shortly after she and Maddie's dad, her ex Casey Aldridge, split in 2010. Despite her fame, she decided early on to keep her daughter grounded. "She was born into watching her aunt perform and she was born knowing her mom was on TV sometimes. So I think for her, that is her normal: 'It's not bizarre -- this is what my family does for a job, this is how my mom provides for me. I think that's how it registers it to her," Spears told PEOPLE. Even so, the famous mom said she lets her daughter relish award shows that she's attended, like last year's Billboard Music Awards, where aunt Britney Spears performed and received the Millennium Award. "She loves it. We're at an award show, and she's more concerned about, 'Hey, am I gonna get to see Fifth Harmony?' She's just like any other little kid. It's not about, 'Oh, my aunt does this or my mom does this.' It's just about, 'Oh my god, these people that I love are here! Can I see them, Mom?' We keep her really grounded about that -- that every bit of it is so amazing, and we're there as fans as well. And I think as long as you remind your kids to be very humble and be very appreciative every time and to never not get excited is really important. So she's just like any other little kid. She walks in there and is just like, 'Oh my gosh, Ariana Grande is gonna be here!' It's not about anything else." (People)

Britney Spears Breaks Silence After Niece Maddie Aldridge's ATV Accident. Britney Spears is asking her fans for all of their prayers after her niece, Maddie Aldridge, was involved in a traumatic ATV accident near her home in Louisiana. "Need all the wishes and prayers for my niece," the pop icon posted on Twitter Monday afternoon. E! News just confirmed that Jamie Lynn Spears' 8-year-old daughter is currently in "stable but critical condition" at a New Orleans hospital after the accident took place Sunday. The Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Department released more details to E! News regarding the incident, revealing she had crashed the Polaris off-roading vehicle into a pond just 100 yards away from where her family -- including Jamie Lynn and her step-father Jamie Watson -- was standing and watching her ride. According to the report, Maddie turned the ATV in an attempt to avoid running over the drainage ditch located near the pond but over-corrected and ended up crashing the vehicle. As a result, the ATV was instantly submerged and Maddie was trapped and secured by her seatbelt. Within seconds, her mother and stepfather rushed to help her out of the ATV but were unable to retrieve her from the vehicle. Minutes later, Acadian Ambulance Services arrived and were able to free her. Our thoughts go out to the Spears family during this difficult time. (Eonline)

Daphne Oz is committed to spreading a message of body positivity. After The Chew host posted a photo of herself in a bikini during a beach vacation, her followers posted tons of encouraging comments -- except for a few "obvious trolls" who started fat shaming Oz. Oz responded with an empowering -- and honest -- note . "I feel safe posting pics like this for all of you because I get how hard it is to feel good in our skin -- whether we're trying to lose or gain weight, whether we've had babies or not. We are under constant scrutiny," Oz, 30, writes. "I am not perfect, I have not reached all my goals, I still see all my flaws first. But progress is everything, and one positive feeling begets another." The mom of two then thanked her followers for coming to her defense. "This is a space for positivity and smart strategies and results, but most importantly, it is a place for celebration and FUN. I love that you guys shut down the obvious trolls that show up on here every now and then because they seriously have no other place or way to feel heard," she says. "I try not to give them too much thought, but know that I appreciate every single one of you and you make me smile and feel good every day." (People)

Gigi Hadid Blasted on Social Media for 'Mocking Asians.' The Internet is going after Gigi Hadid for appearing to mock Asian people. In an Instagram story that has since been deleted, the model is shown out to dinner with pals when she holds up what looks like a Buddha-shaped cookie. Hadid then seems to squint her eyes, appearing to mimic its features. Her younger sister Bella Hadid, 20, deleted the video when people started slamming it on social media. "It's mocking and f–king ignorant," one person tweeted, "The first thing she thought to do is squint when she had it in her hand." Another Twitter user commented, "somethings aren't a joke... thats mockery and very disrespectful to that religion... " But a number of fans came to the 21-year-old's aid, saying that what she did wasn't offensive. "I'm asian and I'm not even offended," someone wrote, "I know she's just having fun but not by 'mocking' asians okay?" Another added, "Thats not even mocking. I'm asian myself and I don't even feel it that way. calm down people." A rep for Hadid did not immediately return a request for comment. (PageSix)

George Lopez went nuclear on a woman in his audience ... calling her a bitch and booting her from his show because she reacted poorly to one of his jokes. It went down Saturday night at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. George quipped, "There are only 2 rules in the Latino family -- don't marry somebody black and don't park in front of our house." Most people in the crowd burst into laughter except a woman in the front row, who flipped Lopez the bird. And that's all she wrote. (TMZ)


Christie Brinkley Returns to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue With Her Two Daughters. Christie Brinkley is making this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue a family affair. The legendary supermodel is returning to the pages and thanks to a sneak peek, she has never looked better. In a new photo obtained by E! News, the 63-year-old poses in a black one-piece as her daughters Alexa Ray Joel and Sailor Brinkley Cook join nearby. "Yes! I am excited to announce that I am back in @si_swimsuit...I figured with my gorgeous daughters @alexarayjoel and @sailorbrinkleycook by my side, whose going to be looking at me!" Christie wrote on Instagram. "Oh and my kids think I walk on water, so let's not mention the apple box concealed just under the surface." She added, "Thank you Sports Illustrated for sending the powerful message that good things come in packages of every size and we do not come with an expiration date!" Sailor also shared a few powerful words about the photograph. As it turns out, this is much more than just an ordinary shoot for the up and coming model. "I've had issues with my body image since before I can even remember. I grew up not loving how I looked and felt held back because of it," Sailor shared on Instagram. "My body and I have been through it all. But recently I have been liberated. I am healthy, I treat myself well, and for that I'm happy." The 18-year-old continued, "This is more than a magazine to me and always has been. As a growing young woman, SI showed me all bodies are different and all bodies are worthy of celebrating. Thank you thank you @si_swimsuit for celebrating my beautiful mama, my beautiful sister, I, and ALL WOMEN!! How lucky am i?!" As for Alexa Ray, modeling is still a bit of a new experience for the singer/songwriter. With family by her side, however, it ended up turning out better than she could have ever imagined. "It was definitely entertaining -- a little bit of a reality TV moment," she shared with Sports Illustrated. "We all have our own style. And Sailor is kind of the young new little, perfect little, sporty little model. My mom is almost, I tease her, that she's ADD in terms of how much energy she has. She literally can't stop moving. And I'm still new at this and I was just trying to maintain my focus." (Eonline)

Scarlett Johansson Gives A Totally Wishy-Washy Answer About The Whitewashing Controversy In Ghost In The Shell ScarJo! It's good to see you! Scarlett Johansson is back in excellent form on the cover of Marie Claire's March issue. The Ghost in the Shell actress even manages to not look so ridiculous in her Gucci dress with giant pineapple sleeves! Amaze! In the accompanying interview, Scarlett begins with the story of losing her breast pump at the 2016 Oscars, and it reminds us that she's, well, just like your average woman, except with millions in the bank! She recalled: "Somehow, Mark [Consuelos] got ahold of my breast pump -- in a bag with all the milk, ice packs in there, and shit. He grabbed it out of my hand, but our cars got separated. Apparently, Kelly [Ripa] looked over, and she was like, 'Wait a minute -- is that Scarlett's breast pump? We've got to get it back!' because she knew how panicked I would be. We finally ended up at the same party three hours later, and Mark was like, 'I'm so sorry.'" LOLz! Funny anecdote aside, the star also addresses some serious issues, including her casting in Ghost in the Shell, which many found to be a case of white-washing. She said: "I certainly would never presume to play another race of a person. Diversity is important in Hollywood, and I would never want to feel like I was playing a character that was offensive. Also, having a franchise with a female protagonist driving it is such a rare opportunity. Certainly, I feel the enormous pressure of that -- the weight of such a big property on my shoulders." Okay, but she IS playing a character of another race. The Ghost in the Shell lead is Asian, and she's definitely not. Seems like she just totally dodged that question! She also addresses the wage gap in Hollywood and overall sexism, saying: "Just because I'm the top-grossing actress of all time does not mean I'm the highest paid. I've had to fight for everything that I have. It's such a fickle and political industry. "Some people felt I should talk about my personal struggle in order to shed a spotlight on the greater issue. Maybe I'm being presumptuous, but I assumed it was obvious that women in all positions struggle for equality. It's always an uphill battle and fight. My experience with my close female friends and family is that the struggle is real for everybody. Everyone has been discriminated against or harassed -- sexism is real." Scarlett also feels strongly about Hollywood actors speaking up about politics. She said: "[I believe] that it is really important to hear people in various positions of power voice their opinions, their story. Why not? Why can't I have the voice? Why can't I use my platform? What's the point of having it if you don't use it? If you don't want to get involved, please, the noise is loud enough. But if you've got something to say, say it." It's interesting that she thinks actors should voice their political opinions, but then is hesitant when discussing her own personal struggle with the wage gap. Like she said, every voice ought to be heard, including hers!

