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Friday, February 17, 2017


Here's a list of things to look for when trying to find your soul mate, according Neil Clark Warren, author of "How To Tell If Someone Is Worth Pursuing In Two Dates Or Less."

  • Spiritual harmony -- This different from shared religious affiliation. It has to do with the larger context within which you perceive your life to be lived.
  • Verbal intimacy -- Make sure you are able to share your feelings at the level at which you both feel comfortable.
  • Energy level -- If you are an early morning riser and your mate likes to sleep until noon, you've got yourself a problem.
  • Ambition level -- Match up your career goals.
  • Expectations about roles -- Make it clear what you want and what you are willing to do or not do within the relationship. If you are a woman who plans to quit your job after marriage and your guy likes two-income living, get out now.
  • Interests -- If you like to work crossword puzzles every night and your date wants to socialize and dance till dawn, forget it.
  • Personal habits -- If you're messy, marry another messy person.

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