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Friday, March 31, 2017

UPDATE: Overnight lane restrictions planned next week on I-10 (Papago Freeway) in Phoenix

Work associated with the Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway will require overnight lane restrictions next week. Motorists traveling eastbound and westbound on Interstate 10 between 43rd and 83rd avenues should plan ahead and be prepared to merge when approaching the work zone. Drivers using I-10 in the West Valley should plan for additional construction activities and slower traffic in the work zone through fall of 2019.
Eastbound and westbound I-10 will be narrowed to three lanes between 43rd and 75th avenues nightly from 9 p.m., Tuesday, April 4, to 5 a.m., Thursday, April 6.
The eastbound I-10 left lane will be closed overnight between 51st and 43rd avenues from 9 p.m., Tuesday, April 4, to 5 a.m., Wednesday, April 5.

Drivers should proceed through the work zone with caution, slow down and watch for construction personnel and equipment.

ADOT works to inform the public about planned highway restrictions and closures, but it’s possible that unscheduled impacts might occur because of weather or other factors. For the most current information about highway conditions statewide, visit ADOT’s Traveler Information Site at, follow ADOT on Twitter (@ArizonaDOT) or call 511, except while driving. For more information, please contact the ADOT Project Information Line at 855.712.8530 or email

Pacific Newsbreak For March 30, 2017

SITREP-The Army is Now Hiring!

2017 Chief, National Guard Bureau Biathlon Championship

Empire Shield

Overnight lane restrictions planned next week on I-10 (Papago Freeway) in Phoenix

Work associated with the Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway will require overnight lane restrictions next week. Motorists traveling eastbound and westbound on Interstate 10 between 43rd and 83rd avenues should plan ahead and be prepared to merge when approaching the work zone. Drivers using I-10 in the West Valley should plan for additional construction activities and slower traffic in the work zone through fall of 2019.
Eastbound and westbound I-10 will be narrowed to three lanes between 43rd and 75th avenues nightly from 9 p.m., Monday, April 3, to 5 a.m., Thursday, April 6.
The eastbound I-10 left lane will be closed overnight between 51st and 43rd avenues from 9 p.m., Tuesday, April 4, to 5 a.m., Wednesday, April 5.

Drivers should proceed through the work zone with caution, slow down and watch for construction personnel and equipment.

ADOT works to inform the public about planned highway restrictions and closures, but it’s possible that unscheduled impacts might occur because of weather or other factors. For the most current information about highway conditions statewide, visit ADOT’s Traveler Information Site at, follow ADOT on Twitter (@ArizonaDOT) or call 511, except while driving. For more information, please contact the ADOT Project Information Line at 855.712.8530 or email

Expect road work for the next four weeks on Interstate 17 between New River and Sunset Point Alternating lane restrictions expected overnight in both directions

Crews have completed the initial paving on Interstate 17 between New River and Sunset Point as part of a $10.8 million pavement project that began last summer. However, crews will be on site over the next four weeks as they work on sign and guardrail installations, delineators and other miscellaneous work.

Work is scheduled to occur Sunday through Thursday nights from 6:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. Drivers should anticipate north and southbound lane restrictions during work hours.

The project is scheduled to be completed by summer 2017.

Drivers should proceed through the work zone with caution, slow down and watch for construction personnel and equipment.

For the most current information about highway conditions statewide, visit the ADOT Traveler Information site, follow ADOT on Twitter (@ArizonaDOT) or call 511, except while driving. For more information about this project, please call Tricia Lewis, senior community relations officer, 928.606.2420 or email

Overnight work on State Route 260 continues next week; crews will reduce roadway to one lane overnight

Drivers should allow extra travel time between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Overnight work will continue on SR 260 in Camp Verde near Interstate 17 as crews haul excess materials. SR 260 will be narrowed to one lane from Sunday, April 2 through Thursday, April 7 between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Drivers will need to allow additional travel time as they will be guided through the work zone by flagging crews.

The $62 million safety improvement project in Yavapai County will upgrade a nine-mile segment of SR 260 from a two-lane roadway to a four-lane, modern divided highway east of Cottonwood between Thousand Trails Road and the Interstate 17 junction in Camp Verde. The work is expected to take approximately 18 months to complete.

Drivers should proceed through the work zone with caution, slow down and watch for construction personnel and equipment.

ADOT works to inform the public about planned highway restrictions and closures, but it’s possible that unscheduled impacts might occur because of weather or other factors. For the most current information about highway conditions statewide, visit ADOT’s Traveler Information Site at, follow ADOT on Twitter (@ArizonaDOT) or call 511, except while driving.

For more information, please contact Tricia Lewis, senior community relations officer, 928-606-2420 or email The project website will provide relevant and timely project information at

Road closures for the State Route 86 (Ajo Way) improvements begin April 4

Sunset Boulevard, just south of State Route 86, will be closed around the clock beginning 5:30 a.m. Tuesday, April 4, through early May 2017. Drivers will use Kinney or Sheridan roads as alternate routes.

Beginning Friday, April 10, Tucson Estates Parkway is scheduled to close around the clock for approximately five weeks. Traffic on SR 86 will be detoured to Kinney Road and onto Bopp Road.

The turnoff to Old Ajo Way from SR 86, located near milepost 164, is closed for the construction of a new westbound alignment and will not reopen until the alignment is complete. No date is set for that reopening.

All work is part of the ongoing project to widen and improve a segment of SR 86 between Valencia and Kinney roads.

ADOT works to inform the public about planned highway restrictions and closures, but it’s possible that unscheduled impacts might occur because of weather or other factors. For the most current information about highway conditions statewide, visit ADOT’s Traveler Information Site at, follow ADOT on Twitter (@ArizonaDOT) or call 511, except while driving.

For more information about this project, please call Paki Rico, ADOT senior community relations officer, at 520.388.4233 or email or visit the website at

Weekend Travel Advisory March 31 - April 3, 2017

Drivers should be aware of the following restrictions this weekend:
All Interstate 10 ramps to and from Pecos Road closed from 9 p.m.Friday to 5 a.m. Monday

View the Weekend Travel Advisory map in PDF format or visit our site for a complete listing of restrictions for this weekend.

Be prepared for snow and ice on highways during winter, visit

GSA Auctions Furniture Update

03/31/2017 12:13 PM EDT


 One lot of 10 metal and wood picnic tables: tables were used in outdoor areas of the park and were exposed to elements of desert weather for years. All metal table frames are rusted, dented and scratched. Wood is warped, cracked and splintered. Tables will remain assembled for the removal process. Winning bidder must be able to load tables without park assistance. Tables included in this lot are marked with orange tape as shown in pictures. Selection of other tables will not be permitted. (1474EZ70650001) 1474EZ70650001

03/31/2017 12:12 PM EDT


 Lot of various styles of office chairs. Model: Steelcase. Some in fair condition and some can be salvaged. Usable (W81G6870730002) W81G6870730002

03/31/2017 12:02 PM EDT


 Lot of 23 chairs, Model: Steelcase; various styles with rollers. Some in fair condition and some can be salvaged. Usable (W81G6870730001) W81G6870730001

My Other Thoughts For Today..

Today is the day that Crayola will retire one of the colors in its 24-count box. The suspense is almost too much to bear.

The Oakland Raiders are going to take up residence in Las Vegas. Apparently, they were tired of touring.

The doping ban of tennis pro Maria Sharapova is ending after 15 months. As much as I didn't even notice she was gone, I'm going to notice her even less now that she's back.


Deputy Shot During Birthday Celebration...By the Police!

A 26th birthday celebration for Tennessee sheriff's deputy Daniel Hendrix ended in horror when he was shot dead by officers from a different police force after the night took a disturbing turn. Hendrix, a corrections officer for the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, reportedly became "agitated" and "enraged" while celebrating with two off-duty female Chattanooga police officers and threatened them with his personal firearm. After the female officers fled and called 911, Hendrix was shot dead by responding Chattanooga officers when he failed to obey orders to drop his weapon. The shooting happened around 1:30am at a Chattanooga home owned by one of the female officers. Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond offered condolences to Hendrix's family for what he called an "unfortunate incident." Hendrix joined the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office in 2013, but was charged and suspended after allegedly assaulting a female inmate in 2015 but was later cleared of all charges. (Times Free Press)

John McCain Stirs Up North Korea Even More

During a recent MSNBC interview, Sen. John McCain called Kim Jong Un a "crazy fat kid," and of course everyone in North Korea is taking it well and having a good laugh. NOT! Actually the country's Foreign Ministry put out a statement calling McCain's words a "grave provocation little short of declaration of war." The statement says Pyongyang "will take steps to counter" McCain's words, which hurt the country's "dignity." The statement went on to call McCain and fellow senator Ted Cruz (North Korea is mad at him because he wants to re-list the country as a state sponsor of terrorism) the equivalent of puppies who have "no fear of the tiger." It goes on to say: "The revolutionary forces of the DPRK with its nuclear force for as its pivot will ... [deal] a merciless sledge-hammer blow at those daring [to] hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership." McCain's response, on Twitter: "What, did they want me to call him a crazy skinny kid?" (MSNBC)

When Your Bust Goes Bust

Down in Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo is about as big a celebrity as you can be. The soccer star is not only known for his immense talents on the pitch, but also for his stunning good looks. But at an airport in his hometown of Medeira, renamed in his honor, a bronze bust of Ronaldo was unveiled and public opinion is nothing short of sheer horror. As BuzzFeed puts it: The bust, supposedly a likeness of Ronaldo, more closely resembles a "soul-stealing bronze demon." On Twitter people edited the bust into scenes from horror movies to pointing out its uncanny resemblance to Sloth from The Goonies. In all fairness, the bust is truly hideous and looks nothing like the soccer hero. (Telegraph)

The Truth Will Set You Free...and Sue You for $5 Million!

Maybe you remember the story of the Arizona yoga instructor who was arrested and charged with exposing herself to a bunch of underage boys at a bar mitzvah. Yeah, well she was found not guilty and is now suing her accusers for $5 million! Prosecutors charged Lindsey Radomski with flashing a group of boys between the ages of 11 and 15, letting them touch her breasts, then performing a sex act with one of them during a bar mitzvah in 2015. After a seven-week trial, the 35-year-old Radomski was found innocent of all charges. Now she's suing the parents hosting the bar mitzvah, alleging they failed to supervise the youths, who were drinking alcohol. She claims one of the boys drugged her and passed out in a bedroom after telling the host she wasn't feeling well. She says that's when the boys sexually assaulted her. Her attorney said, "Lindsey was the victim, but she was treated as a criminal." (KTVK)

Uber's Top Ten?

Uber's had plenty of bad press so far in 2017, so maybe they're trying to lighten the mood a bit by releasing an interesting list from the company's Lost and Found department. Basically - it's the strangest things left behind in an Uber. The list is huge but here are the top ten notable ones:
Engagement ring
A lobster
Nordic walking poles
Pool cue
Vacuum cleaner
Smoke machine
Bulletproof vest
Elf cut-out

Really? That's it? Something tells us Uber cleaned this list up! (Time)

Coffee Not Strong Enough For Ya?

Tired of wimpy cappuccinos and limp lattes? Now you can jump-start your day with the "world's strongest coffee." At least that's the claim of the not-so-subtly-named Black Insomnia, which contends it has scientific proof its brew packs multiple times the punch of a normal cup of Joe. The South African newcomer boasts it has achieved "dangerously high levels of caffeine" by harvesting only Robusta beans, rather than the tamer Arabica variety. As for taste, which seems beside the point, the brand promises "a nice walnut and almost sweet taste profile," with nary a trace of "a burnt and high acidic flavor." Strangely, the company announced its beans went on sale in the US via Amazon last Friday, but it's currently listed as unavailable. (Food & Wine)

What the What?

A teenager in China who suffered from headaches was horrified to discover they started because of a worm living inside his brain! The four-inch long parasite entered Wen Xiaoli's body as a larva when he accidentally cut his hand, and travelled up through his body to live in his head while it grew into an adult. It had been there for two years by the time doctors operated, opening up his skull so that they could pull out the worm which was still wriggling. Neurosurgeon Yang Zhiquan said, "It was alive; it was still moving inside the brain!" The operation was not easy and came with risks, Doctor Yang said: "That's why we had to pull it out slowly and carefully." Fortunately the teen is doing well and now recovering. (Metro)


  • Coffee is the most recognizable smell followed by Peanut Butter. 
  • A survey asked people what three things they could not live without. Number one was the Internet, followed by TV. At number three... cuddling! 
  • According to a survey in a woman's magazine, 7 out of 10 women won't date a guy who has gray hair. 
  • According to Men's Health, men will spend an average of one month of their life looking for missing socks. 
  • 4% of pet owners say they will only let their pets eat human food on holidays.


23% of people feel guilty if they don't do this on a daily basis. Make their beds.