Often, often, they've been spotted often. Fresh off their Italian romanza, Selena Gomez and the Weeknd were seen at Los Angeles hotspot Sunset Tower for a romantic dinner on Monday evening. "They walked in holding hands and were very cozy together. They looked very happy together and were escorted to a private back table," a source tells PEOPLE. "[Selena] looked beautiful in a long black trench coat," the insider added of Gomez's outfit -- a recurring date night attire for the "Can't Keep My Hands to Myself" singer. After dinner, the duo snuggled up before leaving the hotel together in a Bentley. "She was hugging him from behind and they could not keep their hands off each other," says the source. This wasn't Gomez and the Weeknd's first L.A. sighting this month. The pair were spotted together in a car leaving the Chateau Marmont on Feb. 3. It's been nearly a month since the pair were pictured smooching at celebrity-riddled restaurant Giorgio Baldi in early January. One of their first public dates was at Dave and Buster's, just two days before they traveled to Italy, where Gomez made their romance Instagram official by captioning a video of the "Party Monster" hitmaker with a heart eyes emoji. (People)

Sports Illustrated is releasing its highly anticipated Swimsuit issue on Monday, and sources tell us that it's likely they will have three covers starring tennis champ Serena Williams, 63-year-old model Christie Brinkley, and possibly Kate Upton. Last year, the magazine also used three covers, which featured curvy model Ashley Graham, Hailey Clauson and mixed martial arts champ Ronda Rousey in body paint. Sources tell us that an appearance by Upton -- whose Rookie of the Year pictures in the mag in 2011 helped make her a star -- is still up in the air because of her diva demands. "There was drama," says the source. "Kate demanded that if she did the shoot, that she absolutely must get the cover. She also had a list of photographers and hair and makeup people she would only work with." Upton appeared on the magazine's cover twice, in 2012 and 2013, when she was photographed in Antarctica. The source continued of this time around, "She was being a big f?-?-?king diva. She's thinks she's better than everyone because she's an actress." Upton appeared in "The Other Woman" with Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz in 2014, and the film was panned by critics. She has three films in post-production, including one directed by William H. Macy and another by James Franco. In 2015, Upton -- who is engaged to MLB player Justin Verlander -- was the subject of a New York Post article discussing whether her "ego is 'ruining her career.'?" One modeling industry vet said that her "demands became ridiculous." This year, Sports Illustrated has already released glam shots of new mom Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal and Lais Ribeiro, which means they are unlikely to be on the cover. Other sources said Brinkley also shot pics with her two daughters, Alexa Ray, 31, and Sailor, 18. A spokesperson for the mag huffed about the speculation, "It's that time of year again. Who is in, who's on the cover, what will they do next? Everyone has a guess, and that's all this is." Upton's rep could not be reached. (Page Six)

It's good to be Justin Bieber. The pop superstar was paid an estimated $2 million for his appearance in T-Mobile's Super Bowl ad, in which he donned a tux and urged fans to share their best touchdown celebrations. Meanwhile, insiders say Patriots star Rob Gronkowski, who appeared as a partially clad caveman in Bieber's ad, commanded a cheaper $250,000 fee, even though he was on the winning team. Then again, Gronk also landed a second ad spot for Tide -- so he wasn't totally taken to the cleaners. (Page Six)

Scottie & Larsa Pippen Are Back ON! And do they have Kourtney Kardashian to thank?? On Monday night, Scott Pippen and Larsa Pippen were making things very public with a night out at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood! And if it wasn't enough for the formerly estranged couple to get snapped by paparazzi, Kourt was taking plenty of shots for her Snapchat, too! Because of course the reality TV starlet would join her bestie and the retired NBA star on their first public outing back together!! Anyway, we're pretty surprised to see Larsa and Scottie have reconciled. As you may recall, the former Chicago Bulls player filed for divorce from his wife back in October. There were also a couple reports of the cops being called to their home over domestic disturbances. The momma-of-four was also rumored to be linked to rapper Future. A LOT has happened in the past few months. (Perez Hilton)

Last year, Kylie Minogue filed a court notice to stop Kylie Jenner taking ownership of the pair's first name in the United States. And now, Kylie (Minogue) has won the case, banning Kylie (Jenner) from trademarking the name 'Kylie'. The youngest Jenner applied to trademark her first name through the US Patent and Trademark Office in August 2015. Minogue's representatives quickly filed a comprehensive notice of opposition a week ago. Minogue's legal team, KDB Holdings, argued that if Jenner's application was successful, it could confuse fans and harm Minogue's brand. They also cited numerous existing (US registered) trademarks approved in the last thirteen years including: "Lucky - The Kylie Musical" (for theatre), "Kylie Darling" (for a fragrance) and "Kylie" (for use in entertainment and commerce). They stated that Minogue was: "an internationally renowned performing artist, humanitarian, and breast cancer activist, Kylie Minogue, known worldwide simply as 'Kylie'." It's also worth noting that Minogue has owned the domain '' since 1996, a year before Jenner was born. We wonder if the legal battle will end here... (British Glamour)

Mark Consuelos Made Off With ScarJo's Breast Pump. Mark Consuelos is such a gentleman that sometimes it gets him in trouble -- like when he accidentally stole Scarlett Johansson's breast pump at the 2015 Oscars after helping her with her bags. "I had to bring my breast pump, because I was nursing and every single ounce is like liquid gold. Somehow, Mark got a hold of my breast pump -- in a bag with all the milk, ice packs in there, and s -- t. He grabbed it out of my hand, but our cars got separated," Johansson told Marie Claire's March 2017 issue. Apparently, Kelly [Ripa] looked over, and she was like, 'Wait a minute -- is that Scarlett's breast pump? We've got to get it back!' because she knew how panicked I would be. We finally ended up at the same party three hours later, and Mark was like, 'I'm so sorry.'" It's not the only struggle the "Ghost in the Shell" star has had as a woman in Hollywood. Despite making serious bank at the box office, Johansson, 32, she's still fighting for wage equality. "Just because I'm the top-grossing actress of all time does not mean I'm the highest paid," she noted. "I've had to fight for everything that I have. It's such a fickle and political industry." In terms of what she gets paid, Johansson admits that discussing it was a touchy subject in general. "Some people felt I should talk about my personal struggle in order to shed a spotlight on the greater issue. Maybe I'm being presumptuous, but I assumed it was obvious that women in all positions struggle for equality," she said. "It's always an uphill battle and fight. My experience with my close female friends and family is that the struggle is real for everybody. Everyone has been discriminated The newly single star, who appeared at the Women's March in January, does believe speaking out is important, even for celebrities who the public don't perceive as having any actual struggles. "[I believe] that it is really important to hear people in various positions of power voice their opinions, their story," she said. "Why not? Why can't I have the voice? Why can't I use my platform? What's the point of having it if you don't use it? If you don't want to get involved, please, the noise is loud enough. But if you've got something to say, say it." (PageSix)

