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Friday, February 17, 2017

My Thoughts On Fake News!

I am a long time loyal FOX NEWS viewer. FOX NEWS is on at my house everyday for at least 10 hours a day. My viewing has now dropped to 9 hours a day because I can no longer tolerate your so called “Fake News” Anchor Shepard Smith. What ever happened to “We Report You Decide?” I believe this man was hired to report “Live & Late Breaking News for your network. I want what’s going on in the world and not this Liberal Bomb Throwers opinion! NewsBeat Social is a place on Youtube where you can get the news without the political diatribe from so called news anchors like Shepard Smith. I suggest News Anchors from all the Networks watch the NewsBeat Social newscast on Youtube to re-educate themselves on how to deliver the news without their personal opinions injected into every story. If Shepard Smith wants an opinion show then Label It as such. I won’t be watching but it will give the MSNBC & CNN crowd a place to go for another hour. I guess my point is this! I'm tired of so called News Reporters giving me political commentary. Report the news, I'll make my own decisions. If I wanted political commentary I'll watch and listen to the people who are in the business to do that! If you're reporting the news just do it! Don't preach to me!  

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