  • The Windows 10 Creator's Update will be available beginning April 11th. 
  • "Supergirl"'s Melissa Benoist and her co-star Chris Wood are apparently an item. 
  • Another couple you may not be aware of: Sir Tom Jones and Priscilla Presley. 
  • North Carolina's Senate and House on Thursday approved a bill to retool a law banning transgender people from using restrooms in accordance with their gender identities. 
  • Ken Burns is working on a documentary about Muhammad Ali. 
  • Chris Kattan, who was voted off "Dancing With the Stars" this week, says he wishes the judges had known about his previous surgeries before they kicked him off. The judges kept referring to him being "stiff." Chris broke his neck and has had four surgeries over the past 20 years. 
  • Stephen Yeun (formerly of "The Walking Dead") and his wife have named their new son Jude Malcolm Yeun. 
  • You're going to start hearing about "The Classic" -- a 2-day concert event, with the first session in Dodger Stadium July 15 and 16, and then round 2 in New York's Citi Field on July 29 and 30. Headlining one night will be the Eagles... the other night, Fleetwood Mac. The rest of the groups filling up the bill: Steely Dan, the Doobie Brothers, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Journey. 
  • Amazon's Jeff Bezos is now the world's second-richest person. Bill Gates, of course, still holds the top spot. 
  • You won't be going to Burning Man again this year. 30,000 sold out in just 35 minutes. 
  • A memorial service for Chuck Berry will be held April 9 in St. Louis. 
  • Amazon is shutting down and other less-than-profitable sites they own. 
  • Consumer confidence levels are the highest in the past 16 years. 
  • In Spain, a wealthy 21-year-old Mexican man has been found not guilty of sexually assaulting a schoolgirl -- because he "did not enjoy it." 
  • A bill in Alabama would require all cellphones to come with an Internet porn filter that people would have to pay to remove. 
  • Ivanka Trump is taking coding classes with her 5-year-old daughter. 
  • An American Airlines pilot died in the air right before the jet landed Wednesday in Albuquerque. 
  • A billboard in Los Angeles for the Netflix show "Grace and Frankie" shows Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin each holding a vibrator. 
  • Clay Pell has filed for divorce from his wife of four years, figure skater Michelle Kwan. 
  • A 20-year-old woman in St. Louis has been banned from Tinder after making hundreds of dollars because her profile said "send me $5 and see what happens." 
  • Mindy Kaling says the 6th season of The Mindy Project will be her final one. 
  • This is "Final Four" weekend in Phoenix.


On this date in 1814, Napoleon lost Paris. If he had only waited two hundred years, he could have found out how easy a Paris could be.

The refrigerated railroad car was patented way back in 1868. Only problem was finding a refrigerator big enough to put it in.

In 1880, Wabash, Indiana, became the first town to be completely illuminated with electric light. Not surprising, they were also the first town in America to get an electric bill. And, of course, with that honor, they also had the distinction of being the first town in the U.S. to have a power outage.

On this date in 1889, French engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel officially opened the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the public. Most visitors that first day agreed -- it was an eye full. (an Eiffel?)

In 1918, Daylight Saving Time went into effect for the very first time.
99 years later, we still haven't figured out if it means it gets later lighter or darker sooner.
And you think we complain a lot about it now?
Well, not exactly at this time, but an hour later... or was it earlier?
Back then, the slogan was "Spring Ahead, wow, it's only Monday!"
I've always thought the time change should take place during the workday. Spring ahead an hour at 4pm on a Friday, and fall back on Monday morning, whenever I get in.

On this day in 1932, the Ford Motor Company publicly unveiled its new V-8 engine.
After enjoying a breakfast of tomato and vegetable juice.
Why they invented an engine that ran on vegetable juice, we'll never know.
The creator got the idea from a can of tomato juice.

In 1960, Massachusetts congressman Tip O'Neill called rock and roll "a type of sensuous music unfit for impressionable minds." Not that it was a bad thing.

In 1964, The Beatles owned this country. They had the top five songs on Billboard's Top 100 list and seven more songs on the list. (Those top five songs were: "Can't Buy Me Love," "Twist & Shout," "She Loves You," "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and "Please Please Me.")

On this date in 1980, gasoline hit the $1 a gallon mark for the very first time. Boy, those were good times. Back then, a guy would come out to your car and say "Filler up?" Now, they might as well be saying, "Stick 'em up!" It's a vicious cycle: when I think of the price of gas, I get gas.

Music Calendar...

In 1943 Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical "Oklahoma!" opens on Broadway.

In 1957 Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Obie Wheeler and Glen Douglas open a southern tour in Little Rock, AR.

In 1958 Chuck Berry's single "Johnny B. Goode" is released.

In 1962 "Don't Break The Heart That Loves You" by Connie Francis is #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart.

In 1967 Jimi Hendrix torches his guitar for the first time during a London performance.

In 1969 George Harrison and Patti Boyd are fined 250 pounds each for possession of cannabis resin in England.

In 1969 John Lennon's film "Rape" premieres on Australian TV.

In 1972 The Offical Beatles Fan Club shop closes into liquidation.

In 1972 America's self-titled debut album is #1 on the U.S. albums chart.

In 1973 Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" LP debuts on Billboard's albums chart. It would remain there for a record-setting 741 weeks.

In 1973 "Will It Go Round In Circles" by Billy preston enters the U.S. top 40 chart.

In 1975 "Chicago VIII" by Chicago is certified gold.

In 1977 Elvis Presley's concert in Baton Rouge, LA, is postponed during the intermission when he can't go onstage.

In 1978 Paul McCartney & Wings' album "London Town" is released.

In 1979 "Goodnight Tonight" by Paul McCartney & Wings enters the U.S. top 40 chart.

In 1982 The Doobie Brothers announce they will break up. They reunite again in 1987.

In 1982 Toto's single "Rosanna" is released.

In 1983 Eddy Grant's single "Electric Avenue" and the Who's "Greatest Hits" album are both released.

In 1984 "I'm Stepping Out" by John Lennon enters the U.S. top 40 chart.

In 1984 "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 3 weeks.

In 1986 O'Kelly Isley (Isley Brothers) dies of a heart attack at age 48.

In 1986 Alabama's "Greatest Hits" album is certified gold and platinum.

In 1989 After checking out Disneyland's "Captain EO," Chubby Checker leads 2000 passers-by in setting a world record for simultaneous twisting.

In 1989 The single "Patience" by Guns N' Roses is released.

In 1991 Whitney Houston gives a free concert to Operation Desert Storm troops and their families at Norfolk Naval Air Station in Virginia.

In 1992 Def Leppard's album "Adrenalize" is released.

In 1992 "O.P.P." by Naughty By Nature goes double platinum.

In 1993 "Star Dust" lyricist Mitchell Parish dies in New York at age 92.

In 1995 A former Led Zeppelin fan who calls the band's music "satanic" is arrested for allegedly trying to stab guitarist Jimmy Page backstage with a pocket knife at a Page-Plant concert in the Detroit area.

In 1995 Mexican-American singer Selena, 23, is shot to death in Corpus Christi, TX, by the founder of her fan club; Yolanda Saldivar was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

In 1998 "Good Times," a 1967 movie starring Sonny & Cher, is released on video. It contained an unreleased version of "I Got You Babe."

In 1998 Stone Temple Pilots' singer Scott Weiland releases his first solo album, "12 Bar Blues."

In 1998 "Do For Love" by Tupac Shakur is certified gold, while Billy Joel's album "Greatest Hits Volume III" goes gold and platinum.

In 1999 Sugar Ray's album "14:59" is certified platinum, Tori Amos' CD "Little Earthquakes" goes double platinum and Jewel's "Pieces Of You" album is certified platinum for the ninth time.

In 2000 In Nashville, Riders in the Sky present their 21st annual benefit concert to aid Hospital Hospitality House, a place for family members of critically ill patients and outpatients.

In 2000 Santana earns his second #1 single with "Maria, Maria."

Today In History...

In 1492 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain issues an edict expelling Jews from Spanish soil, except those willing to convert to Christianity.

In 1774 The British close the Boston port to commerce.

In 1814 Forces allied against Napoleon capture Paris.

In 1831 Quebec and Montreal are incorporated as cities.

In 1870 Thomas P. Mundy becomes the first black man to vote in the U.S. when he casts his ballot at a municipal election in Perth Amboy, NJ.

In 1880 Wabash, Indiana, is first town to be completely illuminated with electric light.

In 1889 French engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel officially opens the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the public.

In 1917 The U.S. takes possession of the Virgin Islands purchased from Denmark.

In 1918 The first U.S. daylight savings time goes into effect.

In 1922 During the Great Depression, Congress authorized the Civilian Conservation Corps.

In 1923 The first dance marathon is held in New York City with Alma Cummings setting a world record of 27 hours on her feet.

In 1925 Congress authorizes the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

In 1932 Ford Motor Company publicly unveils its V-8 engine.

In 1933 The first newspaper is published on pine pulp paper.

In 1945 The Tennessee Williams play "The Glass Menagerie" premieres on Broadway.

In 1949 Newfoundland becomes Canada's 10th province.

In 1953 The U.N. Security Council nominates Dag Hammarskjold of Sweden to become Secretary-General.

In 1966 USSR launches Luna 10, the first spacecraft to orbit the moon.

In 1968 President Lyndon B. Johnson announces he would not seek re-election.

In 1973 Muhammad Ali defeats Ken Norton in twelve rounds for the heavyweight title. Norton breaks Ali's jaw.

In 1976 The New Jersey Supreme Court rules that Karen Quinlan, in a coma for almost a year, could be disconnected from her respirator. Quinlan, who remained comatose, died in 1985.

In 1980 Jesse Owens, of 1936 Berlin Olympics fame, dies at age 66.

In 1983 Some 5,000 people die when a major earthquake strikes southern Colombia.

In 1984 300 French soldiers leave Beirut, marking the formal end of the 19-month multinational peacekeeping effort in Lebanon by France, Britain, the U.S. and Italy.

In 1986 167 people die when a Mexicana Airlines Boeing 727 crashes in a remote mountainous region of Mexico.

In 1987 The judge in the "Baby M" case in Hackensack, NJ, awards custody of the girl born under a surrogate-motherhood contract to her father, William Stern, instead of the surrogate, Mary Beth Whitehead.

In 1988 The novel "Beloved" by Toni Morrison is awarded the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, while the Charlotte Observer wins the prize for public service for its coverage of the Praise The Lord scandal.

In 1989 The FBI announces it would conduct a criminal investigation into the massive oil spill in Alaska's Prince William Sound.

In 1990 Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev warns the Baltic republic of Lithuania to annul its declaration of independence or face "grave consequences."

In 1991 The Warsaw Pact spends the last day of its existence as a military alliance.

In 1992 The U.N. Security Council votes to ban flights and arms sales to Libya, branding it a terrorist state for shielding six men accused of blowing up Pan Am Flight 103 and a French airliner.

In 1993 The U.N. Security Council increases international pressure on Bosnian Serbs, authorizing NATO warplanes to shoot down aircraft that violated the ban on flights over Bosnia.

In 1993 Actor Brandon Lee, 28, is killed during the filming of "The Crow" in Wilmington, NC, by a gun that fired part of a dummy bullet instead of a blank.

In 1994 The PLO and Israel agree to resume talks on Palestinian autonomy, more than a month after the Hebron mosque massacre.

In 1995 Baseball players agree to end their 232-day strike after a judge granted a preliminary injunction against club owners.

In 1995 President Clinton briefly visits Haiti, where he declared the U.S. mission to restore democracy there a "remarkable success."

In 1996 Russian President Boris Yeltsin announces a halt to combat operations in Chechnya, limited troop withdrawals and a willingness to hold indirect talks with the rebels' leader.

In 1997 Jury selection begins in Denver in the trial of accused Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

In 1997 The U.S. Supreme Court rules that the government can force cable television systems to carry local broadcast stations.

In 1998 The UN Security Council imposes an arms embargo on Yugoslavia.

In 1998 In a historic first, the Clinton administration releases the federal government's detailed financial statement.

In 1998 Former New York congresswoman Bella Abzug dies at age 77.

In 2001 Riot police attack Slobodan Milosevic's villa in an attempt to bring the former Yugoslav president to justice.

Born On This Day...

In 1499 Religious leader, Pope Pius IV (1559-65)

In 1519 King Henry II Of France (1547-59)

In 1596 French philosopher, Rene Descartes (father of modern philosophy)

In 1621 English poet, Andrew Marvell

In 1675 Religious leader, Pope Benedict XIV (1740-1758)

In 1732 Composer, Franz "Josef" Haydn (father of the symphony)

In 1809 English author, Edward FitzGerald

In 1809 Russian playwright/author, Nikolai Vasilevich Gogol (Dead Souls)

In 1811 German chemist, Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen

In 1854 Inventor, Sir Dugald Clerk (2-stroke motorcycle engine)

In 1878 Boxer, Jack Johnson (first black heavyweight champ, 1908)

In 1893 Russian engineer, Sergei Ilyushin (designed over 50 aircraft)

In 1895 Attorney/diplomat, John J. McCloy (headed World Bank)

In 1907 Actor, Eddie Quillan (Julia, Poco-Hell Town) [d: 7-19-90]

In 1908 Bandleader/jazz performer, "Red" Norvo [d: 4-6-99]

In 1914 Poet/writer/diplomat, Octavio Paz [d: 4-19-98]

In 1915 Radio/TV personality, Henry Morgan (I've Got A Secret) [d: 5-19-94]

In 1921 Country/blues singer, Lowell Fulson [d: 3-7-99]

In 1922 Actor, Richard Kiley (Man of La Mancha, Endless Love) [d: 3-5-99]

In 1922 Actor, Patrick McGee (A Clockwork Orange) [d: 8-15-82]

In 1924 Educator/author, Leo Buscaglia (Loving Each Other) [d: 6-12-98]

In 1927 Labor leader, Cesar Chavez (United Farm Workers) [d: 4-23-93]

In 1927 Actor, William Daniels, (St. Elsewhere, Boy Meets World, Knight Rider) (90)

In 1928 Country singer/guitarist, William "Lefty" Frizzell [d: 7-19-75]

In 1928 Hockey Hall-of-Famer, Gordie Howe (Detroit Redwings) [d: 6-10-16]

In 1929 Fashion designer, Liz Claiborne [d: 6-26-07]

In 1929 Actor, Lee Patterson (Surfside Six, Joe Riley-One Life to Live) [d: 2-14-07]

In 1932 Author, John Jakes (Time Gate) (85)

In 1933 Country singer, Anita Carter [d: 7-29-99]

In 1934 Actor, Richard Chamberlain (Dr. Kildare, Shogun, Thorn Birds) (83)