Gigi and Bella Hadid must have really wanted their mom to move to NYC with them ... 'cause she's dumping her L.A. pad and heading East. Yolanda Hadid just listed her L.A. condo after living there for little more than a year. She wants about $5 mil for the sky-high view from the 4,000 sq. ft home in the famed Westwood Corridor. Mama Hadid bought it for $4.59 mil, and it includes a private elevator foyer, floor-to-ceiling windows, crystal chandeliers and a separate guest suite in the building. As for what prompted the move ... we're told Yolanda just wants to be closer to her kids. Even her son, Anwar, is modeling in NYC. No word on where exactly Yolanda is looking to buy next. We know this ... she'll have a good view of Gigi if she couch surfs with her for a bit. (TMZ)

Tom Brady returned to Boston looking every bit the conquering hero -- Super Bowl wins and private jets never get old for this guy. Mr. 4-time SB MVP flew back with Gisele and their kids on a private jet. TB was a class act, handing off a tip for the staff. The rest of the Patriots also got back to Boston Monday, but they flew a chartered Delta flight. It's good to be MVP. Not to mention married to Gisele. (TMZ)

Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter, Maddie, probably should not have been a driver or a passenger in the Polaris that flipped over and critically injured her, and we've learned there's been a big problem with the company's ATVs rolling over. The Polaris in question, the RZR 170, has an instruction manual which reads in part, "Never allow a child under age 10 to operate or ride as a passenger in this vehicle." There is a qualifier ... "Permit continued use only if you [the parent] determine that your child has the ability and maturity to operate safely." Maddie is not close to 10 ... she's 8 years old. We've also found lawsuits involving RZRs that flip over. In one case, the RZR -- not the 170 -- rolled and the metal portions of the roll cage pinned the driver's head and neck, fracturing his spine. There's another case in which a RZR flipped and the driver was severely injured when the roll cage collapsed on her. We contacted the company that appears to have sold Maddie's family the RZR 170, but they had no comment other than to offer prayers to the child. A spokesperson for Polaris tells us, "The safety of our riders is our absolute top priority. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family." TMZ broke the story ... Maddie was critically injured Sunday when her RZR flipped over and submerged into a pond, trapping her underwater for several minutes as her mother and stepfather frantically tried to remove her seat belt. (TMZ)

British soccer superstar David Beckham's squeaky-clean reputation took an off-the-field beating when hackers leaked e-mails exposing a tantrum he threw when he was overlooked for knighthood, according to reports Monday. Russian cyber criminals first tried to blackmail Beckham for $1.25 million and threatened to release nasty e-mails -- in which he allegedly flew into a curse-filled rant about the royal committee that failed to name him "Sir" in 2013, according to the Daily Mirror. "They r a bunch of c -- s. I expected nothing less. Who decides on the honors??" he fumed, according to the Telegraph. "It's a disgrace to be honest, and if I was American, I would have got something like this 10 years ago." Beckham shunned lower awards, raging, "Unless it's a knighthood f–k off," according to The Sun. After he was overlooked for the prestigious title, Beckham -- whose net worth is about $349?million -- griped about being asked to match the highest bidder at an auction for the United Nations' kids charity UNICEF in New York, the paper reported. "I don't want to do it and won't do it with my own money," he raged in the e-mail, according to the Mirror. Beckham had spent a year and a half kissing up the Queen of England and wooing the Honours Committee via social media, The UK Sun reported Monday. He used his Instagram account to help push his bid for knighthood, likening himself to Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn and pledging support for the Scottish referendum to please her, according to the paper. "His every public move was being orchestrated to appeal to the committee, but now the whole process has been exposed," an insider told The Sun. He's been "exposed" personally, too. In one, e-mail, he lashed out at singer Katherine Jenkins after she was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 2014. "Katherine Jenkins OBE for what? Singing at the rugby and going to see the troops plus taking coke," he wrote, according to The Sun. The hackers published the e-mails on the site Football Leaks, according to the paper. A rep for Beckham claimed the e-mails were hacked and doctored, according to The Sun. (US Weekly)

It was a shocking moment to many when the representative of Venezuela, Mariam Habach Santucci, did not make it into the semi-finalists of the Miss Universe 2016 competition. Returning to her native Venezuela, the 21-year-old made an appearance on a TV show and talked about her experience at the pageant. "The Trump era was perfect because the best girl won," Mariam told the show. "I think Miss Universe has changed and they're looking for women with stories, something different that would already be more like Miss World and not the Miss Universe that all Venezuelans are accustomed to seeing. I had many fans; I was very praised there [in the Philippines]. I think the greatest support was from the Filipinos and I thank them because when there was one more place [in the semifinalists group] everybody shouted 'Venezuela'." During the 65th edition of the Miss Universe pageant, the candidate representing France -- Iris Mittenaere, 24, was crowned the winner. "I am a very good loser, I am who I am and [I know] of what I am capable of doing. I have an extraordinary family that tells me that if it is not for me, it will not be... that something better will come," she said. (People)

Let's get physical! If you're still sticking to your New Year's resolutions, you're in luck. Stylish is taking a tour of Tory Burch's Manhattan showroom, where the designer is showing Us her Tory Sport spring 2017 collection, loved by Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba. See the latest edition of Us Weekly's Inside My Showroom in the video! Burch, who was named a CFDA designer of the year in 2008, reveals that she had a target goal while dreaming up her line of athleisure separates, a collection chock full of printed bottoms, sporty striped tops and roomy athletic handbags. "I challenged the team," the designer, who cites The Royal Tenenbaums and the 1970s as inspirations, says. "How do we make things extremely functional but marry function with fashion? "And it looks like she succeeded, as style stars Parker and Alba have worn pieces from the line outside of the gym. "I have to say -- when I go to the airport, I want to look chic," Burch notes. "And this is the easiest way to do it." (US Weekly)

Kim Zolciak's recent Snapchat activity is raising some eyebrows. The Don't Be Tardy star, 38, posted a photo of a questionnaire that her son Kash, 4, filled out, where he says he loves his dad, Kroy Biermann, because "he lets me hold his real gun." The piece of paper appeared to be a homework assignment and was filled in by an adult. Kash also answered that Biermann, 31, enjoys steak and Sprite, plays football and his favorite thing to do is to "ride his 4-wheeler." Zolciak clearly was proud of her son. "I [love] this!" she captioned the pic. Last year, Kash dressed up in a military outfit and carried a fake gun for Halloween. In a second photo, she shared a letter that Kash gave to the former NFL player. "Dear Dad, I love you. Thank you for making food for me. [Heart] Kash," it read. Zolciak and Biermann married in November 2011 and share six kids -- Brielle, 19, Ariana, 15, KJ, 5, Kash, 4, and 3-year-old twins Kane and Kaia. (Zolciak had Brielle and Ariana from previous relationships; Biermann would go on to adopt them.) The reality star is used to making headlines. On Sunday, she took to Snapchat to slam a woman who asked her children to be quiet during their Turks and Caicos vacation. "This lady on the beach came up to me and said, 'Could you keep you and your kids quiet? It's a very quiet, peaceful beach.' Bitch, what? They're 4 and 5," Zolciak said. "We've been nothing but respectful. I told her, 'Well, why are you always sitting next to me? Move your f--king chair to the other end of the beach.'" (US Weekly)

Kim Zolciak admits her 4-year-old son holds his father's gun but says haters need to swallow a chill pill because the piece isn't loaded. Kim's son, Kash, filled out a school questionnaire introducing his dad, former NFL star Kroy Biermann ... and one of his answers read, "I love him because he lets me hold his real gun." Kim caught serious heat after posting the questionnaire, but she tells us Kroy's Desert Eagle pistol is NEVER loaded when they let Kash hold it. She adds ... Kash "is not shooting it, and we have a huge safe that we put the gun in, and in there they are not loaded as well." (TMZ)

