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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


When it comes to Facebook, we love posting photos (especially of children and kittens) and reading our friends' gossip. But there are certain things we really, really don't like about Facebook and topping that list is TMI. 36 percent of those polled by the Pew Research Center said they "strongly dislike" it when people share too much information about themselves. We don't need to hear the dirty details of your divorce or a gory description of your recent surgery. Here are the seven things we hate about Facebook:
  1. People sharing too much information about themselves: 36%
  2. Others posting information about you or pictures of you without first asking permission: 36%
  3. Other people seeing posts or comments you didn't mean for them to see: 27%
  4. Temptation or pressure to share too much information about yourself: 24%
  5. Pressure to post content that will be popular and get lots of comments/likes: 12%
  6. Pressure to comment on content posted by others in your network: 12%
  7. Seeing posts about social activities in which you were not invited or included: 5%

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