In 1934 Actress, Shirley Jones (Oklahoma!, Partridge Family) (83)

In 1934 Singer/songwriter, John D. Loudermilk (Road Hog) [d: 9-21-16]

In 1935 Trumpeter/composer, Herb Alpert (Tijuana Brass) (82)

In 1938 Actor, Nathaniel Taylor (Rollo-Sanford & Son) (79)

In 1943 Actor, Christopher Walken (Deer Hunter, Batman Returns) (74)

In 1944 Singer/bassist, Rod Allen (The Fortunes) [d: 1-10-08]

In 1944 Guitarist, Mick Ralphs (Bad Company) (73)

In 1945 Actor/comedian, Gabe Kaplan (Welcome Back Kotter) (72)

In 1946 Guitarist/keyboardist, Al Nichol (Turtles) (71)

In 1947 Singer/songwriter, Al Goodman (Ray Goodman & Brown) [d: 7-27-10]

In 1948 Actress, Rhea Perlman (Carla-Cheers) (69)

In 1947 Singer/drummer, Jon-Jon Poulos (The Buckinghams) [d: 3-26-80]

In 1948 45th U.S. Vice President, Albert Gore (1993-2001) (69)

In 1948 Actress, Rhea Perlman (Taxi, Cheers, Pearl) (69)

In 1950 Actor, Ed Marinaro (Hill St. Blues, Laverne & Shirley) (67)

In 1953 Keyboardist, Sean Hopper (Huey Lewis & the News) (64)

In 1954 Drummer, Tony Brock (The Babys) (63)

In 1955 Guitarist, Angus Young (AC/DC) (62)

In 1956 Auto racer, Kevin Cogan (61)

In 1957 Actress, Mary Cadorette (Vicky-Three's A Crowd) (60)

In 1957 Actor, Marc McClure (Jimmy Olsen-Superman movies) (60)

In 1957 Actor/singer, Ken Meeker (Rafe Garretson-One Life To Live) (60)

In 1958 Guitarist, Pat McGlynn (Bay City Rollers) (59)

In 1960 Actor, Thomas Haden Church (Lowell-Wings, Ned & Stacey) (57)

In 1960 Actress, Anne Howard (Nicole-Another World) (57)

In 1960 Actress, Michelle Nicastro (Sasha Schmidt-Santa Barbara) [d: 11-4-10]

In 1960 Football player, Mark Tuinei (Cowboys) [d: 5-6-99]

In 1961 U.S. runner, Ron Brown (Olympic-Gold-1984) (56)

In 1963 Actor, Paul Mercurio (Exit to Eden) (54)

In 1964 Guitarist, Erik Turner (Warrant) (53)

In 1965 Actor, William McNamara (The Liz Taylor Story, Copycat) (52)

In 1968 Singer, Mad Cobra (49)

In 1969 Basketball player, Steve Smith (The Dream Team II) (48)

In 1971 Actor, Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi-Star Wars, Moulin Rouge) (46)

In 1972 Comedian/actor, Andrew Bowen (Mad TV) (45)

In 1974 Actor, Evan Cohen (David-The Ropers, It's Not Easy) (43)

In 1974 Actress, Carol-Ann Plante (Sara-Harry & the Hendersons) (43)

In 1974 Actor, Giovonni Ribisi (Mod Squad, Saving Private Ryan) (43)

In 1976 Actor, Colin Farrell (The Recruit, Daredevil, S.W.A.T.) (41)

In 1976 Actor, Josh Saviano (Paul-The Wonder Years) (41)

In 1979 Reality star, Robyn Dixon (The Real Housewives of Potomac) (38)

In 1985 Actress, Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl) (32)

In 1986 Rapper, Jay Rock (Black Hippy) (31)

In 1988 Singer, Conrad Sewell ("Start Again") (29)

In 2001 Actor, Noah Urrea (The Identical, A Madea Christmas) (16)

In 2002 Singer, Lexi Walker (Elsa-Frozen) (15)


Whether you enjoy posting public love notes to your sweetie, sharing your photos from that incredible trip to Tuscany or going on a political rant, what you put on your Facebook page reveals a lot more about you than you ever imagined. All those photos and posts expose something about you that you might not like to have divulged: a hard and fast description of your personality. That's the conclusion of psychologists from Brunel University London, who collected data from 555 Facebooks users. What your Facebook posts reveal about you:

If you are an extrovert

You are outgoing and energetic and thrive on being with people. You are naturally friendly and talkative, so you probably think Facebook is the greatest invention of your lifetime. You enjoy posting about your active social life and fun vacations, as well as sharing lots of photos of your large circle of friends.

If you are neurotic

You are sensitive, nervous and anxious so your Facebook posts are cries for attention and support. In short, you are a Drama Queen or Drama King. You air your grievances in public--and as dramatically as possible. Because you are looking for validation from your friends, your posts tend to be emotional and deeply personal.

If you are open to experience

Because you are so open-minded, creative and curious you primarily use Facebook to vent about your political beliefs and share other intellectual subjects. Your Facebook page is a great way to tell others about topics you believe are important without mindless chit-chat.

If you are conscientious

You are organized, responsible, focused and hardworking, so when it comes to Facebook posts, you stick to "safe" topics. You enjoy posting updates about your children, family news and funny things from everyday life. Although you maintain a low-key presence on Facebook, you probably have more friends than other personality types.

If you have low self-esteem

You post status updates about your romantic partner because you may feel insecure in this relationship. Such posts boost your self-worth and refute others' impressions that your romantic relationship is in trouble. You're more likely to share details about your life on Facebook than you are in person, but because your status updates frequently express negative thoughts, you can be perceived as less likable.

If you are a narcissist

Naturally vain, you enjoy bragging about diets, exercise and other types of accomplishments. Such posts are motivated by a need for attention and validation from the Facebook community, and when these updates receive a lot of attention through "likes" and comments, it reinforces your inclination to boast. In your compulsive need to attract friends and gain validation, you post quite frequently.


Stanford University is the No. 1 dream college in the United States. Again. Five years ago, this prestigious California college snatched the top spot away from Harvard, and it's still hanging on to the crown, according to the 15th annual "College Hopes & Worries Survey" of 10,519 college applicants and parents that was conducted by the Princeton Review. (Of the respondents, 81 percent were college applicants, while 19 percent were parents of applicants.) Students and parents were asked this fill-in-the-blank question: "What 'dream college' do you wish you (your child) could attend if acceptance or cost weren't issues?" More than 500 colleges and universities were named. Students' top 10 dream colleges: 

  1. Stanford University 
  2. Harvard College 
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
  4. New York University 
  5. University of California, Los Angeles 
  6. Columbia University 
  7. Princeton University 
  8. University of California, Berkeley 
  9. University of Pennsylvania 
  10. Yale University 

Parents' top 10 dream colleges: 

  1. Stanford University 
  2. Princeton University 
  3. Harvard College 
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
  5. Duke University 
  6. University of Pennsylvania 
  7. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 
  8. New York University 
  9. Cornell University 
  10. University of Notre Dame 


(Netscape) He's such a jerk! She's such a (rhymes with) witch! Many of us endure the anguish and emotional wrath of an office enemy. And while mean-spirited name-calling may make you feel better -- even if it's only uttered in the privacy of your brain -- it's not useful. Although you can -- and in some cases absolutely must -- report such errant and harmful behavior to your boss or your company's human resources department, sometimes you may opt for revenge by doling out a bit of your own torment. has helpfully assembled five words that succinctly describe office enemies with specific advice for each one:

1. Bully

Bullies have graduated from the playground to the office. And every office seems to have one. A bully is blustering, quarrelsome and overbearing, and this behavior typically masks their insecurities and deficiencies. Pay attention. Identify which insecurities your office bully is hiding. Is he not as smart as others? Is he not as productive? Is he afraid of colleague competition? Figure it out and then discreetly and strategically push those buttons to make that insecurity or deficiency stand out.

2. Screw up

Originating in the 1950s, the word "screw up" means a habitual blunderer. If your boss assigns you to work with a screw up, it means one of two things: either the project isn't that important or your boss has it in for you, hoping you'll fail. It might be time to update your resume.

3. Gossip

Gossip is alive and well in all American offices. The most effective gossips are usually close to the seat of power because that is why they know so much. Do be careful of aligning yourself with the office gossip as it could backfire. But here's a fun idea! Purposefully plant misinformation with the gossip to combat him or her in a pseudo-cerebral mind game.

4. Deceitful

This office enemy is on a mission to mislead, dupe, trick or con you. She may say, "Oh, don't worry! The report you need will definitely be ready by close of business on Thursday." But she doesn't mean it. After all, she didn't say which Thursday it would be ready, right? Advice: Beware. Be cautious. Be wary. And don't trust 'em.

5. Backstabber

This is someone who pretends to be your friend or pretends to be on your side but then betrays or discredits you behind your back. This can have devastating repercussions at work, leaving you unemployed. If you sense someone at work is a backstabber, watch yourself.


90% of cell phone users ignore their incoming calls, and the calls that are most frequently ignored are the ones that come from loved ones -- not strangers or work colleagues, according to a study from Britain's University of Salford. The top 10 reasons for not answering a cell phone: 

  1. Did not hear the ring 
  2. Driving 
  3. Feeding a pet 
  4. Unable to speak 
  5. Busy in the bathroom 
  6. Can't find the cell phone 
  7. In a meeting 
  8. Didn't recognize the number 
  9. Not in the mood to answer 
  10. Others might overhear 

Study leader Dr. Ashley Weinberg, who is author of "Surviving the Workplace," says we ignore incoming calls that we sense will be long and involved and take more effort. But not answering a cell phone comes with a price. It breaks an unwritten psychological contract, since we're not living up to our family and friends' expectations, asserts Weinberg.

Using cell phones or text messaging in mid-conversation or during an appointment or meeting is one of the "Terrible 10 Rude Behaviors" issued by Johns Hopkins University. For what it's worth, many rude cell phone users at least are aware of their shortcomings. Cell phone users acknowledge that the devices encourage them to drive dangerously and behave rudely, but they also said the devices are increasingly hard for them to do without. Rounding out the Johns Hopkins list: 

  • Using cell phones or text messaging in mid-conversation 
  • Erratic/aggressive driving that endangers others 
  • Taking credit for someone else's work 
  • Treating service providers as inferiors 
  • Jokes or remarks that mock another's race/gender/age/sexual preference or religion. 
  • Children who behave aggressively or who bully others 
  • Littering (including trash, spitting, pet waste) 
  • Misuse of handicapped privileges 
  • Smoking in non-smoking places or smoking in front of non-smokers without asking 


The name you give your pet says a lot about you as an individual. Sometimes, the choice can be overwhelming since there really are hundreds of thousands of possible names from which to choose. The most popular name for a dog or cat is "Bella," according to Veterinary Pet Insurance, which analyzed the pets' names in its database of nearly a half-million insured animals. Other popular names include Bailey, Max, Lucy, Molly and Buddy, all of which are a far cry from what were once traditional names, such as Rover and Fluffy. Today, people are more likely to choose a human name for their pet, which reflects their place as a genuine part of the family.

Here are tips for choosing a name for a new pet:

1. Keep it simple and short.

Pick a name that your pet will easily recognize. For example, it may be easier to get your dog's attention with a name like "Bella" versus "Princess Dandelion III."

2. When you get a new pet, don't name it immediately.

Wait a few days. It might be a good idea to observe your new four-legged friend's behavior to find the name best suited for his personality. You may not want to name your new puppy "Bounce" if he doesn't bounce or a new kitten "Meow" if she's not very vocal.

3. Use breed heritage as an inspiration.

Consider a French name for your Poodle, something German for a German Shepherd Dog, Schnauzer or Dashshund or Scottish for your Terrier.

4. Make it appropriate.

Your pet is going to go through her life with her new name, and as a pet owner you'll be saying this name hundreds--if not thousands of times -- throughout her lifetime. Choose a name you'll feel comfortable using in public.


The ideal amount of sleep is at least six hours and no more than eight hours. The consequences of sleeping less or more than this can be dire -- especially for middle-aged adults. Regularly sleeping less than six hours or more than eight hours is linked to a decline in brain function, according to British researchers at the University College London Medical School. HealthDay News reports that the magnitude of this sleep-induced mental decline is equal to being four to seven years older than your real age. The study found: 

    Women who slept seven hours a night had the highest score on every cognitive measure, followed by women who had six hours of sleep.
    Men who slept six, seven or eight hours had similar cognitive function. 

    Men and women who slept less than six hours or more than eight hours had far lower cognitive scores than those who slept around seven hours.

    Many biological processes take place while we sleep. Researchers told HealthDay News, "Sleep provides the body with its daily need for physiological restitution and recovery. While seven hours a night appears to be optimal for the majority of human beings, many people can function perfectly well on regular sleep of less or more hours."


While cracking your knuckles is an unpleasant habit and may eventually injure your joints and weaken your fingers if you do it excessively, it will not cause arthritis. That's just a myth -- or something your mother told you to get you to stop doing it. There is a lot of homegrown medical advice most of us believe is true, but it's actually not. The top five medical myths you probably believe are true -- but they're not, according to the editors of Editors of Publications International:

1. Chocolate and friend foods cause acne.

When oil glands under the skin produce too much of a waxy oil called sebum, which the body uses to keep skin lubricated, pimples form. They're most likely caused by hormones, but stress and heredity also come into play.

2. Coffee will sober you up.

Once alcohol is in your system, no other liquid -- be it coffee, soda or water -- will sober you up. Only your liver can do that job.

3. Cold weather will give you a cold.

Viruses cause colds, not the weather. You catch a cold by inhaling airborne droplets after an infected person coughs or sneezes, shaking hands with someone who has a cold or touching a surface, such as a light switch, door handle or remote control, that harbors cold germs.

