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Monday, February 13, 2017


It's a... Monday the 13th!

Michael Jackson's eldest child, Prince, turns the big 2-0 today. Michael Jackson was the "King of Pop," so it only made sense for him to name his son, Prince. Of course, if Michael was the King, that would make his son Prince Prince, which seems redundant.

Robbie Williams of "Take That" turns 41... and that!

Kelly Hu turns 49 today. I believe she is best known for being the Hu on first and naked in "Scorpion King."

David Naughton turns 66 today. He was in "American Werewolf in London" and used to sing those old Dr. Pepper Commercials. I'd always get scared when that came on TV... and the Werewolf movie was unnerving, too.

Singer Peter Gabriel is 67 today. Sounds right to me, but that'll shock the monkey. He was with Genesis, in the beginning...

It's Jerry Springer's 73rd birthday. He plans a quiet night at home, someone will light the candles on his cake and then he'll break a chair over it.

Peter Tork turns the 75 today.
Hey, hey, we're the geezers!
"Eh? Eh? We're the Monkees.
People think he monkeys around... but he no longer can.
He was the Ringo of the Monkees... not playing the drums, just the least popular.
It's one thing to have your biggest claim to fame being a Monkee... but imagine how his dad's brother felt -- he was a Monkee's uncle!

Chuck Yeager turns 94 today. He was the first person to break the sound barrier, but fortunately for Chuck, it was still under warranty.

Get a Different Name Day -- "It ain't what they call you, it's what you answer to," said W.C. Fields." This day is for those, who are not happy with their current name which is given to them without their choosing.

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