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Friday, February 17, 2017


We're exactly a month away from St. Patrick's Day. And that rhymes!

Ed Sheeran is all of 26. Doesn't it seem like he's been around forever?

Socialite Paris Hilton celebrates birthday number 36 today. How do you celebrate when you already have everything? She plans a quiet day, just washing the car and eating someone's sandwich.

Jason Ritter -- yep, John Ritter's kid -- turns 37 today. He fought "Aliens" in the NBC series, "The Event." That would be space Aliens, not the Arizona kind.

Denise Richards turns 46 and has to fully admit that, at one time, she thought being married to Charlie Sheen was a good idea. Yes, in the rodeo of life, she managed to stay on Charlie Sheen long enough to be the champion. Of course, the prize wasn't so great.

Former basketball player Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls) turns 54 today. Him having a happy birthday is pretty much a slam dunk.

Rene Russo turns 63 and we pretty much don't care. Shoot, did I say that out loud... again?

Actor Hal Holbrook, who is still out there somewhere performing, turns 92 today.

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