4. Too much sugar makes kids hyperactive.

Although you do want to restrict high-calorie sweets because they offer little nutrition, they won't make your child hyper. They will give a short-term energy boost, but that's not the same thing as hyperactivity.

5. Don't swallow gum because it takes seven years to digest.

Of the four ingredients in gum -- flavor, sweeteners, softeners and gum base -- the first three are digestible. But gum base is not, so it comes out the other end pretty much intact in about two to three days.


Wanna look younger? Act like it. Clear 30 minutes daily or two hours of your weekend, for "playtime." Meaning activities without fitness or health pay offs. "When you tap into the youthfulness of fun, it flows into all aspects of life including your skin," says Pedram. Here are some suggestions from Women's Health for your playtime:

Bust out Crayons

And an adult coloring book. The repetitive nature of filling in the lines deactivates your brain's worry center and slashes stress levels. Mearing around finger paint yields a similar effect.

Arrange a Play Date

Grab some buds and jump into a giant ball pit made for the 18 and older crowd, they are popping up all over, or set up a board game or kickball math. Taking turns and engaging with others can foster emotional bonds.

Silly Dance

No wonder millions are grooving to early-morning dance parties. Boogying helps negate a sedentary lifestyle's ill effects including obesity and diabetes and can tack years onto your life.

Play Hooky

In other words take a mental health day. Going all Ferris Bueller gives your brain some much needed rest and relaxation, allowing it to catch up on and process the new information you pump into it every day.

Lose Yourself in Harry Potter

Or the latest young adult craze, like Rainbow Rowell's Carry On. Reading fantasy novels can slash stress by distracting you from harsher realities. It can also evoke nostalgia which can counteract loneliness.

Blow some Bubbles

Chewing gum for about 20 minutes can curb anxiety and may lower cortisol levels. Chomping the stuff also aids slim-down efforts by sparking the brain's satiety center, which helps you feel full.


When you use the words "weekend," "voicemail," "driving," "okay" or a four-letter word that rhymes with "hit" in your work e-mails, chances are you're sending that message to your boss -- or even higher up the org chart. There are certain words and phrases we use in work e-mails that are actually reliable indicators of whether that correspondence is going to someone higher or lower in the corporate hierarchy, according to a study by Georgia Tech researchers. Led by Eric Gilbert, and after an exhaustive analysis, Gilbert was able to identify the top 100 words that reliably predicted whether e-mails traveled up or down the corporate ladder.

The top 5 upward predictors: 

the ability to
I took
are available
thought you would

Other words and phrases of note that are upward predictors include: Europe, a decision, tigers, please change, a discussion, the calendar, excellent, sounds good and February. The top 5 downward predictors: 

have you been
you gave
we are in
need in

Other words and phrases of note that are downward predictors include: Funny, I hope you, this week and, problem with, forgot to, can you help, let's talk and please send.


According to psychologist and color experts, the hues you come in contact with during the day from your red nail polish to the earthy tones at Starbucks have an impact on your state of mind. It has to do both with associations you from as a kid and with wavelengths, explains Dewey Sadka, founder of Dewey Color System at Each color shoots off a unique variation and may be processed differently in your brain. These colors are proven to work their magic as soon as you lay eyes on them: 

  • Red -- if you want to be focused during a big presentation try wearing red. This bold hue makes you pay more attention to details, according to a study by the University of British Columbia. Red has the longest wavelength in the color spectrum, people might need to look longer to process it, so all eyes are on you. 
  • Green -- if you want to chill the heck out. Most of us associate green with the ahh-inducing vibe of nature a University of Georgia study found that people think of trees and plants when they see it and end up feeling more relaxed as a result. 
  • Blue -- come up with a cool idea for your guy's Valentine's day present. Researchers at the University of British Columbia found that people who eye ball the color blue were better at using their imagination. Before you brainstorm, stare at the sky for a minute your creative juices will start flowing. 
  • Yellow -- start your day with a burst of energy. There's something about this color that makes you feel perkier. A recent study on spatial color found that people who hung out in a yellow room were more active and energetic than those in other rooms. 
  • Orange -- motivate yourself to work out more. Orange is having a fashion moment right now, and it also makes you feel more stimulated, according to a Pantone Color Institute study. 
  • Purple -- be carefree, laugh, and goof off. A University of Georgia study found that most people associate purple with children and giggling, so if you are feeling stressed, take a look at something purple. It will help you loosen up. 
  • Brown -- Feel really comfy on a crappy day. Whether it is the decor in a coffee shop or the coffee itself, brown rules java joints, making them the perfect place to kick back when it is yucky outside. Color association studies from Pantone Color Institute found that people feel cozy when they see brown. 
  • White -- Get over a breakup. The University of Georgia study found that the color white makes us feel hopeful about the future. Where do you miss your ex most? Probably snuggling in your bed, so changing your lines to white can have a major impact in turning over a new leaf in your love life. 
  • Black -- Be totally desired. You already know you feel sexy in a 'little black dress,' but the hue can also make you feel more empowered and sophisticated, according to color association studies conducted by the Pantone Color Institute. And the vibe is super seductive. 


Between 10 percent and 12 percent of the world population is left-handed, and scientists have no idea why! It could be genetic. It could due to damage in utero. It could be an edge for winning fistfights. And while there are no obvious differences between those who are right-handed and those who are left-handed, we do know that lefties tend to excel at visual and spatial tasks and seem to be overrepresented among geniuses, reports What makes southpaws special? Here are ten facts:

1. Just as humans favor one hand over the other, animals also favor one paw over another. But unlike humans, which paw is favored is split about 50-50.

2. Although there is likely a genetic component involved in handedness, environment is also important. For example, researchers have found that identical twins often have different dominant hands.

3. Studies have found that southpaws have higher rates of dyslexia, schizophrenia and autoimmune diseases, such as allergies and lupus.

4. Males are overrepresented among lefties, so some scientists theorize that exposure to testosterone in the womb may affect handedness.

5. Many geniuses and leaders are lefties. Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin were all southpaws, as well as eight U.S. presidents: James A. Garfield, Herbert Hoover, Harry S Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Fully 25 percent of the Apollo astronauts were left-handed.

6. Lefties tend to excel in fields that require excellent visual-spatial abilities, including architecture and graphic design, but are underrepresented in math and science.

7. Being left-handed can be an advantage in a fistfight when a surprise left hook can be a decided benefit. As many as 45 percent of expert fencers and tennis champions are lefties.

8. Lefties may have a more balanced view of their bodies. Right-handed people are more sensitive to their right side; for example, their right arm is typically stronger and larger. Left-handed people don't have a similar bias; for example, their arms are equally strong.

9. Mothers who are over 40 at the time of a child's birth are 128 percent more likely to have a left-handed baby than a woman in her 20s.

10. August 13 was Left-Handers Day, which celebrates left-handedness and raises awareness of the difficulties and frustrations lefties endure in a right-handed world.


Where Is Dave Franco's Wedding Ring? The Answer Is Surprisingly Simple. It's no longer a secret Dave Franco is a married man, but if you looked at his hand these days, something is still missing. While the LEGO Ninjago Movie star managed to keep his wedding to fellow actress Alison Brie under the radar until this month, one sign of his nuptials is still hidden -- but not intentionally. When E! News caught up with the actor at CinemaCon, Franco revealed why he wasn't sporting his wedding band. "It was too small," he dished to E!'s Marc Malkin. "My finger's fatter than I thought." "We're getting it redone," he assured Malkin. "Don't act like it's not going to come. It's coming eventually." Meanwhile, Malkin also managed to tease the actor for successfully evading questions about his mystery nuptials, reminding Franco that he said to ignore his brother James Franco's clues. "I said, 'Your brother James said it's going to happen early this year,'" Malkin reminded him of their conversation at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. "What did I say?" Franco quipped. "Don't believe anything he says," Malkin retorted. Instead, Brie's rep confirmed to E! News that nuptials had taken place after the fact, though no other details were released. Meanwhile, in a previous interview, Dave had hinted at eloping. While this wedding continues to be one of Hollywood's greatest mysteries, we do know that married life is treating the star well. "It's great," Dave told E! News. "Only positive things to say." Congratulations Mr. and Mrs.! (Eonline)

Romance Rewind: A Look Back at Miranda Lambert and Anderson East's Love a Year After Going Public at the ACMs. Mama's not suffering from a broken heart this year. It's been nearly a year since Miranda Lambert and Anderson East made their debut as a couple on the Academy of Country Music Awards red carpet, and with the 2017 ceremony coming this Sunday, April 2nd, it's only fitting we take a look back at how their love has evolved since then. First, let's rewind to when Miranda had a very public and surprising split from fellow country star Blake Shelton in July, 2015. At the time, they were considered country music royalty, right up there with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. And perhaps it was that same fame and excessive attention surrounding their relationship that led Miranda to make the conscious decision to keep her romance with singer Anderson East on the low for months. The Platinum singer was first rumored to be dating Anderson in December, 2015, just months after she and Blake announced their divorce. It wasn't until New Year's Day, 2016, when she took to Instagram to post a photo of her and her new beau together for the first time. In the shot, the two are squeezed together in a chair and all wrapped up in a cozy blanket. The picture was a clear sign that this wasn't just a regular friendship or an overnight romance - Miranda basically confirmed she was happy in love again. After her lovved up New Year's post, it was a slow burn for fans who wanted more pics of Miranda and Anderson together. She acknowledged their relationship in several posts throughout January by only tagging him in photos (including an adorable one in which she gushed over his new song), but none of the shots featured the two of them together. That is until February, when she crashed her boyfriend's concert to sing classic Mariah Carey tune "Always Be My Baby". Their romance really heated up in April, first with the big red carpet reveal at the ACMs, and then later that month, when the couple took their love to the stage again. This time around they joined forces at pal Chris Stapleton's concert in Los Angeles, where Anderson and Chris took the lead on the Temptations classic, "My Girl", while Miranda and Chris' wife Morgane sang backup vocals. Since then, Miranda and Anderson have posed on a few more red carpets arm-in-arm and posted sweet Instagram photos about each other, but their public displays of affection seem to be far less public than when she was with her ex-husband. In fact, Miranda previously told Entertainment Weekly that she doesn't want to put her entire life on social media on display for everyone to see. She admitted she prefers to keep her relationships - whether platonic or not - out of the public eye, and especially wouldn't want to know the same intimate details of people she looks up to. "I really believe in leaving some mystery," she confessed. "I don't need to know what everybody's doing all the time - especially with heroes of mine." Enjoy these few and far between snaps while you can, shippers. Now, a little after a year of dating, E! News has learned that Miranda and Anderson are stronger than ever - to the extent that they've even discussed tying the knot and starting a family together. "Miranda and Anderson are doing good. They try to keep their relationship private and out of the public's way. They are definitely gonna get married," the source told E! News exclusively. "They have discussed marriage and kids that they both want in the near future. She has learned many things about what she wants and needs after her breakup and Anderson fulfills it all." With the ACMs on Sunday, we wouldn't be surprised if we see these two more in love than ever, especially given it's the anniversary of their first big outing. Miranda may be up for five awards (and could win her eighth consecutive title of Female Vocalist of the Year), but no matter what happens or how many trophies she goes home with, it's clear she's already won. (Eonline)

Vanna White Reveals Playboy Regrets and Wheel of Fortune Dress Secrets. Vanna White is baring nearly all again. For nearly 35 years, she has donned thousands of dresses while spinning and pointing at letters on Wheel of Fortune. But at one point in her career as hostess, she thought for sure photos showing her with a very different look would cost her her job. In a candid interview with Fox News that was posted Wednesday, the now 60-year-old star recalled feeling embarrassed about appearing on a 1987 cover of Playboy, which shows her posing with part of her butt exposed, as well as in an accompanying lingerie pictorial for the nude magazine. "Here's the thing. When I first moved to Hollywood, I was too embarrassed to ask my dad for rent money," she said. "I was young and I wanted to do it on my own. So, I did these lingerie shots and from the moment I said I would do them, I thought, 'I shouldn't be doing this, but I'm not going to ask my dad for money, so I'm just going to do it!' Once I got Wheel of Fortune and some fame, Hugh Hefner then bought those pictures. He's the one who put me on the cover of the magazine." "I didn't do it for Playboy," she said. "I did not want them on there, but it happened. I was very thankful that I had such support behind me. I remember going on [The Tonight Show With] Johnny Carson and saying, 'I'm so sorry, this is what happened.' And this is a lesson that applies today: Never do anything that you don't want to do. Listen to your instincts and follow it. I said, 'I made a mistake, I'm sorry and I just hope I don't lose my job over it.' Fortunately, I didn't. I could have, you know? It was a great lesson to learn, but what can I say? I did something I shouldn't have done." White has talked about her Playboy regrets before. "[Hugh] was my friend and he said, 'Vanna, we are going to put you on the cover.' I said, 'Hef, if you put me on the cover, my career could be ruined,' and they did it anyway," White said on The Wendy Williams Show in 2016. "I don't talk to him, no. I feel bad, it was a long time ago, but that really hurt my feelings and thanks to everyone out there who was on my side. They didn't fire me and everybody was very supportive and it was a great lesson. Don't ever do anything that you think is wrong, listen to that little voice inside of you 'cause I wish I wouldn't have done it, and I did it, so remember that." White joined Wheel of Fortune alongside host and "work husband" Pat Sajak in 1982. Since then, she's worn more than 6,500 dresses on the game show. "Never the same one twice," White told Fox News. "Nor do I get to keep them. They have to go back to the designer, but I certainly enjoy wearing them." "I've gone through all the big styles, [including] the big shoulder pads," she said. "You name it, I've done it. My favorite dresses happen to be the comfortable ones. A lot of them are so skintight and don't budge. I feel like I'm wearing a corset and I'm walking for 30 minutes in five inch heels. It looks great, but it can be uncomfortable. I still do it, it's part of my job. But if I had the choice, I would prefer stretchy gowns. And I honestly love the cocktail length." White had told Williams she has fittings every two weeks and films 12 shows over two days per week when the show is in production, totaling about 34 filming days a year. White told Fox News she enjoys her job very much. "I don't want to retire," she said. "I hope to continue doing it for as long as I can." (Eonline)