Bad news for Patriots running back James White -- he's NOT getting Tom Brady's Super Bowl MVP truck ... because the Super Bowl MVP didn't get one this year! Of course, Brady DID get an MVP truck after Super Bowl 49 which he gave to Malcolm Butler -- back when Chevy was the Super Bowl MVP sponsor. The QB told the media on Monday that he would give his Super Bowl 51 truck to James White -- who scored the winning TD -- but it turns out, there's no truck to give away. An NFL spokesman tells TMZ Sports, "[There is] no vehicle. We did not do it last year either." So, if Tom still wants to give White a truck -- he'll have to do it with his own money. (TMZ)

Jenni Rivera is getting dragged through the mud by a Univision TV series about her life, and it's all because her former manager's got loose lips ... according to a new lawsuit. Jenni Rivera Enterprises filed the suit against Univision over "Su Nombre Era Dolores, La Jenn Que Yo Conoci" (for gringos that's "Her Name Was Dolores, the Jenn That I Knew") -- which started airing last month. JRE says the show is based on a tell-all book written by Pete Salgado ... who was Jenni's "on and off manager" for many years. According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Salgado had signed a non-disclosure agreement with the late singer, and his collaboration with the weekly TV series' producers is a flagrant breach of that contract. JRE points out Univision promoted the series as a look at Jenni's life through Salgado's eyes. JRE adds the show is filled with defamatory scenes about Jenni and her 5 children ... although it doesn't specify any scenes. It's suing for at least $10 million in damages. We don't know how accurate it is, but we'll say this ... some of the show comes off like soft porn. (TMZ)


Pink Wants Everyone to Stop Comparing Her to Lady Gaga. Pink is putting the fire out before it even has a chance to ignite. The "Just Give Me a Reason" songstress took to Instagram Monday to speak out about the comparisons being made between her past performances and Lady Gaga's aerial performance during the Super Bowl halftime show. "For the record: Let's squash this before it even has a chance to be a thing..." Pink began. "Lady Gaga killed it yesterday. Her voice was powerful and beautiful, her outfits were on point, choreography stellar, her heart was in it and she sang about love and inclusiveness, all in front of millions and millions of people. Let's celebrate a woman who has the guts to jump off a roof and stand up there in the first place. Who cares if I flew first? Cause I didn't! Cirque and Peter Pan been in the air for years!" Pink captioned her statement with a few simple hashtags: "#womensupportingwomen #happymonday #letsnotgetdistracted" Despite any comparisons made by Pink or Roseanne Barr, Gaga couldn't have been happier with her performance. She was so thrilled, in fact, that a source told E! News exclusively that she burst into tears after leaving the stage. "She was so happy with her performance," the source said. "It was everything and more than what she expected. She is so emotional now and so pleased. She thanked everyone involved with this production. She is so kind and thankful to everyone working with her." (Eonline)

Katy Perry Set to Perform at the 2017 Grammy Awards. Surprise! Katy Perry is performing at the 2017 Grammy Awards. The Recording Academy took to Twitter with the major announcement on Monday night, and it's officially official, this might just be the most historic Grammys of all time. Perry echoed every music lover's excitement by retweeting the great news with a raised hand emoji. The "Roar" songstress joins an already star-studded roster of artists slated to take the stage, which includes Beyonce, Adele, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd and Carrie Underwood. Earlier, the masters behind music's biggest night also revealed country star Kelsea Ballerini and first-time nominee will perform this coming Sunday. As for Katy's own experience with the Grammys, she's got 13 nominations of her own, most recently in 2015 in the Best Pop Vocal Album category for Prism. Orlando Bloom's leading lady last electrified the Grammys stage in 2015 with an emotional performance dedicated to survivors of domestic violence. One year prior, Perry performed her mega smash hit "Dark Horse" alongside rapper Juicy J. She also wowed the crowd in 2012, and made her Grammys performance debut in 2011. As for this year's Grammys performers, Alicia Keys will collaborate with Maren Morris, Daft Punk and The Weeknd will join forces and best new artist nominee and rapper Anderson .Paak will perform at his very first Grammys alongside A Tribe Called Quest and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. John Legend, Metallica and Keith Urban join Perry as well. The Late Late Show's James Corden will host the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, broadcast live on CBS at 8 p.m. ET. (Eonline)

Demi Lovato, Lukas Graham and Cynthia Erivo Set to Perform at 2017 Grammy Awards. It will be a year of firsts at the 2017 Grammy Awards. Grammy nominees Kelsea Ballerini and Lukas Graham will take the award show stage for the first time in both of their careers to perform Sunday night. The Recording Academy also announced John Legend and Cynthia Erivo will perform during the ceremony's in memoriam segment. Current Grammy nominee Demi Lovato will join Andra Day, Tori Kelly and Little Big Town for a special collaborative performance honoring the Bee Gees on the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Fever. The Recording Academy also made a surprise announcement on Twitter Monday night, revealing Katy Perry would be performing. The "Roar" songstress joins an already star-studded roster of artists slated to take the stage, which includes Beyonce, Adele, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd and Carrie Underwood. Perry has 13 Grammy nominations to her name, including a 2015 Best Pop Vocal Album nom for Prism. The Late Late Show's James Corden will host the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, which will broadcast live on CBS at 8 p.m. ET. (Eonline)

Coachella music festival producers have had no contact with Beyonce since her pregnancy announcement, but they are NOT making alternate plans ... because pregnancy is a tricky issue. Sources connected with the festival tell TMZ, producers have not reached out to Bey and she has not said a word to them since telling the world last week she's having twins. One source intimately involved in organizing the festival tells us it's a slippery slope for them to start inquiring whether a pregnant woman can perform. They are aware her first pregnancy was high-risk and even required bed rest, but we're told they have no alternative plans ... it's full steam ahead. We're told producers have not reached out to other singers in case Beyonce won't show. They believe they will know soon, and it's better for her to make the first move than for them to jump the gun. It's unclear how far along Beyonce is in her pregnancy, but we may get a good idea at Sunday's Grammys, where she's expected to perform. (TMZ)

Snoop Dogg, Future, Flo Rida and other big artists were MIA from a Super Bowl party gig, and the promoter tried to blame ISIS -- but the real problem was $$$$. The Saturday night party in Houston, slugged "Super Bash," was also supposed to feature Nick Cannon and Floyd Mayweather -- but none of them were there. The promoter, whose ticket packages ran from $75 to $5,000 each, said the party was celeb-free due to a bomb threat a few blocks away. Sources connected to the venue tell us the promoter simply didn't come up with enough scratch to pay the celebs and vendors for the event. Other sources -- close to Snoop, Future and Flo Rida -- tell us they never inked a deal because they never got paid, so they never planned to attend. There really was a bomb threat, but we're told it played no part in the no-shows. Floyd did promote the party on social media, but bailed as well. His camp hasn't gotten back to us on whether he got paid. At least in this case ... ISIS is off the hook. (TMZ)

M.I.A. Tapped to Curate Border-Themed 2017 Meltdown Festival. M.I.A. has been tapped to curate the 24th Meltdown Festival at London's Southbank Centre. No lineup has been announced yet for the event, which will take place from June 9-18. The often controversial singer who has frequently taken on issues of inequality, women's rights and global politics -- and whose most recent album, AIM, featured a single, "Borders," about the European refugee crisis -- has promised a few surprises at this year's event. "For me this Meltdown will be about putting on a musical week that shows different types of music which have inspired each other to exist," the artist says in a statement on the Meltdown site. "Genres that support other genres, redefining the concept of a melting pot. Respect the history, don't live in it. I plan to bring together music's best forward thinkers who have contributed to all our lives. When music acts as inspiration, it's boundary-less." Southbank Centre artistic director Jude Kelly welcomed M.I.A.'s unpredictable nature. "It's not often that we encounter such an unbridled creative force, excelling in whichever field they try their hand," Kelly said. "M.I.A. has not just broken barriers as a musician, creating music that is embraced the world over, but she has made art her rallying cry-and has stayed true to her conviction, as an artist, woman and citizen of the world." M.I.A. follows a long tradition of boundary-pushing artists who've curated Meltdown in the past, including David Bowie, Morrissey, Yoko Ono, Massive Attack and Patti Smith. She landed the gig after being tapped to headline London's first AFROPUNK Festival last summer, but then dropped from the bill after controversial statements she made about the Black Lives Matter movement. "In a progressively polarized world, we are now appreciating those that don't fear standing out and those that defy moulds," said Bengi Unsal, Senior Contemporary Music Programmer at Southbank Centre. "M.I.A. is fearless in the way she pushes boundaries and makes music that is so refreshingly original that it effectively doesn't age. Her ever-evolving, yet readily identifiable musical style inspires people to dance, whilst giving a voice to the voiceless, from refugee camps in Africa through to London's streets. M.I.A. is a trend setter and social critic, but most importantly, an internationally loved and acclaimed musical star." (Billboard)

