According to psychologist and color experts, the hues you come in contact with during the day from your red nail polish to the earthy tones at Starbucks have an impact on your state of mind. It has to do both with associations you from as a kid and with wavelengths, explains Dewey Sadka, founder of Dewey Color System at Each color shoots off a unique variation and may be processed differently in your brain. These colors are proven to work their magic as soon as you lay eyes on them: 

  • Red -- if you want to be focused during a big presentation try wearing red. This bold hue makes you pay more attention to details, according to a study by the University of British Columbia. Red has the longest wavelength in the color spectrum, people might need to look longer to process it, so all eyes are on you. 
  • Green -- if you want to chill the heck out. Most of us associate green with the ahh-inducing vibe of nature a University of Georgia study found that people think of trees and plants when they see it and end up feeling more relaxed as a result. 
  • Blue -- come up with a cool idea for your guy's Valentine's day present. Researchers at the University of British Columbia found that people who eye ball the color blue were better at using their imagination. Before you brainstorm, stare at the sky for a minute your creative juices will start flowing. 
  • Yellow -- start your day with a burst of energy. There's something about this color that makes you feel perkier. A recent study on spatial color found that people who hung out in a yellow room were more active and energetic than those in other rooms. 
  • Orange -- motivate yourself to work out more. Orange is having a fashion moment right now, and it also makes you feel more stimulated, according to a Pantone Color Institute study. 
  • Purple -- be carefree, laugh, and goof off. A University of Georgia study found that most people associate purple with children and giggling, so if you are feeling stressed, take a look at something purple. It will help you loosen up. 
  • Brown -- Feel really comfy on a crappy day. Whether it is the decor in a coffee shop or the coffee itself, brown rules java joints, making them the perfect place to kick back when it is yucky outside. Color association studies from Pantone Color Institute found that people feel cozy when they see brown. 
  • White -- Get over a breakup. The University of Georgia study found that the color white makes us feel hopeful about the future. Where do you miss your ex most? Probably snuggling in your bed, so changing your lines to white can have a major impact in turning over a new leaf in your love life. 
  • Black -- Be totally desired. You already know you feel sexy in a 'little black dress,' but the hue can also make you feel more empowered and sophisticated, according to color association studies conducted by the Pantone Color Institute. And the vibe is super seductive. 


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