Mischa Barton Talks "Revenge Porn" Drama and Recent Hospitalization. Mischa Barton isn't having a very good year. In late January, the 31-year-old actress was hospitalized at L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Hospital Jan. 26 after a neighbor called 911 to report she was behaving erratically. "I think it was complete hallucination," Barton says on Dr. Phil, airing Sept. 3. "I have no idea what I was talking about." Barton, in her first sit-down interview since the incident, said she experienced auditory and visual hallucinations. "Before I blacked out and don't remember anything, it was more auditory and visual -- but more visual, like specks of light and stuff like that," she tells Dr. Phil McGraw. "There's also blackout parts earlier in the night, and then I'll remember my friend saying, 'Please lay down and then it'll be gone again.' And the whole thing outside is just blackouts." After her hospitalization ended -- and video footage of her blackout surfaced online -- Barton released a statement to People. "I voluntarily went to get professional help, and I was informed by their staff that I had been given GHB," the former star of The O.C. said, referring to the depressant commonly referred to as the "date rape" drug. "After an overnight stay, I am home and doing well...This is a lesson to all young women out there, be aware of your surroundings." Barton later moved out of the apartment where the incident occurred. The actress kept a low profile for a month, but in mid-March, Barton made headlines for yet another reason. During a press conference with her lawyer Lisa Bloom, Barton announced she is taking legal action to block the sale and release of an intimate video she claims was secretly recorded by an ex-boyfriend. As she tells McGraw, it feels like "complete emotional blackmail." "I couldn't believe it because I had loved this person and I didn't think it was possible," the actress explains, calling it a "sinister" thing to do. "There's no way that it wasn't premeditated." Two weeks ago, E! News confirmed the case is under review with the L.A.P.D. Barton also obtained an emergency restraining order against two ex-boyfriends, whom she has not named publicly, over the "revenge porn." Speaking to reporters, Barton said, "I've been through an incredibly hard and trying time. This is a painful situation and my absolute worst fear was realized when I learned that someone I thought I love and trusted was filming my most intimate and private moments without my consent, with hidden cameras. And then I learned something even worse -- that someone is trying to sell these videos and make them public." "I came forward to fight this not only for myself, but for all the women out there. I want to protect them from the pain and humiliation that I have had to go through. No woman should have to go through this and I am beyond grateful to Lisa Bloom, the Bloom Firm and to all of my friends who have helped me through this horrific experience," Barton said while reading a prepared statement. "It's a very hard thing to do but I'm glad I'm finally standing up for myself." Barton's Dr. Phil episode airs Monday, Apr. 3 (check local listings). (Eonline)

How Jennifer Hudson Has Maintained Her Weight Loss for 7 Years (Hint: It Has Nothing to Do With Exercise). Jennifer Hudson dropped jaws when she revealed her 80-pound weight loss in 2010, and she only continues to do so every time she steps out. The singer and The Voice U.K. judge has maintained her slim figure over the years, crediting Weight Watchers for helping her get there. But how has she kept it off all this time? Many of you might be excited to hear that exercise has almost nothing to do with it. Rather, it's all about what she puts in her body. Hudson sat down for an interview with ITV's Lorraine and revealed her secret for keeping up her healthy bod. "I don't really have time to do much [exercising]," she explained. "So I just watch what I eat." She continued, "I'm very careful and cautious of what I'm eating. I just try to place those meals throughout the day -- like, 'OK, eat here, don't eat there.' If it's early in the morning, 'OK, I would still be asleep right now, So I'm not going to eat.'" Other than maintaining her healthy lifestyle, Hudson has been busy filming her upcoming Netflix movie Sandy Wexler and judging The Voice U.K. all the while raising her 7-year-old son, David Daniel Otunga Jr. In fact, as she continues her time on the judging panel for the show, she's found a "home" in Britain. "I do miss the States a little bit, but I've made a good little home here," she said. "And my son likes it here as well, so that's the plus!" Speaking of homes, she also dished about the award "trap wall" she built in her Chicago home where she keeps her Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes (and the list goes on and on). "I have an award wall in my home, and it sits in the center," she described. "And then that award wall opens and goes into my futuristic office. But all the awards sit up on that trap wall... I had it built." Not too shabby, J.Hud! (Eonline)

Ben Affleck Surprises CinemaCon With First Official Appearance Since Rehab Admission. Ben Affleck is back on the red carpet. Two weeks after the A-lister revealed he recently sought professional treatment for alcohol addiction, Affleck made a surprise appearance at CinemaCon on Wednesday evening in Las Vegas. The event marks the actor's first official event since going public with his health struggles, and he appeared in good spirits while joining the cast of Justice League. The father of three posed for photos at the Warner Bros. presentation with co-stars Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher and Henry Cavill. Ben looked sharp in a navy blue suit with a green accent tie. As for the actor's personal life, it seems as if he's getting back into the swing of things at home. Ben recently treated his 5-year-old son Sam to a magical day at Disneyland, where as a source revealed to E! News, the pair "had a special VIP Disneyland chaperone who helped them get to the front of the line." A separate insider shared that Ben's sobriety remains a main priority in his life, explaining, "He's moving in a healthy, balanced direction." The source described Affleck's emotional Facebook post in which he addressed completing a stay in rehab as a "step, but it's a progressive process. He's in a good place." Great to see you back, Batman! (Eonline)

Maksim Chmerkovskiy Undergoes Surgery Following Dancing With the Stars Calf Injury. Maksim Chmerkovskiy is quick stepping his way into the hospital. Following a calf injury sustained during rehearsal for Dancing With the Stars, the ballroom pro snapped a photo of himself in a hospital gown and bed on Tuesday. "Gettin' un-broken..." he captioned the photo along with a shoutout to Seeds Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, an office out of Ohio that also treated the dancer's fiancee Peta Murgatroyd before Season 21. While her ankle injury ultimately prevented her from competing alongside famous partner Andy Grammer, both stars are hopeful Chmerkovskiy will be back to center stage soon. "Please rest assured that I'm taking this thing very seriously and, although I don't have a concrete return date, I'll give it my all!" the star wrote on Instagram to his devoted and concerned fans. "I promise to work harder than ever and get my ass back to the ballroom as soon as humanly possible!" In the meantime, his celebrity partner, Glee alum Heather Morris, has been competing alongside pro Alan Bersten. During Week 2, they scored 30 out of 40 for their jive and were voted safe for this upcoming week, when they will be partnered together again for a tango. While Chmerkovskiy is bummed to have to sit out for now, the dancer tipped his hat to his colleague. "HUGE (but not that huge) Thank You to @alanbersten for stepping in at the last second and doing a great job!" Chmerkovskiy wrote on social media. Now, as the dancer continues his recovery, he has a few cheerleaders at home, including his infant son, Shai. "Wishing Daddy a speedy recovery from La La Land," his mom wrote on Instagram with a photo of the tot. "We love you and can't wait to get you back Kisses from Shai XO." (Eonline)

Val Kilmer Jokes He's a "Pervert" After Cate Blanchett Twitter Spree. Val Kilmer learned Twitter could be a brutal place the hard way. The 57-year-old actor recently went on a Twitter spree about his love for A-list actress Cate Blanchett, and many were immediately weirded out by the ordeal. Kilmer made an appearance at Irvine Improv in California Wednesday night to introduce a special screening of his one-man play, Citizen Twain, and an audience member asked him with whom he loved to work. "I can't say Cate Blanchett," he joked. "I wrote nice things about Cate Blanchett on Twitter and now I'm a pervert." He added, "I don't know why loving an actor that's so talented is creepy, but I guess I'm creepy." Kilmer also said he really didn't understand the Internet's intense reaction to his tweets. "It makes no sense. I didn't say anything weird," he said. "I write about all my friends. There's no story. Nothing weird." While his demeanor remained upbeat throughout the evening, Kilmer, who has struggled with throat problems but shared he did not have throat cancer, struggled with his speech throughout the evening, according to People. Kilmer admitted on Facebook that he was in speech therapy, and when an attendee asked him about his health Wednesday, he replied he was "doing great." Many speculated about the status of Kilmer's health, but only after Michael Douglas claimed Kilmer had throat cancer did the Batman Forever star open up about what was going on with his throat. "I love Michael Douglas but he is misinformed," he responded on Facebook. "The last time I spoke to him was almost two years ago, when I asked him for a referral for a specialist to get a diagnosis for a lump in my throat, which prevented me from continuing a tour of my play CITIZEN TWAIN. I ended up using a team at UCLA and have no cancer whatsoever. I still have a swollen tongue and am rehabbing steadily." It's great to hear his health is on the mend! (Eonline)

Abby Lee Miller Addresses Her Dance Moms Exit: Lifetime Destroyed My Livelihood. Abby Lee Miller is breaking ties with the reality TV show that made her a household name. E! News' Catt Sadler spoke to the Dance Moms star about her sudden resignation from the Lifetime program, where she addressed the dramatic series of events that catalyzed her final decision. She alleges that during a dance competition held last Sunday, producers betrayed their relationship by embarrassing her in front of more than 50 of her students from the Abby Lee Dance Company. "Lifetime and Collins Avenue [Productions] and everybody they employ has zero respect for me, zero respect for my business," she shared, visibly emotional. Miller then continued, "[A producer] had some lunatic woman, who I've never seen before, never met, never saw her kid dance, come and chase me through the audience. This woman wants to be on the TV show. She's doing everything this man tells her to do, which I think is sick, in front of everybody." This incident, paired with Abby's contentious relationship with her "high-profile, celebrity kids" and their families caused her to reflect, "I cannot believe that he realizes this is my clientele and he would do this to me." Miller continued, "It just got bigger and bigger and louder and louder, and I thought, 'Oh, my god. This is destroying my livelihood, which is my studio business.' The TV show can end at any minute. They've been very clear telling me that in my contract." On the topic of Cheryl Burke, who E! News previously reported was recruited to join Dance Moms after Abby's exit, she didn't mince words. "If she had to go what I go through every day, I would be flipping thrilled that somebody else in the entertainment industry who has the career that she has had on Dancing With the Stars, with the costume makers on Dancing With the Stars, with the producers on Dancing With the Stars, and then had to step down to this? Oh, honey," Miller quipped. Abby Lee is under the impression Burke will not endure the same turmoil she did, telling us, "I think they will treat her differently. I think everybody will be on their toes. I think that Lifetime will pour a ton of money into advertising because they want to prove that I was nothing and I was nobody and they saved me." (Eonline)

The moms of "Dance Moms" are absolutely thrilled with their new host, Cheryl Burke, and equally excited to throw dirt on Abby Lee Miller's metaphorical grave. The longtime "Dancing with the Stars" pro showed up at 8 Count Dance Academy in L.A. to start working with her new students. She played it coy when paps compared her to Abby. The moms, on the other hand, couldn't wait to blab about ditching Abby and upgrading -- in their eyes -- to Cheryl. Damn. Body's not even cold. (TMZ)

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton are on the verge of reaching a settlement in their custody war over 6-year-old son Julian, and their new peace treaty has come close to normalizing the family. Sources familiar with the situation tell us, Paula has agreed to give Robin significant time with their son. We're told both Robin and Paula saw the light and realized their battle was taking an emotional toll on Julian, so they agreed to work toward a settlement. There's a catch. The L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services has an open case after Julian complained to teachers at his school Robin was using excessive corporal punishment ... something Robin has denied. As we reported, Julian had become fearful of Robin, but in the last few weeks they have been spending an increasing amount of time together -- especially since Paula has been out of town filming -- and we're told the boy is now "comfortable" with his dad. We're told the settlement should be signed in about a week. The deal was supposed to be sealed last weekend, but some issues popped up they're still hashing out, but we're told they won't torpedo the settlement. As for Robin and Paula ... the divorce is in the process of becoming finalized. (TMZ)

Katherine Jackson hopped a flight from London to L.A. to make sure she's in court for her elder abuse case against Trent Jackson ... TMZ has learned. Sources connected to the Jacksons tell us Katherine jetted back because the judge has said her lawsuit against Trent -- her nephew and longtime caretaker -- would be thrown out of court if she wasn't present to testify. A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. We're told Trent believes Katherine jetted back, ending her nearly 2 month stay with Janet Jackson, because Jermaine Jackson and other siblings are in her ear ... pumping her up to go full bore against Trent in court. However, sources connected to Trent tell us he's ready and willing to walk away, literally, if that's what Katherine wants -- even though he's done nothing but care for her for years. That's the odd twist. If he's prepared to wave the white flag, why go to war in court? We're told Trent thinks some of Katherine's children are pushing her to go forward because they believe it will help them gain control of the estate. Doesn't really make sense, but something's clearly up for Katherine to rush back to L.A. for court. (TMZ)

A friend of Keshia Knight Pulliam's estranged husband says Ed Hartwell's girlfriend made an ominous request about something to "cause a miscarriage" during Keshia's pregnancy. The friend, Damia Ward-Henley, made the revelation in new court docs filed by Keshia in her divorce case. Damia describes herself as a friend of Ed and Tonya Carroll ... who she says Ed started dating while he was still married to Keshia. According to the docs, Damia says Tonya found out Keshia was pregnant in June 2016, and was very upset because she wanted Ed to leave Keshia. In the docs, Damia says Tonya told her "she wanted to get something that would cause someone to have a miscarriage." Damia says she shot down the request and told Tonya and Ed to break off their adulterous relationship. Keshia also filed docs saying she's worried Ed -- an ex-NFL player -- is unfit to care for their 2-month-old daughter because she's seen him take OxyContin. She says Ed testified in a lawsuit with the NFL that he's suffering severe physical and mental problems, and needs to take many drugs to cope. She wants a court-appointed guardian to evaluate his parental fitness. (TMZ)

