Friday, February 10, 2017


Drivers sometimes flout the laws of the road, but they can't ignore the laws of the zodiac. A recent survey of 1,000 adults reveals that our astrological sign determines how we behave when we get behind the wheel.

  • Aries -- Rams are the most easily annoyed by the antics of other drivers.
  • Taurus -- The Bull is a laid-back driver, who is usually considerate and pleasant to others.
  • Gemini -- Twins are overly fond of their cars. Beware of finding yourself in a fender bender with this sign.
  • Cancer -- Crabs get hot under the collar if they spy a speed camera filming at an intersection.
  • Leo -- The Lion tends to roar at the slightest inconvenience or error caused by other motorists. Road rage, anyone?
  • Virgo -- Those born under the signs of the fastidious Virgins are totally grossed out by nose pickers.
  • Libra -- These folks make the best commuters because they have no problem dealing with heavy congestion on the roads.
  • Scorpio -- The Scorpion driver tends to have a lead foot, which leads to more than his share of tickets.
  • Sagittarius -- Archers have a need for speed, racing around totally oblivious to the posted limits.
  • Capricorn -- Goats constantly complain about the high cost of maintaining their vehicles.
  • Aquarius -- Slow and plodding, the Aquarian is the most cautions of drivers.
  • Pisces -- Fish aren't bothered by other speeding drivers, and they're also the most patient with others' foibles.

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