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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Say, That is a "Happy" Meal!

If you think Burger King isn't a romantic enough destination for Valentine's Day date, think again - well that is if you live in Israel. For some reason, Burger King restaurants, only in Israel, had a special deal for adults going yesterday - but only after 6pm. Burger King Israel was selling "Adults Meal" that came with two Whoppers and two orders of fries, along with two beers and a special "adult toy!" The company wouldn't specifically say what the adult toys were through an ad posted on Facebook shows a satin mask, a scalp massager, and a feather duster. Just sayin'. (Adweek)

Racist Teens Sentenced to Book Reports
In Virginia, five teenagers have pleaded guilty to vandalizing the Ashburn Colored School, a historic black schoolhouse, by spray-painting it with swastikas and "white power" graffiti. The Loudon County Attorney's Office decided they'd administer a punishment more educational than punitive: The kids all have to write a series of book reports and go on field trips. The books must be those "chosen based on their literary significance and/or their subject matter content surrounding race, religion, and discrimination." Among those titles - from which each student will have to write one book report a month for the next year - Elie Wiesel's Holocaust memoir Night, The Color Purple by Alice Walker, and The Banality of Evil by Hannah Arendt. The teens, all white and all 16 or 17, will also be required to visit DC's Holocaust Museum and the Japanese-American internment camps exhibit at the Smithsonian's Museum of American History. They also have to write a paper on swastikas and white power messages and how these affect African-Americans. The attorney who came up with the idea said, "It occurred to me that the way these kids are going to learn about this stuff is if they read about it. If they digest the material just maybe "they will stand up for people who are being oppressed." (MPR News)

Playboy Brings Back the Nudity
Remember Playboy's big announcement a year ago - saying they were instituting a no-nudity policy for the pages of their famed magazine? Well, that didn't last long. The famous men's magazine had instituted its no nudes policy, starting with the March 2016 issue, in an effort to ramp up circulation and get more mainstream advertisers to buy in, but apparently, it didn't work. Cooper Hefner, founder Hugh Hefner's son, became chief creative officer last October, and he says said on Twitter Monday that it was "a mistake" to remove nudity entirely. It will be back as of the March/April 2017 issue, which is currently hitting newsstands. Hefner continued, "Nudity was never the problem because nudity isn't a problem. Today, we're taking our identity back and rediscovering who we are." However, he did admit that "the way in which the magazine portrayed nudity was dated." So, while you'll see breasts and buttocks on display in the new issue, there is no full-frontal nudity, which the magazine used to feature. (New York Post)

Austrian Police Arrest Hitler Look-a-like
Austrian police arrested an Adolf Hitler lookalike after he was seen wandering around the Nazi dictator's hometown of Braunau, sporting his infamous mustache, hairstyle and uniform. The man, who reportedly called himself "Harald Hitler", was arrested under a 1947 Austrian law which made it illegal to promote Nazi ideology. Authorities were alerted after photos emerged on social media of the guy posing outside Hitler's actual birth house, a large yellow corner house in the town's historic center. The suspect who offered no resistance during his arrest had moved to Braunau in mid-January. (The Local)

University Bookstore Worker Steals What We Assume Were 3 or 4 Textbooks
A University of Central Florida bookstore employee stole textbooks worth more than $20,000 and then sold the stolen goods to a competing bookstore. Jose Roberto Alonzo, 39, told police he first began stealing textbooks from UCF Barnes and Noble College in 2009. He said that on several occasions, he would hide a book inside his shirt and leave the store without paying, according to the arrest affidavit. The stolen books were sold to two different off-campus bookstores, College Book and Supply and Textbook Solutions Alonzo told police that he made $24,000 during a 14-month period. So, $24,000 worth of college textbooks - what's that like 3 or 4? (WKMG)

Disney Cuts Ties With YouTube Superstar
Felix Kjellberg (Kyell-berg) - better known as PewDiePie - may be YouTube's highest-paid star, but he's no longer on Disney's payroll. While the 27-year-old Swede made an estimated $15 million last year from YouTube, Disney terminated their relationship with PewDiePie over several videos with anti-Semitic content, including a Jan. 11 post in which two men hired by Kjellberg through a crowd-sourcing website hold up a sign reading "Death to All Jews." In other videos posted over the last few months, Kjellberg displays swastikas drawn by his fans and shows clips from Hitler speeches. PewDiePie, who rose to fame through video game commentary and has had his videos viewed more than 14 billion times - a YouTube record - was associated with Disney through the Maker Studios network, which Disney bought in 2014. He has denied being anti-Semitic, saying his jokes are being taken out of context. Specifically, he says in the video featuring the "Death to All Jews" banner, he was "trying to show how crazy the modern world is, specifically some of the services available online" and that people "would say anything" for money. (BBC)

What the What?
There won't be a new Taco Bell going up on Duke Street in Alexandria, Virginia after all. The proposed stand-alone Taco Bell drew ire from neighbors who were concerned about traffic, "late night riff raff" and, curiously, the lack of forks at another nearby Taco Bell. While some of the letters from citizens ranked high on the unintentional comedy scale, most of the opponents noted they thought the restaurant would create a dangerous traffic situation at an already busy intersection close to homes. A land use attorney representing Taco Bell said at the time the development would be built in accordance with traffic studies and safety protocols, and Alexandria city planners had recommended approval of the application.(WTOP)

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