Blac Chyna's on the attack against Tyga because she thinks baby daddy #1 is teaming up with #2 -- Rob Kardashian -- to spread lies about her. Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... Chyna went off after she heard Tyga's telling people she wants to kiss, make up and get back together with him -- a news flash that came from Rob. We're told Chyna got pissed because she hardly talks to Tyga, and had only reached out to him recently to demand he pay King's nannies -- even though they'd normally do that on their own. Other sources tell us Tyga misinterpreted the call from Chyna, and thought she wanted to talk about more than co-parenting ... something he shared with his new bff, Rob. We're told the guys have gotten tight ever since BC and Rob broke up. The problem's obvious -- Rob and Tyga talk ABOUT Chyna, but Rob's also talking TO Chyna about all of it ... according to our sources. Y'know the saying: Loose lips sink relationships with baby mamas. (TMZ)

Mischa Barton is ripping the ex-bf behind the sex tape that's being shopped around, and says he's more interested in destroying her emotionally than financially. Mischa went on 'Dr. Phil' and revealed the exact moment she found out about the tape. As she's said ... the guy responsible is someone she used to love, but she told Phil she desperately tried to distance herself from him after finding out about the secret recording. It didn't work. The episode airs Monday, and Mischa will also talk about that bizarre incident in her backyard, where she claimed she was slipped "a cocktail of drugs." (TMZ)

The Mindy Project's Adam Pally Arrested for Misdemeanor Drug Possession in New York City. Adam Pally has found himself in a legal situation. E! News can confirm The Mindy Project and Making History star was arrested Tuesday night in New York City for criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of marijuana. They are both misdemeanor charges. According to New York police, the actor was smoking marijuana from an e-cigarette in public view. When officers searched Adam, they found the actor was in possession of a small amount of cocaine. Adam's rep has not responded to E! News' request for comment. Police say Adam was arrested, taken to jail, processed and was later released. He was given a desk appearance ticket and has a court date for this June. Fans know Adam for his funny roles as Peter Prentice in The Mindy Project and Max Blum in Happy Endings. He currently stars in the Fox comedy Making History. As to why he left The Mindy Project, the actor recently expressed how much he loved doing the show. At the same time, he wanted to explore other parts of the industry. "You know, I loved my time on The Mindy Project so much... I loved every second, and I'm indebted to Mindy Kaling for my career, really," he shared with the A.V. Club. "She really breathed the second life into my career. At the time it was over, I had done five years straight of 22 episodes of network television, and I was a little burnt, and I wanted to do indie movies. And so I went and I did, and Mindy was totally fine with it. Which, not a lot of bosses would be." TMZ was first to report the news. (Eonline)


Jennifer Lawrence's New Dior Ad Campaign Would Make Katniss Everdeen Proud. Is this Jennifer Lawrence's most personal Dior campaign yet? The Oscar winner, who kicks ass as rebel leader Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games films and as Mystique in the X-Men movies and has spoken out about equality for women, channels her feminist persona in ads for the luxury brand's fall 2017 line. Actually, she just straight spells it out. In a few photos, she wears a white T-shirt with the words "We Should All Be Feminists," paired with dark jeans and handbags. Other photos show Lawrence wearing a dark blazer and sporting other white Dior shirts. In addition to being political, the photos also showcase the most casual and personal looks Lawrence has sported in a Dior campaign since she became a celebrity spokesmodel for the luxury brand in 2012. The actress has appeared in numerous ads for Dior apparel, accessories and makeup and has often worn Dior dresses on red carpets, including at the Oscars. She signed a new three-year deal with Dior for $15 million in 2014. The new Dior campaign "captures Jennifer Lawrence just as she is," according to a company statement. "In a series of black and white photographs, the actress and house muse appears both elegant and relaxed, unposed and without artifice," the statement reads. "The clothes she wears correspond to her own personal style as a young woman of today." (Eonline)

Stop What You're Doing and Watch LeAnn Rimes and Anthony Anderson Sing About...Breast Exams! LeAnn Rimes and Anthony Anderson are making us laugh -- and sing -- for a very good cause. The singer and the Black-ish star have teamed up for a new Stand Up To Cancer PSA that features them singing "Treasured Chest," a very catchy song about...breast exams! And only E! News has the exclusive first look at their video. "Mammography's like photography but just for your breasts," they croon in the country-inspired ballad. "For the best shot they'll need them compressed -- squeeze! -- between two plates, then they'll snap some x-rays." The SU2C and Rally Health musical campaign promotes the importance of proactive screenings and early detection in the fight against breast cancer and colorectal cancer. The PSAs encourage people to visit to take a pledge to get screened. "I'm honored to help Stand Up To Cancer and Rally increase awareness about the importance of breast cancer screenings," Rimes says. "It's important to know your risks for cancer, especially breast cancer, which is the second leading cause of cancer deaths for U.S. women. By taking the pledge, you are also taking a step toward prevention and early detection -- which are both key in the fight against cancer." Anderson said, "Breast cancer has taken too many of our mothers, sisters, grandmothers and friends, and I'm proud to join Stand Up To Cancer and Rally to help change that statistic. By getting screened early on, women can take charge of their health and take preventive actions against cancer." (Eonline)

James Van Der Beek Survives Painfully Awkward TV Interview. Kudos to James Van Der Beek for keeping it together during an excruciating interview with British morning show This Morning. Co-hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby introduced the actor in a way that made it seem like he hadn't been on TV since Dawson's Creek, launching what went on to be a very uncomfortable live interview. "What happened to the main man himself, Mr. James Van Der Beek?" Schofield asked, rhetorically. "He's here now, and that's what he looks like." This Morning displayed a photo of Van Der Beek from more than 20 years ago, and the actor looked less than pleased about it. "I have been on television the last 20 years, just to let you know," Van Der Beek noted. "We know that, but it worked better as a link," Schofield quipped. "You have been very busy! When we were looking back at the information on Dawson's Creek, you played a 15 year old, but you were 20, weren't you?" Visibly miffed, Van Der Beek, who was there to promote his new series Sky One's Carters Get Rich, responded, "From what I remember. It was a long time ago." The co-hosts continued with their line of questioning about the hit teen drama, and Van Der Beek answered cordially despite the awkward turn it had taken. "At a certain point it became easier to do it and then let it go after that," Van Der Beek said after admitting he's never seen the series in full, adding, "It changed my life, it was a huge opportunity." Viewers called out the co-hosts on Twitter. "Great job on being dicks, what a demeaning start to an interview! no wonder he felt awkward @vanderjames," wrote one viewer. "Ooh harsh intro," noted another. Others thought Van Der Beek was in the wrong. "Very awkward interview. How @hollywills and @Schofe remain so upbeat when dealing with his rudeness. I need tips," wrote one fan. "How arrogant was @vanderjames on @thismorning came across so bitter he hasn't done as well as others off @dawsonscreek So rude! #getoverit," tweeted another. (Eonline)

Dan Taberski, creator of the Missing Richard Simmons podcast, did his best to make sure the fitness guru heard the podcast dedicated to him. "I wanted to make sure that Richard was hearing the podcast, because that was a big part of this," Taberski said on Katie Couric's podcast, which aired Thursday. Unsure if Simmons would even know how to listen to a podcast online, Taberski decided to deliver the episodes straight to his door. "Sometimes I think of Richard Simmons like my grandmother, like I'm not quite sure if he knows how the internet works," he said. "So it was literally just putting what we had done into a boom box and putting it on his stoop, and to get his reaction so that we would know that he had heard it." Taberski isn't sure if Simmons received the boom box, but says his housekeeper Teresa Reveles definitely saw it. "I put it over the fence, which is super easy to do because it's right there on the street, and then we left," he said. "And as we're driving away, I saw Teresa, the housekeeper, come pick it up. So we're like, 'Great, mission accomplished.'" Taberski left a note along with the boom box inviting Simmons to speak with him the next day. While Simmons did not show up at the appointed time, the whole experience did provide Taberski with some closure. "Inside was a note saying, 'We'll be back at 9 o'clock, if you want to talk to me... I don't know if you're getting any of my messages [... ] We'll wait 10 minutes. If you come out then, then we'll be waiting for you and we can talk. If not, this is it, we're done,'" recalled Taberski. "And he didn't come out." Simmons' manager previously told PEOPLE that the 68-year-old -- who has not been seen in public since 2014 -- did not want the attention the podcast was bringing. "Dan said to me, 'People just want to have a chance to thank him and congratulate him and let him sort of have a final send-off.' But he doesn't require that!" Simmons' manager, Michael Catalano, said. "You can't force it on someone. He's not asking for a curtain call." (People)

Move Over, Burger Babes! Carl's Jr. Has a New Muse, and There's Not a Bikini-Clad Girl in Sight. Maybe sex doesn't sell after all? Carl's Jr., known far and wide for their ad campaigns starring scantily-clad women lusting over their burgers, is back with a new message: "Food, not boobs." In their latest commercial released Wednesday, the fast-food chain pokes fun at their typically risque shtick with a fictional father-son narrative pitting past against future. Enter ruggedly handsome Nashville star Charles Esten, cast as Carl Hardee Sr., who storms into Carl's Jr. headquarters to take back what he founded years ago from his son, Carl Hardee Jr. The office is overrun with, you guessed it, bikinis, Jacuzzi's, a mechanical bull and general debauchery. But thanks to Carl Hardee Sr., not for long! So what gives? Carl's Jr is revamping with the new tagline, "Pioneers of the great American burger." No longer will foodies see celebs like Kate Upton, Audrina Patridge, Emily Ratajkowski, Heidi Klum, Padma Lakshmi, Hayden Panettiere, Nina Agdal and Charlotte McKinney wearing next-to nothing and chowing down in their ads. Instead, expect far less skin and way more close-ups on fresh ingredients. (Eonline)

On the heels of her horrible, headline-making divorce from Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie has set her sights on the famed, and very private, Cecil B. DeMille estate, which is up for sale for just under $25 million. The historic home of filmmaker DeMille, in a private community in Los Feliz, Calif., was owned by the "founding father of US cinema" for around 40 years until his death in 1959. The fully restored Beaux Arts mansion was built in 1913. It has six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, is set on 2.1 elevated acres in the prestigious gated Laughlin Park and has been described as "classic Old Hollywood." A source tells Page Six that Jolie "wants to make this her new home," but reps for the actress and the listing broker did not return calls to Page Six on Wednesday night. After filing for divorce, Pitt and Jolie put many of their shared homes up for sale, including Chateau Miraval in the south of France and their New Orleans mansion. Pitt originally bought the former couple's Hollywood Hills home in 1994 and has spent over 20 years renovating and expanding it. His production company, Plan B, reportedly is based at the compound. Other sources say that despite her interest in the DeMille house, which will likely become her LA base, she'll continue globe-trotting with her brood and working on humanitarian causes. Meanwhile, Jolie and Pitt have made peace, he recently visited their six kids in Cambodia while she was filming "First They Killed My Father." (Page Six)

George Clooney talks Amal Clooney pregnancy while she goes off to give epic speech. He spoke about potential names... Amal and George Clooney are expecting *twins*, and now the happy father-to-be has opened up more about the pregnancy... On the red carpet at CinemaCon, George opened up about Amal and their exciting news. "She is doing really great. She is amazing," he said. "I don't have anything to do. There is nothing I can do to help, but make tea and stuff." Later at the event, he said: "I don't know how you fully digest [having twins], but I'm excited. It will be fun." The interview came as human rights lawyer Amal headed off to Chatham House in London to give a speech about war crimes in Syria and Iraq. Leading a speech at the meet, Amal told The Guardian she was looking to safeguard evidence about Islamic State war crimes and to urge leaders to hold them accountable for "the worst crimes of our generation." George - who co-owns a tequila brands called Casamigos - also confirmed some news about the baby names, or rather the BANNED baby names. "My wife says I can't name them Casa and Amigos. That's the one thing I'm not allowed to do," George said. "It was just a thought," he continued. "I mean, you know, it's a family business!" When the exciting baby news was first confirmed in February, the future baby-daddy spoke out about his feelings about it. On a French TV show, Rencontres de Cinema, George was asked how he was feeling, and he was all smiles, saying: "We are really happy and really excited. It's going to be an adventure. We've sort of embraced it all... with arms wide open." (British Glamour)

Maverick Carter, the guy who helped LeBron James score a fortune with Nike, nearly got his own loot jacked in a burglary ... TMZ Sports has learned. LBJ's honcho of all business deals has a crib in the Hollywood Hills, naturally, and got an unwanted visitor on March 22. According to law enforcement sources ... Maverick heard a sound outside his home around 2:30 AM and flipped on his exterior lights. He didn't see anything, but called police anyway ... just to be sure. We're told LAPD officers didn't find any signs of a break-in and left -- but in the morning, Maverick reviewed his surveillance video, and BAM ... there he was. Clear as day, Maverick could see a man in a black ski mask skulking around his property and trying to open doors. The attempted robber bolted when the lights came on. We're told police have seen the video and are investigating ... and Maverick narrowly avoids joining Emmy Rossum, Nick Young, Jaime Pressly, Alanis Morissette and Kendall Jenner ... on the list of celeb burglary victims. (TMZ)