EP With Final David Bowie Recordings, 'No Plan,' Due on CD & Vinyl. An EP with David Bowie's final recordings, No Plan, will be available on CD and vinyl for the first time next month. A physical CD will drop on Feb. 24, with a special white vinyl edition arriving on April. 21. Columbia Records released the EP digitally in January, giving fans a chance to hear original songs the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend recorded during the sessions for his final album, last year's Blackstar. The EP features "Lazarus," which appeared on Blackstar, as well as the non-album tracks "No Plan," "Killing a Little Time" and "When I Met You." The non-album songs appeared in the 2015 on-stage musical, Lazarus, as well as the cast album. The vinyl format for the EP features a limited edition, made-to-order numbered die-cut package with white vinyl and exclusive artwork lithograph by collaborator Jonathan Barnbrook that will be available to pre-order for a limited time only. The vinyl will also feature a laser etching on side B. You can order the CD version here, the vinyl here and the white vinyl here. (Billboard)

Sting and Wayne Shorter Named Polar Music Prize Laureates for 2017. Both Music Legends Will Be Honored at a June Ceremony in Stockholm Sting, the internationally renowned singer-songwriter, and Wayne Shorter, the globally revered saxophonist and composer, have been named the 2017 Polar Music Prize Laureates. The announcement was made a few minutes ago at Stockholm City Hall by Alfons Karabuda, chairman of the Prize committee. Sting and Shorter will accept their prizes from His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden at a gala ceremony at the Stockholm Concert Hall on June 15. The Polar Music Prize was founded in 1989 by Stig "Stikkan" Anderson, the manager and music publisher of ABBA. A well-known lyricist, he also was the co-writer on many of their early hits. The prize was first presented in 1992. Sting was a charter member of the Police, the U.K. alternative rock band that first gained attention in the U.S. with the single "Roxanne" in 1979. They broke into the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 the following year with "Don't Stand So Close to Me" and "De Doo Doo Doo, De Da Da Da." In 1983, they topped the singles chart for eight weeks with "Every Breath You Take." In 1985, Sting kicked off his solo career with the album The Dream of the Blue Turtles. His latest release, 57th and 9th, last November became his 10th top 10 album on the Billboard 200 chart. After a five-year stint in Art Blakely's band, Miles Davis recruited Shorter to join his quintet. Shorter wrote many of the songs Davis recorded and also signed with Blue Note as a solo artist. From 1970 to 1985, Shorter was in a jazz group he co-founded, the critically acclaimed Weather Report. He has collaborated with a wide range of artists, including Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan and Carlos Santana. Shorter has been a frequent visitor to Sweden and tells Billboard he is looking forward to returning there in June for the prize ceremony. "I first traveled there in 1959 with Art Blakely's Jazz Messengers. My first impression was that it was like being in a storybook. We played concert halls in Stockholm and Gothenburg and then the tour continued in Norway, France and Germany." Sting and Shorter both said they are honored to be receiving the Polar Music Prize. "I still maintain a childlike curiosity about music, along with a sense that I constantly need to work at it," said the British musician. "So to be recognized in this way is truly meaningful. I am looking forward to coming to Sweden in June for this special evening." Wayne Shorter Shorter said, "I'm looking forward to accepting [the prize] in Sweden, a country that has produced some great musicians and composers who have inspired the world. It's another great adventure for me, during a life where I've always chosen the trail less traveled because it always takes you to more interesting discoveries." Marie Ledin, managing director of the Polar Music Prize, said, "In Sting and Wayne Shorter we have two Laureates whose music continues to move, enthrall and influence millions of music fans around the world. Both are true music legends and embody the spirit of the Polar Music Prize." Previous winners of the Polar Music Prize include Elton John, Ray Charles, Ravi Shankar, Ennio Morricone, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Renee Fleming, Floyd, Peter, Isaac Stern, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Gilberto Gil, Joni Mitchell, B.B. King, Emmylou Harris, Yo-Yo Ma, Patti Smith, Quincy Jones, McCartney, Burt, Dizzy Gillespie, Youssou N'Dour, Max Martin and Bruce Springsteen. (Billboard)

Dr. Luke Claims That Kesha Owes Him $1.3 Million in Royalties. The songwriter-producer claims she's fabricating controversy and that he hasn't interfered with her recording a new album. Kesha Rose Sebert claims in proposed counterclaims that Dr. Luke won't support her new album and wanted to ruin her financially as vengeance for rape allegations. On Monday, in a bid to have those counterclaims rejected, songwriter-producer Dr. Luke (Lukasz Gottwald) spilled more details of her contract and royalty structures and told a New York judge that it's actually Kesha who owes money. "Plaintiffs have paid Kesha her royalties for all relevant accounting periods, while Kesha baselessly refuses to pay Plaintiffs the much larger sums she owes them," states a memorandum filed by Dr. Luke's attorneys, Christine Lepera and Jeffrey Movit. "In December 2016 alone, Defendant received payments under her contracts with Plaintiffs in excess of $650,000. In sharp contrast, Defendant admits that she owes Plaintiff KMI over $1.3 million in ancillary royalties that she has failed to pay." Royalty rates rarely ever get addressed in court papers. If percentages are discussed, it's usually under seal or redacted. But evidently, Kesha's contention of a breached contract and how she and her mother "would be penniless" upon Dr. Luke's legal success has opened the door to accounting in open court. One of the exhibits lodged in court Monday is Kesha's amended agreement with Dr. Luke's Kasz Money. Thus comes word that Kesha has agreed to pay his company 10 percent of her net receipts from the exploitation of her name and likeness. In other words, Dr. Luke gets a cut every time she's featured on T-shirts or posters, or in video games. Additionally, Kesha pays the company the greater of 10 percent of her net tour receipts or 5 percent of adjusted gross tour receipts. Although Kesha hasn't put out a new album in years, she made an appearance at Coachella last year and performed elsewhere, so evidently, Dr. Luke feels entitled to a percentage. In court papers, Dr. Luke's attorney says that Kesha's motion to amend her counterclaims "is yet another example of Kesha and her counsel's attempt to litigate her dispute with Plaintiffs in the press. It was obviously designed to garner sympathetic headlines for Defendant, and further tarnish Plaintiffs, based upon false assertions and blatant mischaracterizations." It's not just money. "Defendant also would have this Court-and the press and public-believe that Gottwald has interfered with her recording process and has prevented her from recording new music," states the memorandum. "Nothing could be further from the truth. As Kesha's proposed counterclaim concedes, she is recording in the studio with producers of her choosing and preparation is underway for the release of her next album. Gottwald has not interfered in any way with her recording process; and there is no factual allegation (as opposed to bare conclusion) to the contrary in Kesha's proposed pleading. The fact that Gottwald never forfeited his rights as CEO of Kemosabe Records does not-and cannot-give rise to any new counterclaim." To Kesha's complaint that "not one song has been approved, no release date has been set," Dr. Luke's side argues there's no provision in the agreements imposing such determinations "while the album is still being created." Dr. Luke asserts that Kesha is attempting to make an "end run" around the judge's prior rulings to dismiss counterclaims and basing new claims "on fabricated events in an effort to create the 'appearance' of controversy where none exists." He also takes aim at Kesha's attempt to use California's unique "Seven Year Rule," a statute enacted decades ago when Hollywood studios were repeatedly extending the contractual term on actresses and actors. The judge is told that New York law applies and such a claim is barred. Last month, Dr. Luke made amendments to his own claims, asserting that Kesha and her reps are spreading defamatory statements in the media, encouraging the creation of "bogus Internet petitions" to pressure Sony, and falsely asserting that he raped another recording artist to another huge name in the industry. Unlike Dr. Luke, Kesha's attorneys Daniel Petrocelli, James Pearl and Leah Godesky wrote the judge on Monday that they wouldn't oppose the amended claims in Dr. Luke's suit provided they are allowed necessary discovery of relevant witnesses and documents. One of the contentions is that Kesha texted allegations to Lady Gaga. So in theory, this would mean an opportunity to put Lady Gaga under oath. (Hollywood Reporter)


