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Thursday, February 16, 2017


Have you ever wondered about someone who gave you bad service, or even a lazy co-worker: "Why don't they go ahead and fire this idiot?" The lousy employee may not face the ax because he might have friends in high places, The relationship could be romantic, family or even golf or drinking buddies with a senior manager. Here are some more reasons:

  • The boss may be afraid of the bad worker because he or she may know something embarrassing about the boss or the company.
  • A company supervisor may think the fired employee might sue or stir up all sorts of trouble if they were to get the pink slip.
  • A lousy worker may still bring more value to the company than he costs.
  • Replacing someone with a hard to do task might make the hiring process for a new employee a nightmare and not worth the bother.
  • Supervisors could even believe the company might be even worse off if they were to find someone else for the job.
  • A bad employee may not actually be one - it could just seem to others they are slacking off while carrying out vital duties no one is aware of.
  • A poor worker may be doing exactly what you think they are - pulling the wool over everybody's eyes and getting away with doing little or no work while charming the boss into thinking the company couldn't get along without them.

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