Ashlee Allen followed Abby Lee Miller's lead and left "Dance Moms" -- but for a totally different reason ... she wasn't down with the show trying to sex things up with the kids. We spoke to the now-former dance mom, and she told us -- first and foremost -- the Lifetime show will never be the same without Abby at the helm. Then she lays it on us ... "Dance Moms" producers have apparently been pushing for sexier dance routines, which Ashlee says was too much for her and her teen daughter, Brynn. Abby didn't mention anything about this specifically in her public bow out this week. Instead, she cited "being manipulated, disrespected, and used - day in and day out" by male showrunners. There's footage of the dance number that set Ashlee off ... and it's pretty racy for 14, 15 and 16-year-olds. We've reached out to "Dance Moms" brass ... so far, no word back. (TMZ)

This is next level! Elon Musk -- the billionaire founder of Tesla and SpaceX – has launched a new "medical research" company called Neuralink with the intention of exploring technology to connect computers to the human brain. What a time to be alive! The Wall Street Journal says this will be done through "neural lace" technology AKA the implanting of tiny electrodes into the brain that allow people to have direct computing capabilities. Crazzzy! Not too much information is out there about the process, but Musk tweeted on Tuesday: Long Neuralink piece coming out on @waitbutwhy in about a week. Difficult to dedicate the time, but existential risk is too high not to. -- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 28, 2017 (Perez Hilton)


Lana Del Rey announces new album Lust for Life. And there's a teaser trailer to go with it. Lana Del Rey has announced that she is releasing a new record, Lust for Life. This is the first album she's released since 2015's Honeymoon. Writing on her Facebook page, the 31-year-old has promised fans it's "coming soon" alongside a video trailer of her album. Ditching the Americana nostalgic image she became famed for, the visual trailer is dark and witchy. She talks about the troubled times the world finds itself in (presumably referring to Trump's election amongst other things) and how that has influenced her. "When I'm in the middle of making a record, especially now when the world is in the middle of such a tumultuous period, I find I really need to take the space for myself far away from real life, to consider what my contribution to the world should be in these dark times." I guess we'll just have to listen to the new album to find out, hey? (British Glamour)

Luke Bryan & Dierks Bentley Team Up for Classic Rendition of Merle Haggard's 'Ramblin' Fever' on 'Late Show'. The two country crooners will serve as hosts of this year's ACM Awards on April 2. Before Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley suit up to host the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday (April 2), the singers paid tribute to their country roots with a joint cover of Merle Haggard's "Ramblin' Fever" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Appropriately clad in flannel and denim, Bryan and Bentley strummed their guitars and brought their best country twang to pay tribute to the late country legend Wednesday night (March 29). As proven by their harmonies, the country stars were totally in sync on stage -- something that will serve them well when the ACMs take place just a few days after their Late Show performance. For the second year in a row, Bentley and Bryan will partner up to host the ACM Awards, which brings Nashville's biggest names to Las Vegas. This year's show will be Bryan's fifth ACM hosting gig, while Bentley's return marks his second go around. The pair sat down with Colbert prior to their performance to give a preview of what they have in store for their joint hosting spot this year, giving Colbert some advice for his own hosting job at the Emmys in September. "Drinking beforehand, lots," Bentley joked. (Billboard)

Katy Perry, Major Lazer, Solange & More to Play Glastonbury 2017. If you thought the 2017 Glastonbury Festival was already stacked thanks to headliners Ed Sheeran, Radiohead and Foo Fighters, wait until you see who else they have lined up for this year. The likes of Katy Perry, Major Lazer and Solange are just a few of the big-ticket artists who were announced in the first wave of acts for the U.K. fest Thursday morning (March 30). Also joining the bill are Lorde, The xx, Barry Gibb, Run the Jewels, Father John Misty, The Flaming Lips, Haim, Alt-J, Stormzy, Clean Bandit, Anderson .Paak, Glass Animals, George Ezra... the impressive list goes on, with even more to be announced in the near future. Glastonbury Festival will take place at Worthy Farm in Pilton, Somerset, England, from June 21-25. Tickets for this year's event are sold out (and have been since October), but for more information on the festival, visit Glastonbury's official website. (Billboard)

Little Mix Go Country in Sassy 'No More Sad Songs' Video, Feat. Machine Gun Kelly. Little Mix just released a music video for "No More Sad Songs," featuring rapper Machine, and it's giving us serious Coyote Ugly vibes. The clip takes place at a country bar, complete with a mechanical bull, chaps and cowboy hats. The girls even show off their line-dancing skills and get on the bar to hose water all over the cheering crowd. It's certainly a bit on the sassy side, but the fun aligns with the forget-the-drama attitude of the song. "No More Sad Songs" is the third single from the group's 2016 album Glory Days. They've had three singles on the Billboard Hot 100 since they formed in 2011 on the U.K. version of The X Factor: "Black Magic," "Wings" and, most recently, "Shout Out To My Ex." In February, "Shout Out to My Ex" won a BRIT Award for British single. (Billboard)


Kirstie Alley auditioned for Glenn Close's iconic "I'm not going to be ignored" stalker role in "Fatal Attraction" -- but while Alley didn't land the role, she contributed a key part to the film. In the new book, "Leading Lady: Sherry Lansing and the Making of a Hollywood Groundbreaker," ex-Paramount CEO Lansing recalls Alley read for the role but, "Her [then] husband [Parker Stevenson] had been stalked by a woman who camped outside their house and made their lives hell. Kirstie had saved a tape of the woman's calls and gave it to [director] Adrian [Lyne]. You could hear the woman crying as she begged to be part of this man's life. Adrian ended up using it verbatim." When Close was tipped for the part, co-star Michael Douglas reveals in the book, "There was a debate about her sexiness. They gave me the most beautiful wife [Anne Archer] .?.?. and the whole thing was: How could you leave this gorgeous woman for Glenn Close?" But Close changed her look for the audition. "My hair was long," she says. "I finally said, 'F?-?-?k this,' and I let it go all crazy." Douglas adds, "She just knocked it out of the park. She already had the Medusa hair. It was a Glenn you'd never seen before." (Page Six)

This is how Frozen was supposed to end. And it would have been a real game changer... It's been almost four years since Disney's Frozen hit the box office and became the most successful animation of all time. And now, it has been revealed that the Oscar winning film's famous ending wasn't actually meant to happen. Frozen's producer, Peter Del Vecho, dropped the bombshell in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly explaining that the film's creative team hit a writer's block just as they received an ultimatum from Disney's animation chief, Ed Catmull. "He called and said, 'If you can make that ending pay off and if we can really feel it, I think we'll have a successful film. And if you don't ... we'll have nothing.'... So that really put the pressure on to make that work," said Del Vecho. "So when we started off, Anna and Elsa were not sisters. They weren't even royal," he continued - a fact previously revealed by Bell who is the voice of Anna in the film. In the film's original draft, "Anna was not a princess. Elsa was a self-proclaimed Snow Queen, but she was a villain and pure evil -- much more like the Hans Christian Andersen tale," the producer explained. "We started out with an evil female villain and an innocent female heroine and the ending involved a big epic battle with snow monsters that Elsa had created as her army." So, Elsa was meant to be a super villain who was scorned after being left at the altar by the guy she was in love with ( because she clearly couldn't let it go), while Anna was a pure-hearted heroine and the final act's original story was meant to go down like this: The evil snow queen (Elsa) creates and unleashes an army of snow monsters upon the heroes as Kristoff - the mountaineer with the reindeer Sven whom develops a crush on Anna along the way - has 'a Han Solo moment' and comes to Anna's aid. To halt Elsa's attacking snow monsters in their cold tracks, Prince Hans intentionally causes a massive avalanche, despite the fact that Anna, Elsa and all of Arendelle could perish in the icy extinction-level event. Despite Frozen going through many different drafts, all of the earliest iterations opened with the following prophecy: "A ruler with a frozen heart will bring destruction to the kingdom of Arendelle." The twist is that this prophecy is actually not about Elsa, but about Hans -- he's the one with a metaphorical frozen heart because he's an unfeeling sociopath. Elsa's heart is then unfrozen allowing her to love again. Yep, we know. Game changer! And quite frankly, it just wasn't good enough for the creators... "The problem was that we felt like we had seen it before," admitted Del Vecho. "It wasn't satisfying. We had no emotional connection to Elsa -- we didn't care about her because she had spent the whole movie being the villain. We weren't drawn in. The characters weren't relatable." Eventually, making them related led the team to the idea of Elsa living in fear of her powers. "What if she's afraid of who she is? And afraid of hurting the ones she loves? Now we had a character in Anna who was all about love and Elsa who was all about fear. That led to making Elsa a much more dimensional sympathetic character, and instead of the traditional good vs. evil theme we had one that we felt was more relatable: Love vs. fear, and the premise of the movie became that love is stronger than fear." (British Glamour)

Tycoon Alexander Mamut Acquires Russia's Largest Cinema Chain. Mamut is reportedly considering another acquisition in what would be the largest consolidation every in the Russian industry. Russian tycoon Alexander Mamut has acquired the country's largest cinema chain Cinema Park and is reportedly in negotiations to buy another theater group in what would be the biggest consolidation ever in the Russian movie industry. A representative for Mamut's investment company, A&NN Investments, was quoted by the Russian business daily Kommersant as saying that the Cinema Park deal has been closed. According to the report, Mamut is also closing in on another major Russian cinema chain, Formula Kino. The deal would create a super-player in the industry that has been a rather tight race so far. Cinema Park, Russia's largest cinema chain, runs 39 theaters mostly located outside Moscow and St Petersburg and accounts for 7.5 percent of the market. Formula Kino, the sector's No. 2 company, has 35 theaters and a 5.9 percent market share. Mamut owns Moscow's main art-house movie theater Pioner and recently rented the city's iconic cinema Khudozhestvenny in exchange for its major renovation estimated to cost about 1 billion rubles ($17.6 million). Mamut also owns the media group Rambler & Co and book publisher Azbuka-Atticus. (Hollywood Reporter)

Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs Honored With Pioneer of the Year Award at CinemaCon. "I wanted to make sure our entire industry saw the value in diversity and inclusion," Boone Isaacs said of her time as Academy president. President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Cheryl Boone Isaacs was honored with the Pioneer of the Year award at a gala event during CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Wednesday night. The event, hosted by the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation, highlighted the marketing and PR exec's accomplishments in her field and as the president of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). As the 35th president of AMPAS, Boone Isaacs is the first African American to hold the title and only the third woman. Boone Isaacs, who is nearing the end of her fourth and final term as Academy president, was credited for her work in making the Academy membership more diverse in the wake of #OscarsSoWhite, and for dealing with the challenges of this year's Oscars and the best picture mix-up. David Oyelowo presented Boone Isaacs with the honor, saying: "To people who are underrepresented, to have someone like you to look up to-I know when you're no longer President of the Academy, we're going to miss you." He said he first met Boone Isaacs after he starred in the awards contender Selma. "It was around that time of the controversy, otherwise known as OscarsSoWhite, that I met Cheryl," he said. "It was then I realized there was no better person than Cheryl to help push change." Boone Isaacs started the initiative A2020 that aims to make the Oscars more inclusive over the next five years. The latest class of Academy members, 683 new invitations, was made up of 46 percent female and 41 percent people of color. When Boone Isaacs took the stage to accept her award, she spoke about her ambitions to change the industry. "As Academy president, I wanted to make sure our entire industry saw the value in diversity and inclusion," she said. "Yes, it's a personal thing to me as a woman and a woman of color. But it should be personal to everyone." "We're not growing if we're not gaining new perspective. We're all stronger, our art is more alive, our industry more innovative when we are awakened to fresh perspective," she added. "I believe we all have a responsibility to open our industry to reflect the complete mosaic and diversity of our country and the world." Boone Isaacs previously worked as a publicity and marketing executive in the industry, working at Columbia Pictures, Paramount and New Line. She orchestrated campaigns for several Oscar nominated films and winners including Forrest Gump, Braveheart and The King's Speech. "No matter what the cynics say, no matter how many people say something can't be done, no matter how many people say something's impossible, keep aiming high," she added. (Hollywood Reporter)

'Justice League': Zack Snyder Brings Banter-Heavy Footage to CinemaCon. The DC teamup hits theaters Nov. 17. The Justice League cast (minus Gal Gadot) united at CinemaCon to show off some new footage. Director Zack Snyder came to the stage with Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill), Aquaman (Jason Momoa) -- plus The Flash (Ezra Miller), who provided a piggyback ride to Cyborg (Ray Fisher). The stars came out after a sizzle reel that showed off new footage, as well as an expanded version of the full trailer from last week. Here's a little about the new look at the movie: Alfred (Jeremy Irons) tells Bruce Wayne that his employer has been working like there is no tomorrow trying to assemble the team. Soon, we're in a Wayne warehouse, where Bruce is working on a giant vehicle. Bruce remarks that he spent $1 million on the security for that building, to which Wonder Woman (Gadot) answers he got his money's worth, because it took him almost a minute to disable it. Bruce explains the vehicle he's working on his a troop carrier (it seemed reminiscent of something from the Batman v Superman nightmare dream sequence.) Later in the footage, Batman and Barry Allen/The Flash are standing on a roof (out of costume) and they see the Batsignal in the sky. "Oh awesome. It's the Batsignal! That's your signal," Barry tells Bruce, before apologizing for speaking too loudly about it. "That means we have to go now. That's so cool." After the footage, the Justice League trotted out to say hello to the crowd. "Justice League is a culmination of a journey that for me has been seven years," said Snyder. "I'm a huge fan of these characters and this is a dream come true to bring them all together in this single film." The actors didn't speak during the brief hello, with Snyder offering the explanation that they are "too awesome." Elsewhere in the DC Expanded Universe, the panel offered looks at Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Earlier during the Warner Bros panel, there was also new look at the next Lego project. Clips from The Lego Nijango Movie included Lloyd (voiced by Dave Franco) asking his mother (Olivia Munn) how she met dad, the evil war Lord Garmadon (Justin Theroux). They meet when he's a junior exec and she works in public relations, and the romance, set to the classic "Take My Breath Away" from Top Gun, ends with the pair married and riding off on a motorcycle. From Warner Animation Group, the voice cast also includes Jackie Chan as Sensei Wu. It's slated to debut Sept. 22. Justice League hits theaters Nov. 17. (Hollywood Reporter)