First Look: See Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. For Alicia Vikander, the adventure is just beginning. For the first time, the actress was photographed on the South African set of the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. Vikander is bringing archaeologist Lara Croft to life, just as Angelina Jolie did in 2001's Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and 2003's Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. With her brunette hair tied into Lara's trademark braid, Vikander performed stunts on wires. Tomb Raider is easily her biggest role to date. The Tomb Raider video game franchise has sold over 45 million copies worldwide, and Jolie's Tomb Raider films earned $432 million worldwide. Directed by Roar Uthaug and produced by Graham King, the film's cast includes Walton Goggins as Father Mathias Vogel, Dominic West as Lord Richard Croft and Daniel Wu as Lu Ren. As a young girl in Sweden, Vikander admired the titular character. "I, with the rest of the world, was excited to see a female protagonist in a video game," she told Hitfix in July 2016. "I was a bit scared playing it when I was 12, 13. I had to go take little breaks." Last summer, Vikander also opened up to E! News' Maria Menounos about following in Jolie's famous footsteps. "That is a woman I would love to meet. She made an icon of that character, of course," the actress explained. "She's quite an incredible woman. I would love to meet her." Vikander's version will be different than Jolie's interpretation, however. "What we're doing is something quite different since they rebooted the game in 2013. It's a whole new take," the 28-year-old movie star told E! News. "We're doing a film of that game." MGM and Warner Bros. are producing the film after acquiring the rights from GK Films in 2011. Vikander's Tom Raider hits theaters on March 16, 2018. (Eonline)

Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan to Present at the 2017 Academy Awards. Hollywood's biggest night of the year just got even better! A new slew of celebrities were announced as presenters for the upcoming 2017 Academy Awards and we cannot wait to see Tinseltown's finest hit the red carpet in just a few short weeks. Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson and Hailee Steinfeld are set to take center stage at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood come February 26. But wait, there's more! Shirley MacLaine, Samuel L. Jackson, Gael Garcia Bernal and Kate McKinnon will also be on hand for the 89th Oscars telecast. The celebs join an already impressive roster of talent that's set to attend the upcoming ceremony, including: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brie Larson, Alicia Vikander and Mark Rylance will all be dressed to the nines and rubbing shoulders with this year's nominees (and winners!). Speaking of winners, there's already a household name who has earned a 2017 Oscar -- Jackie Chan! The acting legend -- who counts more than 200 films under his belt over the course of his more than 50-year career -- earned a Governor's Award in late 2016 for this year's show. Congratulations! And of course, who could forget, this year's award show is hosted by Jimmy Kimmel who will undoubtedly bring the laughs for the A-list crowd. It sure looks like this year's Academy Awards are going to be a night to remember! (Eonline)

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Won't Be Performing at the Oscars. We've got some sad news for you. Looks like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling will not be performing at the Oscars. Both "City of Stars" and "Audition" from La La Land are up for best original song. Fans have been hoping they'd sing them at the Oscars since they did so in the movie. No word yet if the songs will be performed at all. The two tunes -- both composed and written by Justin Hurwitz, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul -- are vying for the the coveted gold statuette against Lin-Manuel Miranda's "How Far I'll Go" from Moana, Troll's "Can't Stop the Feeling" by Justin Timberlake, Max Martin and Karl Johan Schuster and "The Empty Chair" by J. Ralph and Sting from Jim: The James Foley Story. The Oscars will be handed out during a live telecast on ABC on Feb. 26. La La Land is up for a whopping 14 nominations. Stone and Gosling revealed to E! News over the weekend at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival that they celebrated their Oscar noms with a FaceTime party. Gosling was in China promoting the film with their director Damien Chazelle. "It was very late and I got a loud knock on my door from Damien," the actor told me. "He was already half way into a bottle of champagne and somehow suddenly, he had 10 cell phones and he was FaceTiming with people." Stone joined the celebration with a call from Chazelle's girlfriend. "She said, 'We're going to bang on Ryan's door,' and she banged on the door and handed it to Ryan and Damien was in such a state that I don't think he even knew she called me," Stone said. "And then Marc Platt, our producer, was on the phone with Damien. It was a very 2017 way of celebrating." (Eonline)

David Hasselhoff Reveals the Important Baywatch Advice He Gave to Dwayne Johnson. There's only one Mitch Buchannon. Well, there was. Now there are going to be two -- but instead of being uptight about passing the baton to the new Baywatch crew, David Hasselhoff is instead sharing the infinite wisdom he acquired in 220 episodes of TV lifesaving in the original 1990s-era series. The star from the original Baywatch chatted with E! News at the 2017 DGA Awards over the weekend, revealing to us what he passed on to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson -- who is playing the more simply spelled Mitch Buchanan in the remake -- about getting the character right. The actors talked about the role while on set, where Hasselhoff -- who has an as-yet undefined cameo in the movie -- told the Rock that the secret was...wait for it... "Just to be cool." Considering the Hoff's iconic role...makes sense! "Be cool, have fun and save lives," Hasselhoff said simply. Although it was admittedly weird to see Johnson playing his old role in the movie, Hasselhoff said he loved working with the new cast and the reigning Sexiest Man Alive "was really kind." "You were the king of the block back in 1989 and now The Rock is," Hasselhoff reasoned. "It's better to have a picture with the king of the block." As far as what he'll be doing in the film, the O.G. lifeguard said producer Beau Flynn "couldn't have been more gracious, he let me do what I wanted to do, and we'll see what happens." The highly anticipated Baywatch, also starring Zac Efron as pretty-boy lifeguard Matt Brody (David Charvet in the TV classic) and Priyanka Chopra as the villainous Victoria Leeds, is in theaters May 26. (Eonline)

Octavia Spencer is up for her second Academy Award this year, but the star of "Hidden Figures" said Monday that she has even bigger plans. "The role I'm destined to play is to be one of the biggest producers in Hollywood," Spencer said at the 3rd annual Makers Conference, a women's empowerment event sponsored by Verizon. The actress shared her aspirations during a conversation with Gloria Steinem that kicked off the two-day conference at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Spencer received a supporting actress Oscar nod for playing Dorothy Vaughn, a black mathematician who worked at NASA, in the crowd-pleasing best picture nominee "Hidden Figures." The actress celebrated her nomination earlier Monday at the film academy's annual Oscar Nominees Luncheon. Spencer told the Makers crowd Monday night that she wants to continue to tell stories "that haven't really been told." "I want the movies that I produce to show a broader spectrum of people in the world," she said. Spencer said she is working on a project about the Jonestown Massacre for HBO and developing a story about pioneering entrepreneur Madam C.J. Walker. (Page Six)

