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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Other Stuff....

From a friend on Facebook:
Checker at Grocery Store: "Ma'am I'll have to see some ID for that wine"
Me: "Tee hee"
Checker: "I know everyone over 60 loves that joke."
Me: "I bet they do... wait... what? Who's over 60? What just happened?"

In Germany, a woman has been arrested after beating and suffocating her cousin as part of an exorcism. Now THAT'S going to make Thanksgiving awkward...

NASA scientists want to make Pluto a planet again. Well, that's Goofy. No, wait. Different Disney dog... ..

A fight broke out in the arcade of a Chuck E. Cheese in Everett, Washington, Monday night... sending a mom and her daughter to the hospital. And the band played on...

54% of women take radio to work with them. I wonder if it's so they can use the car pool lane?

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