Game of Thrones's Official Season 7 Trailer Is Finally Here. The long walk to season seven has begun, Game of Thrones fans! HBO just released a new trailer for the highly-anticipated seventh season of the hit series and it features three of our favorite characters doing, well, a lot of walking. The clip highlights three of the leaders gearing up to do some major battle for the Iron Throne -- Jon Snow (Kit Harington), Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and the Mad Queen herself, Cersei (Lena Heady) -- as they travel the halls of their respective kingdoms to take their place on their own thrones. The final shot is a stark reminder (no pun intended) that the real war ahead is one that just might prove to unite all these feuding factions. As Cersei exhales, her breath visible in the fresh winter air, the camera pulls out to reveal the crystal blue eye of the Night King. And he doesn't care who sits on the Iron Throne. The truncated season -- down from the usual 10 episodes to seven -- will be returning to HBO a bit later than usual this year, as the network's wonky melting ice date reveal announced. The show's penultimate season will hit the pay cable network in July. Joining the fray this season are fresh faces Jim Broadbent, Ed Sheeran and NY Mets pitcher Noah "Thor" Snydergaard. While the latter two are expected to only have brief cameos, Broadbent will play a crucial role in the season. "I'm a maester, an archmaester," he told Screen Crush. "I'm an old professor character." The actor also revealed that he'd be in five of the season's seven episodes. "I did sort of one major scene in each episode," he said, adding that he shared his scenes with Sam (John Bradley) And as if we weren't excited enough about the new episode, Maisie Williams' tweets have promised the finale will be one for the ages. "Just finished reading season 7. S -- t gets REAL," she tweeted. "I'd start preparing yourselves now... Scratch that, nothing will prepare you for this." Game of Thrones returns for season seven on Sunday, July 16 on HBO. (Eonline)

Why Ellen Pompeo Couldn't Say No to Directing Grey's ANATOMY. 13 seasons into her run as the star of Grey's Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo is finally adding another title to her actor-producer hyphenate: Director. The actress stepped behind the camera for the first time this year, and the fruits of her labor debuted Thursday night with the moving Maggie-centric episode that chronicles the young thoracic surgeon's quest to cure her adoptive mom after learning just how sick she truly is. While directing wasn't always part of Pompeo's plan, when the offer to craft an hour of the show that made her a star came her way, she had no choice but to say yes. Eventually. "The directing came about because Ms. Debbie Allen, she'd been after me to direct for a while. And I kept saying no," Pompeo admitted in a featurette released by ABC. "But Debbie doesn't take no for an answer and my boss [Shonda Rhimes] wrote a book called The Year of Yes, and those two things combined make it pretty hard to say no to people around here." As Allen, who not only recurs as Dr. Catherine Avery, but also serves an executive producer, puts it, the decision to get Pompeo behind the camera was a no-brainer. "Ellen Pompeo as an actor has always been so generous, has always been so good about story," she said. "And I could see that she had this nurturing quality and she has a vision, so I asked her if she would direct." While the mechanics of directing were a bit of a learning curve for Pompeo, she didn't let that stand in the way of realizing her vision for the episode. "We talked about just the basics of acting and capturing it on film. She knows the lingo of actors. The lingo of the camera is new to her," Allen explained. "I just love the command she is taking. She knows what she wants. If she doesn't know how to explain it to you, she'll figure it out." After being on the receiving end of Pompeo's direction in her spotlight episode, Kelly McCreary sang the praises of her co-star. "Ellen is really in her element as a director," she said. "She has vision in spades." The experience was such a natural fit, there's already talk of Pompeo calling the shots on another episode next season -- if her day job doesn't get in the way, that is. "We're already talking about next season," Allen said. "She's like, 'Debbie, I think I want to do two!' I'm like, 'Calm down, honey. Calm down because we need you in front of the camera.'" Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC. (Eonline)

How 13 Reasons Why's Kate Walsh Got Into the Mindset of a Grieving Mother. 13 Reasons Why is not your typical teen drama. And Kate Walsh is not your typical mom in the atypical 13 Reasons Why. Netflix's latest offering follows the tale of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), a high schooler who kills herself with no explanation, devastating her parents (played by Walsh and Smash's Brian D'Arcy James). But, naturally there's a twist, and Hannah left 13 reasons why she killed herself on 13 tapes for her peers in high school to discover. Each episode of the series is a tape explaining how the other students and their actions affected Hannah. To get into the role of grieving mother, Walsh dove right in. "I spoke to two parents that had a child that died by suicide and I spoke to a psychiatrist, who deals with family therapists, but particularly with families that lost someone in the family to suicide, so it was really helpful to talk to people from both areas and to get as specific as I could," Walsh told E! News during a recent interview. But then she let all that information go. "You want to do–obviously -- the most honest and honorable job you can to those who have had to deal with that kind of tragedy, but at the same time I wanted to really kind of come at it from my own place and honor what [creator Brian Yorkey] had written in the script," Walsh explained. The series is a heavy one, not quite an easy binge, and not quite easy to film. Walsh said she would go back and forth between filming in Northern California and Los Angeles and was able to let everything go when not on set. It's a show -- and Walsh's performance -- that will stick with you. And speaking of Walsh's memorably roles, is there any chance she'd return to the role of Dr. Addison Montgomery on Grey's Anatomy? "I don't know," she said with a laugh. "It's always a possibility, I guess, for a very, very, very special episode." Check out 13 Reasons Why when it drops on Netflix on Friday, March 31. (Eonline)

Kevin James and Leah Remini Just Became King and Queen of the TV Reunion Game. Just call these two King and Queen of the reunion game. Less than a week after news broke that Leah Remini would be joining Kevin James for the season finale of Kevin Can Wait, the Hollywood stars came together to prepare for an unforgettable episode. In several Instagram shots, fans were quickly reminded that the King of Queens stars still have the chemistry and humor that made their project so successful. "Having a blast on the set of @KevinCanWaitCBS!" Leah teased on social media Wednesday evening. "I can't wait for you to see what @kevinjames and I are working on! #KevinCanWait". The actress also shared an unscripted moment from the actual set where Kevin thought he was posing for a picture. In actuality, Leah had cameras already rolling. "Day one, Kevvy thinks he was taking a still photo #KevinCanWait #KevinCanWait," she joked online. So what exactly brought these two stars back together after their beloved sitcom went off the air in 2007? E! News confirmed that the pair will star in the two-part finale of Kevin Can Wait that includes Kevin's character coming out of retirement to reprise his undercover assignment in an ongoing police investigation. Along the way, he will join fellow cop Vanessa Cellucci (Leah) where they will pose as husband and wife. All in a day's work, right? Ever since King of Queens came to an end after nine successful seasons, Leah has worked on a variety of TV shows including The Exes, Leah Remini: It's All Relative and Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. As for Kevin, he scored several roles on the big screen such as Zookeeper, Paul Blart: Mall Cop and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. Kevin Can Wait airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS. And watch the two-part finale May 1 and 8. (Eonline)

Black Lightning Looks Super Cool in First Look at the CW's Newest DC Superhero. Get ready to be struck by some seriously cool lightning! The CW has released the first image of its newest superhero, Black Lightning, played by Heart of Dixie's Cress Williams, and it's hard not to get excited by both the picture and the premise of the pilot. Jefferson Pierce (Williams) is the dad of two daughters who used to save the world as the superhero black lightning. He has since hung up the suit, but now that one daughter is hell-bent on justice and the other is a star student being recruited by a local gang, he puts the suit back on and gets pulled into the fight. In the comics, Pierce is an athlete and former high school principal, and as Black Lightning, he has the power of electrokinesis, meaning he can generate and control his own electricity. "I knew way too much about the world as a young boy growing up in Richmond, California," executive producer, writer, and director Salim Akil said in a statement. "I was no stranger to violence, death, hopelessness, or the feeling that no one cared about what was happening in my life. Comics were a great way for me to escape. I was about 13 when Black Lightning was created, and finally there was a black super hero that gave a damn about our neighborhood and our lives." "Resurrecting him at a time in our society when a sense of hope is lacking, Black Lightning will be that hope," the statement continued. "And in updating the suit, it will signal to a new generation that it's time to harness and release our power, and become our own super heroes." The pilot, which is currently filming in Atlanta, is also executive produced by Greg Berlanti, Mara Brock Akil, and Sarah Schechter. The suit was designed by award-winning costume designer Laura Jean Shannon. (Eonline)

Charo Threatens to Quit Dancing With the Stars After Being Scored "Very Unfairly" by the Judges. If you thought Charo was passionate on the Dancing With the Stars ballroom floor, you haven't seen anything yet. E! News has learned that the fiery flamenco guitarist is threatening to give up her mirrorball trophy dreams and walk away from the competition altogether. "Charo was super upset this week about her scoring and she feels like she's being treated and scored very unfairly," our source told us. "She is seriously upset." In the two weeks of competition, Charo has earned a 21 and a 25 out of 40 from the judges, and she saw herself nearly eliminated at the end of week two when she was the last dancer revealed to be safe. Chris Kattan was ultimately eliminated. It was after that brush with elimination that the star took her complaints to producers. "She was telling producers that she doesn't like how they're underscoring her and she feels like she's been treated so badly so she was threatening to quit," our source continued. The producers were ultimately able to walk her back off the ledge, but we hear the threat still stands "unless they started scoring her performances more fairly." Our sources tell us that the question of fairness remains a sensitive subject among the cast. Between Heather Morris' dance background, Len Goodman's rather harsh critiques during Monday night's taping, and questions about who else among the stars has previous dance experience, we're told tensions are high. When E! News spoke with Charo and her partner Keo Motsepe immediately after she was spared from elimination, she didn't hold back about her disappointment over how the night went -- and not just for herself. "I was very upset that they kicked out Chris," she said. "I was about to make a deal. I go, and he stays. But I don't think the rules allow that. He tried very hard and it's so beautiful. Also, I was very upset that they gave [better scores] to Mr. T." A rep for Charo tells E! News, "Charo loves ABC and DWTS and she appreciates the opportunity afforded to her to be a part of the show." Request for comment from ABC was not immediately returned. Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC. (Eonline)

NBC Makes Jennifer Lopez's 'Bye Bye Birdie' Less Sexist for TV. "Having Rosie be Albert's secretary whom he's having an affair with is sexist and old-fashioned," explains Harvey Fierstein of J.Lo's character. NBC is giving the book and lyrics for Bye Bye Birdie a fine-tuning before the musical becomes the network's next live song-and-dance event in December. The original 1960 Tony-winning Broadway musical -- which inspired the 1963 film -- centers on a songwriter-agent Albert and his sweetheart secretary Rosie, who aim to stage a final publicity stunt for their hip-thrusting musician before he's drafted into the Army. However, Albert and Rosie -- the latter played by Jennifer Lopez, who is also exec producing -- won't be industry folks in the live staging, says Harvey Fierstein, who has finished adapting the book. "I want to be true to the time it takes place but at the same time, having Rosie be Albert's secretary whom he's having an affair with is a little sexist and old-fashioned. I didn't see any reason for that," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. "So I changed that. I made them both high school teachers." "He's the English teacher who writes a song, and she's the music teacher who says, 'I've got a great kid with a great voice,'" he continues. "He ends up being Conrad Birdie, who's supposed to only take one summer off to promote the record but turns into a star. It's been eight years and Rosie just wants to go back to their real lives. It really makes a lot more sense that way." Fierstein, currently starring in the off-Broadway play Gently Down the Stream, previously made similar modern updates to The Wiz and Hairspray for NBC. "I have great respect for Michael Stewart, who wrote the original book," he reassures. "I spoke to his sister and made sure she knew the changes I was going to make and I would hope Michael would be happy with, had he lived into our time." Also among the Bye Bye Birdie tweaks: The beloved opener "An English Teacher" will be repurposed with slightly changed lyrics, and many scenes and songs are reordered to accommodate the commercial-friendly format. For example, the musical will close with the climatic Ed Sullivan Show performance, which originally appears at the end of the stage show's first act. Further adjustments will also accommodate Lopez's wish for the airing to highlight Rosie's struggles as a Puerto Rican woman about to hit middle age and in a relationship with a man afraid of commitment, as seen in the original musical's book but lost in the 1963 film. Adds Fierstein, "Then, you know, Jennifer Lopez knows what she wants out of performing." (Hollywood Reporter)

Former 'Bake Off' Host Sue Perkins to Present BAFTA TV Awards. Perkins left the BBC's hit baking show last year after rival broadcaster Channel 4 bought the rights, an incident known as "Bakexit." Sue Perkins may have ditched the apron and left the U.K.'s most popular TV show, but the former host of The Great British Bake Off has been handed the top gig for the annual celebration of all things small screen, the Virgin BAFTA TV Awards. Perkins, a regular face on U.K. TV, will present the awards on May 14 at London's Festival Hall, where shows such as The Crown, The Night Manager and Planet Earth II are expected to feature prominently. "I am thrilled to be hosting the Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards this year," said Perkins. "Not only is it one of the highlights of the television calendar, it's also a superbly fun night and an opportunity to celebrate the incredible British talent we have behind our very best TV programs." Perkins hosted The Great British Bake Off for five seasons alongside longtime collaborator Mel Giedroyc, but said she wouldn't be returning when rival broadcaster Channel 4 infamously snatched the rights in 2016, a controversial deal swiftly labeled #Bakexit in the U.K. press. (Hollywood Reporter)