Berlin: Matthew McConaughey Boards Stoner Comedy 'The Beach Bum' From 'Spring Breakers' Director. The Oscar winner will play a rebellious charmer in Harmony Korine's feature. Matthew McConaughey looks set to be returning to his comedic stoner roots, having been cast as the lead in The Beach Bum from Spring Breakers writer/director Harmony Korine. Le Grisbi Productions' John Lesher (Birdman), Anonymous Content's Steve Golin (Spotlight) and Iconoclast's Charles-Marie Anthonioz, Mourad Belkeddar and Nicolas Lhermitte will produce, with principal photography scheduled to begin in July. Rocket Science will handle international sales commencing at the EFM in Berlin, while CAA arranged financing for the film and will represent its North American distribution rights. The Beach Bum follows the misadventures of Moondog, a rebellious and lovable rogue who lives life large. "The Beach Bum will be a wild, audacious ride!" said Korine. "And I can't think of anyone better than Matthew McConaughey to play our hero Moondog, a rebellious charmer in this fast-paced, uplifting and irreverent comedy." Added Lesher: "In The Beach Bum, Harmony has crafted the perfect movie for our dark and serious time-a refreshingly original, irreverent, and hilarious stoner comedy that only he could create." Thorsten Schumacher, CEO and founder of the newly launched Rocket Science, commented: "Exhilarating and outrageous, Matthew McConaughey's Moondog character is pure charisma-a force of nature and an uncompromising maverick with a lust for life and everything it throws at him." Korine is represented by CAA. McConaughey is represented by CAA and Morris Yorn. (Hollywood Reporter)

Berlin: Alexander McQueen Documentary in Development. The fim is being launched by Embankment at the EFM. Jack O'Connell may be set to star as Alexander McQueen in Pathe's upcoming biopic, but the late British fashion designer is also getting the documentary treatment. McQueen, being launched worldwide at the EFM by Embankment Films, is being directed by Ian Bonhote, an award-winning director of advertising campaigns and music promos. He recently made his feature directorial debut, Alleycats, starring Eleanor Tomlinson and Sam Keeley. "I moved to London from Paris in the '90s much in part because of McQueen," said Bonhote. "His sense of style became synonymous with the city's raw energy and edginess, and I know of no other contemporary designer to ignite such an immediate visceral response from an audience it was so exhilarating!" Salon Pictures' Nick Taussig and Paul Van Carter (Churchill, My Name Is Lenny, Gascoigne) as well as Misfits' Andee Ryder (Alleycats) will produce. Misfits is co-producer. (Hollywood Reporter)

'Friday the 13th' Reboot Shut Down. The move occurs on the same day the studio undated the pic, which was to have opened Oct. 13. Paramount has put the machete back in the sheath. With just less than six weeks go to before the start of principal photography, Paramount had shut down the latest iteration of Friday the 13th, multiple sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. The move occurs on the same day the studio updated the pic, which was to have opened Oct. 13. Platinum Dunes, the production company behind the film, and Breck Eisner, who was to have directed the movie, received word earlier in the day, according to multiple sources. The film was in pre-production and, while not cast, heading toward a production start in mid-March. The exact reason for the move is unclear, although one factor could be the poor performance of the studio's horror movie, Rings. That pic, which like Friday the 13th was to have restarted a horror franchise, cost $25 million and bowed to $13 million over the weekend. Sources say that execs quickly began second-guessing Friday the 13th, believing it would have chased the same audience, although others point out that the project is on the opposite spectrum of the horror scale. A source close to Friday the 13th would only say that "the production was not ready to go at this date." The project is a reboot of the 1980 slasher movie that proved to be a low-cost, high-yield film series for Paramount, spawning 11 sequels as it told the continuing blood-soaked adventures of Jason Vorhees, the seemingly unstoppable hockey mask-wearing killer of mostly hormonally charged teens. (Hollywood Reporter)


Mariska Hargitay's Law & Order: SVU Costars Reveal What it Was Like Having Her as Director on 400th Episode. Cecil B. Hargitay is back. Law & Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay stepped behind the camera once again to direct an episode of the long-running NBC series -- but it wasn't just any episode -- Hargitay helmed the series' landmark 400th episode, "Motherly Love." "Mariska as a director is fantastic," SVU star Peter Scanavino told E! News. "Because she's first an actor and she can bring that sensibility to directing." In the episode, a teen boy uses a rifle to stop an assault on his mother. Because this is Law & Order: SVU, there are twists, like the fact that the teen knows his target. The guest cast includes Sarah Wynter, Aaron Sanders, Delaney Williams, Gage Polchlopek, Jason Bowen, Jenna Stern, Benton Greene, Daniel Cosgrove, Chantal Jean-Pierre, Olivia Sargent and Donald Dasg. It's a complicated case with a master behind the lens. Scanavino, Det. Carisi on the series, said he thinks Hargitay's episodes, there have been four other episodes besides "Motherly Love," are "kind of some of the more cinematic" that SVU has. "On that alone she's incredible." Kelli Giddish, who plays Det. Rollins on SVU, praised Hargitay's direction and said she was "great" behind the scenes, but continued on about Hargitay as a person. "She's hilarious and her heart is about the size of Texas," Giddish told us. "I can't say enough about her as a woman, as a colleague, and just like a good friend of mine." Law & Order: SVU's landmark 400th episode airs Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 9 p.m. on NBC. (Eonline)

Jane the Virgin Just Did the Unthinkable & Killed [Spoiler]. Are you stunned? Because we're stunned! Jane the Virgin is one of those shows known for lightness, happiness, positive attitudes, and sure, the occasional dangerous criminal, but it is not typically known for killing people we love...until Monday night. After he survived that gun shot on his wedding night, Michael (Brett Dier) had seemed to be out of the woods, but it turns out there were still complications from being shot, and Monday night his heart gave out. Just like the narrator has been hinting all season long, Michael is dead. And that's not even the only twist, because the episode also jumped the show three years into the future where Jane's son Mateo, now 4 1/2 years old, was getting ready to go to a wedding with his mom (Gina Rodriguez). This feels like something that would typically happen at the end of a season, or at least in a midseason finale, but it's just a regular old episode of Jane the Virgin. The show will be back next week, and according to Deadline, it now takes place three years in the future. "We jump three years into the future," show creator Jennie Urman told Deadline. "It's pretty exciting for the show -- every single character is in a new and unexpected place. The next episode almost feels like another pilot -- albeit with characters you already know and already feel attached to. But we do flashback to the period right after his death as well. Our show always begins with flashbacks, and the next three episodes flashback to what happened immediately after." So...who else is not OK? Were you expecting that? Are you shocked? Do you need a hug? Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on the CW. (Eonline)

Why Jane the Virgin Shocked Viewers With That Surprise Death. Jane the Virgin pulled a fast one on fans. The CW dramedy killed off somebody major -- and that wasn't the only twist. Read on at your own risk. In "Chapter Fifty-Four," Michael (Brett Dier) died from complications of his gunshot wound from his wedding night, yes the same gunshot everybody assumed he was out of the woods on. Talk about drama. And then Jane the Virgin jumped three years into the future. Phew. Tired from all those twists and tears yet? Jane the Virgin executive producer Jenni Urman addressed the tragic twist in a letter to fans. She started the note praising Dier's performance and explaining this had been in the works. "It was also a decision made very early on, when I thought about our story as a whole. And even in season one, I knew it would be a hard thing to actually do, which is why there was a line (which many of you noticed) about how Michael would never stop loving Jane. And the Narrator confirmed, 'For as long as Michael lived, until he drew his very last breath, he never did,'" she wrote. "Honestly, I put that line into the script at the last minute to hold our feet to the fire, to make sure we went through with it. Because even back then, the writers could all see the magic of Jane and Michael together. Not to mention Rogelio and Michael!" That line was also included to prepare viewers. "If the writers and actors loved Michael so much, then I knew it would be devastating for the fans," she said. "So then, the only surprise we had left, was when... " Urman said she intended Michael to die earlier, but Dier's performance kept the writers changing things up. "You'll recall, back in the pilot, Jane was on a path. Things were mapped out. And then she was accidentally artificially inseminated and everything changed. Well now, everything is changing again. How does our romance-loving hero move on, how does she get back the light and the hope... ?" Urman explained the three years later jump was so there could be flashbacks to fill in the gaps and show the emotional impact. "After talking to grief counselors, this felt like the right time to reenter Jane's journey. She'll always feel Michael's absence (and trust me, we will too), but it opens up our storytelling in new and exciting ways, while allowing for the light and bright Jane world that we love to write." Read Urman's letter in full on the show's site and see where Dier's Michael ranks in our gallery of upsetting TV deaths now. Sorry for bringing up all these painful TV departures. Jane the Virgin airs Mondays, 9 p.m. on The CW. (Eonline)

