17th Annual Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament

Friday, February 24, 2017


If you like to hug, you're a happy, sensuous, outgoing person who also likes being hugged.

Back slappers
You're a shy person who's trying to project the image of being outgoing.

Gentle tappers
You're a kind person who's trying to reach out for new friendships. You hate to intrude on people, but can't resist tapping someone on the hand or arm to show your interest.

Heavy rubbers
If you find yourself rubbing people's shoulders, arms and back often, you're a warm, generous, honest person. People think of you as a big teddy bear.

Hand holder
Someone who holds onto your hand is trying to tell you that you can trust them with your secrets.

If you know someone who doesn't like to touch people, they're not necessarily bad people. Often, non-touchers aren't unfeeling; they just show their appreciation in other ways, like by buying thoughtful gifts!

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