Monday, February 6, 2017

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I keep hearing about a possible bacon shortage. And they laughed at me years ago when I put in that underground bacon storage facility.

The Groundhog saw his shadow, so there's supposed to be six more weeks of winter. Seven weeks, if you believe the Electoral Forecast College.

Scientists have discovered a long-lost continent under the Indian Ocean. However, the most surprising part had to be the ruins of an ancient Starbucks.

In Ireland, residents in a small town are upset after repeatedly getting late-night phone calls from people dialing the wrong number when they're trying to reach a phone sex line called Babestation. The town is so small, they don't have caller-ID yet, thank God.

A 79-year-old British man claims he has slept with 2,084 women. This could establish a new record for a non-NBA player.

Astronaut Scott Kelly reportedly grew two inches while on the International Space Station for nearly a year. In a related story, Tom Cruise has asked, "Where do I sign up?"

I'm trying to figure out how to build a wall around Facebook.

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