The Bachelor Bloodbath Has Begun: Half of the Women Just Went Home. Well, we guess Chris Harrison wasn't lying when he said things were about to change on The Bachelor. The host told us this week that these next two weeks would be huge for the season, and that Nick would be rattled by an unexpected date. What he did not tell us was that half of the remaining women would all be sent home by the end of Monday night's episode. He also did not tell us we were about to witness the saddest, angriest game of beach volleyball that has possibly ever been played. It's as if everyone suddenly realized this isn't just a vacation that alternates between bikinis and cocktail dresses, and it was time to either get serious or go home. We started with the aftermath of Taylor returning to the one on one, and Nick told her that he simply didn't feel that their relationship was where it needed to be, regardless of the lies she thought Corinne was telling him. The plain old truth was that he felt something with Corinne, and felt nothing with Taylor. It was obvious to us, and as angry as it made her, it was obvious to Taylor, too. She left, and was gone forever. Then, it was time to get to the rose ceremony. Nick canceled the cocktail party -- which all Bachelor fans will know is the most devastating thing that could possibly happen -- because he already knew what he had to do. Alexis, Josephine, and Jaimi (all women with bold, tag-friendly personalities) all left without roses, and we barely had time to mourn them before the rest of the women were whisked off to St. Thomas. As all destinations are on this show, St. Thomas is the perfect place to fall in love, but there was very little falling in love actually happening this week. Instead, it became the place where Bachelor dreams come to die. Kristina's one-on-one could have been the only date that didn't end in heartbreak Monday night, but even though she got the rose, our hearts still got broken. She told Nick all about her childhood, growing up in Russia with her mother, who one day kicked her out (when she was five or six!) for not following the rules of not eating for the whole day (by eating lipstick). She spent the next seven years in an orphanage until she was adopted by an American family at age 12. Nick was stunned. We were stunned, and we were glad to then hear Nick just keep asking her to tell him more, because we also wanted to hear more. We want a movie about Kristina. Up next, six of the remaining women went on a group date to a beach, where they donned bikinis and played volleyball, and they hated it. Things turned sour real fast, with Vanessa and Jasmine both losing their mind about having to literally compete for this guy. There were tears. There was depressed beach sitting. Nick worried that the volleyball game had only driven everyone further apart, and Jasmine worried about how she was the only one who had never had a one-on-one. She didn't shut up about her concerns in front of the women, and once she finally had his attention, all the did was ramble about how worried she was. And since he did not reciprocate her nervous feelings, he knew it was time to send her home, making her casualty number four of the night. Raven, meanwhile, got the group date rose, which was nice because Raven seems lovely. Then, it was time for another two-on-one for some inexplicable reason. Whitney and Danielle L. were sent to a beach to fight to the death for Nick's heart, even though we've barely seen them speak to each other, so pitting them against each other was sort of strange. First, Nick said goodbye to Whitney, simply because he felt more with Danielle L. But then, when he and Danielle were enjoying the traditional dinner after abandoning the other girl on the beach while they flew away in a helicopter, she said she was falling in love, and he sent her home too because he certainly did not feel the same way. Nick followed this up by showing up at the hotel room where the six remaining women were shocked by multiple suitcases being dragged away, instead of just one. (The traditional removal of the loser's suitcase is possibly the best part of two-on-ones, by the way.) He cried and said he was just not sure this was going to work out, and then he left. He went down in the elevator, and left the hotel. It's unclear if he was leaving the hotel to go to his own hotel, or if he was staying in that hotel and was leaving to clear his head. Either way, it was dramatic, and a solid end to a truly eventful episode.  (Eonline)

'Chicago P.D.' Books 'NYPD Blue' Alum for Recurring Role. Esai Morales will make his debut as the new chief in the three-show crossover airing March 1. Esai Morales is back on the beat. The NYPD Blue grad has booked a recurring role on Chicago P.D. and is set to kick off with the three-show crossover, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Morales will play Chief Lugo, a 30-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department who grew up and flourished in the "old style" policing methods of the department. Now, he's doing his best as a chief to steer the CPD toward the new style of policing. Morales will debut his role in the March 1 three-show crossover between Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and forthcoming third spinoff, Chicago Justice. Unlike previous multi-show crossovers between Dick Wolf's various dramas, all three episodes of the crossover will air back-to-back on the same night, from 8 to 11 p.m. He will then appear in future episodes of Chicago P.D. He is the latest new face to come to District 21, joining former Revenge star Nick Wechsler, who is currently recurring, and Quantico grad Li Jun Li, who had a multi-episode arc earlier this season. Recent departures include Jon Seda, who now stars on Justice, and Samuel Hunt. Additionally, Bradley Whitford is set to guest-star in the three-show crossover. Morales' many other credits include Criminal Minds, 24, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, Caprica, Magic City and the upcoming Netflix Jason Bateman-Laura Linney series Ozark. He is repped by APA, Link Entertainment and Espada PR. Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC. (Hollywood Reporter)

Rosie O'Donnell Wants to Play Steve Bannon on 'SNL'. After a Politico report claimed Trump was bothered by Sean Spicer being portrayed by a woman (Melissa McCarthy), Twitter users suggested O'Donnell for Bannon. If Saturday Night Live is looking for its Steve Bannon, Rosie O'Donnell wants them to know she's ready and willing. "Available -- if called I will serve," the actress tweeted, along with three exclamation points, in response to a fan who suggested the actress play the controversial chief strategist to President Donald Trump on the NBC sketch series. "Alec [Baldwin] has Trump. Melissa has Spice. I would need a few days to prepare. So if called -- I will be ready," she replied to another. Last weekend's SNL featured Melissa McCarthy as Trump press secretary Sean Spicer in a portrayal that has since gone viral. While holding a press conference, McCarthy spoofed Spicer, from his suit to his gum-chewing and reporter antagonizing, punishing "loser" journalists with thrusts from the podium. Spicer at first said McCarthy could "dial it back" a bit, but admitted the spoof was "cute" while speaking to Fox News on Sunday. A Monday night Politico report, however, claims Trump took issue with Spicer being portrayed by a woman. "Trump doesn't like his people to look weak," a source, identified as a top Trump donor, was quoted in the story. In light of the report, several fans took to Twitter to suggest longtime Trump rival O'Donnell continue the gender-swapping trend that allegedly irked Trump by having her play Bannon, who is currently portrayed on SNL only as the Grim Reaper by castmember Mikey Day. On Tuesday morning, the former View co-host continued to respond to Twitter followers about the idea. "After Melissa was so brilliant...just a funny idea," she tweeted. Trump has a long-standing feud with SNL and has taken to Twitter after many episodes to bash the series and Alec Baldwin's portrayal. The Politico report identified Trump's unusual silence on Twitter after the McCarthy sketch as a sign of the wary White House reaction to the bit. "Sources said the caricature of Spicer by McCarthy struck a nerve and was upsetting to the press secretary and to his allies, who immediately saw how damaging it could be in Trump world," the story read. Saturday's episode opened with an appearance from Day as Grim Reaper-Bannon, who fed Trump terrible advice from inside the Oval Office. Though Trump did not tweet directly about the episode, he appeared to respond to the skit's suggestion, as well as recent op-eds claiming Bannon is the one pulling the strings, when he took to Twitter to say that he is the one who calls the shots in his administration. "I call my own shots, largely based on an accumulation of data, and everyone knows it. Some FAKE NEWS media, in order to marginalize, lies!" he tweeted Monday. (Hollywood Reporter)

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