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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


(Women's Health) Experts think human life spans may max out at around 125 years. And inching toward that goal is at least partially under your control. Based on scientific research, Women's Health handy calculator helps you tally roughly haw many ears you could be tacking on or siphoning off with everyday behaviors:

Add 2.2 years by eating fish which is rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
Swimmers like salmon and sardines can cut the risk of heart disease the top killer of women in half. Get two 3.5 ounce servings each week.

Add 7.5 years-by noshing leafy greens and berries.
Both are big time sources of flavonoids, brain enhancing nutrients that help protect against cognitive decline. Every week, eat at least six 2 cup servings of greens and two 1 cup servings of berries.

Add 5 years by doubling down on D.
The sunshine vitamin reduces cell aging oxidative stress that's associated with autoimmune diseases. Get the recommended daily 600 IU by consuming D-rich eats like egg yolks and canned tuna or D-fortified milk and orange juice.

Add 1.5 years-by munching nuts
This staple of the Mediterranean diet can quell inflammation, which damages the body's immune system. Eating one ounce of any type each day is enough to lengthen telomeres gene protectors that keep us healthy according to The BMJresearch.

Add 5 years by pouring a glass
Light drinking five ounces of wine, 12 ounces of beer, or 1.5 ounces of liquor a day at most, sinks mortality risk by a whopping 25 percent, per Dutch researchers. They suspect a little alcohol might raise your "good" HDL cholesterol, which protects your heart.

Minus 4.6 years-by guzzling soda
Drinking a 220-ounce bottle daily ramps up cellular aging, report University of California at San Francisco researchers. Sugary sips increase damaging inflammation in your body; try unsweetened, flavored bubbly water instead.

Add 8 years by having satisfying sex
No need to count orgasms: As long as you're happy with the quality of sex, you'll live longer though researchers aren't sure why, says Michael Roizen, M.D., author of Age Proof.

Add 4.4 years by using your gym membership
Doing moderate or vigorous exercise cardio or body weight workouts like pushups and squats two to four hours per week can ward off cellular aging, according to research in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Add 3 years by clocking seven hours
Getting less sleep night ups your risk for high blood pressure and depression studies show. A surprising way to snag better sleep? Sit by a window more natural light during the day regulates your body clock and may blunt the sleep-disruptive effects of your smartphone's blue light.

Add 5 months by going to church
Churchgoers enjoy a lower risk for death from any cause than those who never attend; the social support you can also find it in, say, a book club may boost life-extending emotional resilience.

Add 1.8 years by walking a little
A mere 10 daily minutes of scurrying to the train or chasing your kids can net your nearly two extra years. One likely reason: It wards off chronic conditions like diabetes.

Add 4 to 7 years by donating your time
Whether it's a soup kitchen, animal shelter, or hospital, just 30 minutes of volunteering a week could lower your odds of death by 22 percent. The why: Altruistic feel good vibes improve overall wellbeing.

Minus 1.4 years-by bingeing on TV
The more sedentary your day like, when your butt is glued to your office chair, then the sofa, the higher your risk for serious health issues, including diabetes. Limit TV to less than two hours a day.

Add 6 years by tapping into your inner optimist
It's a trait that research shows centenarians all share. So name one thing you appreciate right now something big like your family or something small like gelato. Repeat regularly.

Add 8 years by identifying your "why"
Having a sense of purpose with your job, kids, whatever, has been linked to lower mortality risk, possibly because it helps you feel more in control of your life.

Minus 10 years by smoking
No surprise: cancer, heart disease, and stroke. If you quit before age 35, you'll snag nine of those years back, says research in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Add 10 years by getting a dog
Three health perks of a pooch: He keeps you moving, gives nonjudgmental love at all times lowering depression risk, and reduces blood pressure when you pet him. If pup ownership is not in your future, offer to dog sit your friend's best friend next time she leaves town.

Add 6 years-by flossing
Lower levels of heart disease have been found in people who floss regularly, though experts are still trying to understand why. Saw between your teeth once per day.

Add 7.5 years by hanging with friends
Having a posse ups the chances for a long life by 50 percent; socializing even in digital communities, keeps your cells from aging too fast. The magic number of close pals to spend time with e-mail and texts count, at least once a week? Six and it's hard to maintain emotional closeness with more than that.

Minus 10 years-by being a stress case
Sweating the big and small stuff can age you by a decade or more, per a study in the journal PNAS. Incorporate. 20 minutes of mindful meditation into your daily routine to ramp up mental fortitude.

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