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Monday, February 20, 2017

Other Stuff.....

Vanna White turned the big 6-0 last week. However, even though she's 60, she still turns letters.

Singer Elle King just revealed that she ate a bunch of pot muffins before the Grammys this year. I believe this explains the Grammy mystery of that partially eaten folding chair...

Taco Bell has announced plans to offer a $600 wedding service at its flagship restaurant in Las Vegas. The words, "Every girl's dream" never even crossed my mind...

The biggest storm to hit southern California in six years rolled through over the weekend. Or, if you prefer it in Jeopardy style: Where did Tim go on vacation over the weekend?

The game of Monopoly is getting rid of the thimble as one of the game pieces, to which I say, "Sew?"

At times, I do feel like the thimble in the Monopoly game of life.

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